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  1. @Dr Nishu & Creativebala: For both of you people,what I have is the Bridgestone Turanzas,why? These are great soft rubber(I mean softer than others)compound tyres which offer plenty of grip and without any compromise on FE,also their life is really good(although very less than their hard rubbered siblings). Creativebala,here in Meerut I have seen many cars,especially Swifts installed with 195/65 R15 spec tyres. You may need to spare something about 4.5-6.5k per peice for some really good alloys of 15" size.While tyres you can get of Bridgestone,Apollo aceleres or something goodyear,all work quite well.Actually 195/65 R15 is available with all and they work really well on small cars(minimum 80 bhp) or entry lever sedans. So you get it for about 4000 per tyre+4500 per rim=about 8500 per set for some really great products.TSiVipul2011-10-29 09:56:12
  2. @Nikvint: Actually I am also aware of the senseless comparo I have made,but whats the fact that I was already fed up reading the same comparison in the same thread(just have a look at the first page of this thread)so I just kept my personal opinion as well as observations.
  3. Well,I know that many of you will dislike this comment of mine,but still:- @Satyajit: In case the Ford guys hear you,then give them the same respect that they are giving,else ask the service advisor to come with you at a corner ask him to give a good FE out of your car and if he refuses,then give him a very tight slap and then see how the A.S.S. of the Ford changes and your car gets repaired,also use your e-mail service too. Because 8km/lt is quite too less as my Laura too delivers 7-8 when in city with 100% A/C and I am sure Figo delivers more than a Laura TSI.
  4. @Sham: Even I too have the same amount of knowledge about alloys as much you have but still I am using Aura alloys on my i10 and BBS(I bought them used)on my Innova and I myself don't know which is better but both have taken some real beating but are working quite well.
  5. Since I have also been driving two turbo diesels,one is my Innova and another my Corolla so what I feel is that to get the decent FE out of any turbo-diesel what you need to do is to keep the turbo alive as long as possible. I can get even 15kpl on Innova,but what I do is just keep it in the vicinity of 2000 rpm and it has two advantages,you get about 100 kph and an effortless engine so the drive is comfy too as well as FE is simply great. Same is with Corolla,but t keep its turbo alive,I have to drive it at 120 kph in 6th gear,so I get the joy of both worlds at the same time the joy of cruising speed as well as a decent FE.
  6. @Nishant: Keep away with the Vista petrol,what I mean is that buy anything else but Vista petrol is a big no from me.Why?Let me tell you:- 1)It really hates to respond to the throttle(65 bhp one). 2)Its FE is pathetic,even my i-10 kappa after about 68k kms is better than a new Vista. 3)It can give you space and a big boot,but it has nothing else. About i-10,I'd say the following:- 1)Its just a myth that i-10's FE is not good,I am driving a Kappa asta and I can bet on 14-15 or + kpl overall.this car gives 16-17 on highways and 12-13 in city. 2)The performance of the new 1.2 kappa is class leading and can outrun many others,still its power delivery is not as linear or joyful as of a K-series,but still it performs better. 3)Except some rattling,there is really no issue with the car. 4)If you like it,then buy it with closed eyes. My vote goes to the Ritz because:- 1)The 1.2 K is the best engine around. 2)Its performance is great,its FE is greater and its after sales support is greatest. 3)The handling of the Ritz is simply out-standing. 4)Space may be short but still it can be adjusted considering the overall package. HOW ABOUT THE HONDA BRIO,DID YOU HAD A LOOK AT IT?TSiVipul2011-10-28 02:46:26
  7. Is it possible for the cover to cause such a shape of antenna(actually our friends take this shape to something else) as we have seen some cars with this type of antenna and owner of one such car told us that this is due to the cover.
  8. Well,came across an Eon era yesterday and I am in a mood to oppose my forum mates who are saying that Eon can eat up the Honda Brio,why? Because Eon feels a bit too much downmarket and there are a lot of cheap bits too,although the design from interior and exterior both is great but still it does not have what it needs to dominate,at least I can never go for such a car.Its just,okay here are my observations:- 1)Its build quality is far far behind the Brio. 2)Just once take the steering of the Brio and then take the Eon,you are going to put the Eon on fire. 3)The Era variant at 3.42 lacs on-road Haridwar that means Magna and Sports variant may be something about 4 lacs for magna and 4.5-4.6 lacs for Sports,so the car comes in Brio territory but is nowhere near the Brio. 4)The power to weight ratio is okay but still its an 800 cc while the i-vtec is a gem. 5)Space is nowhere near the Brio. 6)Ride is nowhere near the Brio. 7)Door handles and inner door pads seems to be even more flimsy than a Maruti 800.In fact you won't ever pull a door handle hard because you will be scared that it will come out. 8)Shut the doors and you feel like,I mean not even a small thud. 9)Its magna and Brio E are equally specced. AND MANY MORE...YOU NEED TO JUST TASTE BOTH OF THEM AND THEN YOU WILL FIND THAT THIS CAR CAN EASILY LOSE TO BRIO,ONLY IF BUYERS MAKE SOME SENSIBLE DECISIONS.TSiVipul2011-10-28 02:28:39
  9. +1 to Sb-Alto,although I have never got any of my cars painted till date but still I prefer only authorised workshops or the best/largest or most skilled one workshop for the work to be carried out. About pain you don't need to worry Apple guy,just go to those people and rest they will do themselves.
  10. Posting back to back as I have lost my edit button:- What the hell is the shape of that antenna?
  11. Here are some more pics of the car: The front: The rear,have a look at the broken tai lamp on left: The broken tail-lamp: Steel rim eats up the looks.. Interiors are still as good as new: Even the owner(friend's elder brother) too deserve a snap: THE CAR IS FULL OF DENTS TOO,JUST HAVE A LOOK.Actually the car has got a bit too much careless treatment as compared to its life and mileage:- Have a look at the plastic covers on the seats: The soft touch(rubber/leather type thing)too got some hurt: TSiVipul2011-10-27 15:05:43
  12. @Khatbhej: Don't know I should do +1 to you or -1. Actually the car you suggested(the Manza thing)is also a good choice,but considering quality,fit and finish etc etc etc and many other issues,I never find it even in the league with the Vento,or even a Verna.
  13. @Durango Dude: I think you have somewhere in the same thread told me that "Octavia too had nearly same power figures but still it did well". Now its time to say that you was absolutely true,only thing that the Corolla misses is the dynamics,nothing else. Although the car is cared really well and still looks like its brand new(its the care we take of her),have a look at the pics below:- The key must have been equipped with buttons instead of a separate remote: Some minor dents it gon in the running:- This is when our chauffeur got the car hit the gate(front bumper on right-driver side) while reversing(after 20 hours of continuous driving): This is when a rickshaw puller kissed our car from a side(JUST HAVE A LOOK AT THE SHINE ON THE PAINT): A broken tail light,thanks to my uncle who didn't knew how to overtake trucks(have a look at the dust filled inside): This is mine,actually.....it was my mistake,nothing else. TSiVipul2011-10-27 14:39:10
  14. @Potuvk: Fiesta is the perfect choice if you drive yourself,in fact its leagues ahead the competition(it even eclipses my Laura TSI)in terms of driving dynamics and is always fun to drive. If you hasn't test drove a Fiesta till now then let me tell you that don't get fooled by reading the stats written on paper,the Fiesta feels and behaves like a far more powerful car and can go anywhere in India. While Optra Magnum greets you with some raw power and is always fun-to-accelerate.Its great on highways and overtaking on highways is just effortless.
  15. Well,thanks friends.The car is really as good as a new one and with only 16k on odo at the time of buying,we couldn't have really found anything better than this car at the price and considering that the car is still under warranty. The car is being used for small as well as inter-city journeys and is keeping us really happy. Only thing missing is those good wide Civic alloys and tyres but since my friend is now partially out of cash so that will be done later. Rest the car is covering about 100-120 kms daily and delivering 15+ kpl overall without any issue detected till now.
  16. Well,first update after a long time:- Okay,now this car is ruling my head and for a person like me who prefers head over the heart,this is a very good news. Yesterday nigh I returned home after distributing sweets and that time my Corolla said 9973kms on odo out of which about 4500 kms are driven by me,now here are my experiences with the car and reasons why its ruling my head:- Firstly,Dr Nishu,guy you was right,this is the perfect car according to the needs of our business.Just think guys,I can make a trip to Jaipur for just 1900-2000 Rs while driving with light foot and 2200-2300 while driving with a heavy foot,while it was more that 5000 per trip while driving a Laura TSI. As we say in business "try to make your investment lowest possible and get the maximum possible out of the deal".Now Corolla is proving perfect for the above fact.The car is delivering a great FE,many of you may not believe but this car delivers 15+ in city and 23+ on highways with a net FE of about 19-20kpl. The car is completely maintenance free and we haven't experienced even a single problem till date while our journeys include hills,plains,some really un-drivable roads,no-roads(after-all we build them)but the car simply went for service asked us to pay 3.6k and returned(synthetic mobile oil charges). Although it rolls a bit and also doesn't handle like a Laura but still its satisfying(just think 20+ kpl yaar)overall you can do 150 kph for a whole day and won't get tired in the car. Feels underpowered but once you get on open stretches then you can take it to 160-170 easily only problem is that it takes some time to reach there. It has made my Laura stand and look at it moving and has brought down our fuel bills significantly,considering all this and being happy with two TOYOTAs,we have decided that our next car will also be a Toyota,most probably an another Corolla after this one crosses 50k mark.TSiVipul2011-10-27 02:54:07
  17. @Potuvk: Firstly,welcome to the forum. Chevrolet Optra Magnum,hmmmm..actually that is one of my hot favorites and if you have shortlisted one for you,then congrats for making such a wonderful choice. Although I don't have an Optra,but still I have experienced the car for about 2-3 thousand kms and here is my experience:- Power is the second name of Optra Magnum(only 2.0),if you love that spike of power on 2k rpm,then nothing comes close,the way the car acts once its turbo comes alive is enough to give you the experience of a tsunami of power pushing you back,in fact the raw power this car delivers can outrun even a Cruze when it comes to experience. What I have felt about the car are as follows:- 1)Interior quality isn't as good as expected but is still quite acceptable. 2)Solid built cabin has a built to last feeling. 3)Decent space(a small living room it may be)but the car is strictly a four seater if you are going for a long journey,why?Because the rear seat is a bit hard at the middle. 4)Ride is simply awesome and it eats up bad roads but not even a single bump reaches you. 5)If the car has 120 bhp then it acts like it has,really it requires very very less gearshifts(I am serious about it)and if you can press the clutch a bit then you can cross the whole city in second or third gear without even once touching the gear lever. 6)The SUVish torque can pull the car anywhere,you won't believe but the car we took ate up total srinagar garhwal-badrinath route without getting stressed even once,while most of the time we drove in third. 7)There is quite bodu roll and the handling is not as good as,you may say a Linea or a Fiesta or even a Corolla Altis D-4D or SX4 but still its far better than a Verna and you get a quite satusfying steering response,only the steering isn't that much quick but still the high speed manners are good. 8)The brakes and suspension both are very impressive,we did about 180 kph many times in the Optra and every time we felt that ride quality is fabulous with the car being planted(ignore steering response,which can never be enthusiastic)at all speeds and the brakes biting enough to shred that speed within very impressive limits. 9)With all the above mentioned facts the car returns a decent,in fact more than decent FE of 12-14 in city and 17-19 on Highways. 10)Maintenance is quite on a higher side but no issue if you get the three year promise. For more information(although its against forum rules,but for the sake of knowledge),go to the following links:- Verna vs Optra Magnum vs Cruze. Optra Magnum ownership report User reviews on optra magnumTSiVipul2011-10-27 02:29:56
  18. May Goddess Lakshmi fulfill all your dreams and enlighten all of your life with light of joy and happiness.. HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL OF THE ACIans AS WELL AS ME TOO...
  19. Honda City is the car that always represented our group of friends,it was the car that accompanied us everywhere as well as got us the inter-school basket ball championship trophy too,but what was our hard luck that we lost the car in an accident and we still praise it for keeping all of us alive and enjoying today same as we used to do before. Honda guys:"Sir this car can be repaired although it has lost many of its panels,all doors will be replaced due to overturning and many more exterior repairs but the engine,suspension etc are still okay and we can get this car back in a mint position after you spend some lacs on it just get us the insurance bonds etc:. I:"Get the car repaired". My friend:"I loved my car but now I want to sell it off,don't know why but now I want to sell it...nothing else". Two weeks later:- Friend:"I want a car for me,as good as the City". I:"Only a City can replace a City and I have one in my knowledge as the owner wants to sell it because he has bought something really big". Friend's father:"Then let's have a look at the car,will it be available at an asking price"? We had a look at the car and bought it within 20 minuted of looking at the car and hearing the price without any bargain etc.. 1)The car is a Feb 2011 Honda City 'S' variant with 10.6 lacs on-road price at that time. 2)It had done only 16k kms at the time of buying. 3)The plastic covers were still on the seats so we got really untouched and clean interiors. 4)Although there were some small dents but not even a single bigger one. 5)ONLY 5.8 lacs for such a car,after we heard this we all were dumbstruck and after a small discussion with uncle I paid the guy 1.4 lacs which I had bought as an advance( off course this was later paid back to me),here is the conversation:- Owner:"Only one price 5.8 lacs,no bargain,if you want then take the car else leave it". I:"How much should we pay right now"? Uncle:"We will pay all by tomorrow's morning". Owner:"If anyone else comes till then,then I'll be giving the car to him". I:"Just keep this money with you and rest you will be paid tomorrow morning as banks are now closed". Owner:"Okay Mr. Chaudhary,take the car,I believe you". Then the car made a small trip to Haridwar,here are some pics:- The side view.. At Chilla dam,Haridwar. The way.. Serious performance testing. Again performance testing,this time we managed to get 175 kph but suddenly a truck in front changed the lane due to which we were forced to brake. Me,the serious driver..LOL..seat belts not tied up,dunno why but I never buckle up while driving with A/C off.Also it was the narrow upper-ganga canal road so it needed quite much use of hand indicators too,so it was really uncomfy with seat belts tied up. At Chilla dam.. MORE IMAGES TO FOLLOW LATER..TSiVipul2011-10-26 03:35:36
  20. +1 or even 10 to Dr Nishu,why?The reasons are as follows:- 1)At one place the name comes 'Off-roader' and on the other place the king of all 'Mitsubishi Pajero' is missing. @Leshy:Only 140 bhp can't do off-roading(same way like Audi A8 with quattro can't). 2)Ride and handling both favour Pajero. 3)Its slightly above 20 lacs but these safari/XUV/Fortuner/Endy things cannever ever catch it up once it gets off-road. 4)If you can wait for XUV then why not wait for the unveiling of the new Pajero at the auto expo? 5)If you need the SUV for mild off-roading,are happy with compact dimensions and five seats,need a dose of power and luxury too and want it to perform and deliver FE like a car then look nowhere else and get a Yeti for you.
  21. Having driven Ikon some times,I feel it as the best choice available:- What Ford needs is to correctly place as well as advertise it,it seems like Ford was never interested in selling the Ikon TDCi's. Before Fiesta hatch,how about an Ikon hatch side-by-side with the Figo?TSiVipul2011-10-25 08:09:38
  22. @Harsh: Since you reside in Dehradun that means your car will be making a lot of hilly trips too and there are some really bad roads too available nearby(considering Roorkee-Muzaffarnagar or saharanpur-Muzaffarnagar stretch especially).There is availability of sales and spares of everyone too(I think Oberoi for Skoda and one Chevrolet too)now considering everything,these are my views:- Hyundai Verna,if you want nothing else except a front styling(I hate that back of Verna)and some power on paper(because it does never behaves like it really has some power). If you never drive or seldom drive then you can go on for a SX4 as its a Maruti so it gives peace of mind with a decent FE. You can consider Fiat Linea if you want some true driving dynamics and ride and handling are your topmost priority(buy it if you too drive,I mean 50-50 between you and chauffeur). If you want to experience some raw power the have a look at the spacious and hardcore Chevrolet Optra Magnum.It has a really big and comfy rear seat. At last and my personal choice as well as recommendation:- Just go and get a VW Vento Highline(Because ABS and airbags are a must for me)for yourself if you are not ready to wait while if you can wait a bit then you can have a look at the Skoda Rapid which is a Vento only but furnishing a Skoda badge and is quite low on price too. Since I too visit Dehradun too much(about 3-4 trips every month from Meerut to Dehradun are done)and what I feel is that an Optra magnum can be the best choice for you(I have once took it on a trip and it really impressed me),rest is your choice(the above was my personal opinion not choice). TSiVipul2011-10-25 08:06:00
  23. @Shriram: Firstly congrats in advance for becoming 5 from four.. Considering your requirements the first car that comes into my mind is a Honda Jazz but for buying that you will have to stretch your budget a bit and have to spend something around 6 lacs but if you are not ready to spent that much then you can consider:- Indica Vista(it offers best in class space)petrol or diesel. Swift/Ritz according to your taste. i20 is also okay if you can adjust with a nervously driving car.
  24. Firstly,4 lacs is a bit too much for such a car which is out of production from years,spare parts availability is more than a serious issue and FE can never reach even the 10 mark while driving on highways with a gentle foot. In my views,if you have the appetite for raw performance+decent comfort+decent FE+reliability+solid built+driving pleasure and you want it at a comparatively low cost then the best choice available in the market in my views is a SKODA LAURA TSI,the reasons are as follows:- 1)It has an Accord/Superb V6 rivaling performance. 2)Agility and power combo is far better than anything else,what it needs is just POINT AND SHOOT attitude. 3)Even with such a blasting performance it always delivers 8+ kpl in city and 14+ on highways while if you drive it over-enthusiastically even then it delivers 6-8 in city and 11-13 on highways. 4)Comfort is really great at least its far more comfortable to drive as well as travel than a Sonata(my personal feeling and experience). 5)Ride is also great and the solid build seems to last for centuries. 6)SINCE IT HAS A BAD RESALE VALUE SO YOU CAN GET A GOOD DEAL FOR 4-6 LACS IF SEARCHED.TSiVipul2011-10-25 07:37:00
  25. Hey how about the return of the Ford Ikon,it can be a good alternative to Indigo CS or others if priced competitively and that 1.4 TDCi is still a small gem.