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  1. Turbocharger may be one of the most familiar word to most of us,and same is with Supercharger,but my problem is that I don't know what a supercharger is ,so I don't know the difference too.Here are some of my questions: 1)What is a supercharger? 2)How does it differ from a turbocharger? 3)Why do some cars use the supercharger,while others use turbocharger? 4)Which one is better and more expensive too? HELP NEEDED
  2. @Sham Gearshift is the art which most of the drivers are lacking,maybe me too.Actually my rule is something different,I never do follow the speed,but what I follow is the tachometer(I mean I shift according to RPM or engine speed). Example:I never shift up below 3500 rpm for 1st,2nd and 3rd gear and below 2500 rpm for the higher gears.This makes the driving a delight for me every time,less wear of clutch etc are bonus points. So,in my views its best to shift according to the rpms not according to your speed,it really works and works better. No short-shifts,no long-gear-holdings,its better to shift at a particular rev range,this will also not strain the engine,anywhere and anyway you drive.
  3. At 136 lacs,there is something that promises to rival and outrun too the Lamborghini LP-560,but does that means that raging bull needs to get worried?? Two cylinders have given a boost of a 100 bhp,and a top speed of 326kmph(Correct me if I am wrong),that means 520 horses on tap.SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT SUPERCAR,ISN'T IT?? Some questions: 1)Whats the displacement of V10? 2)What are the exact power and torque figures? 3)WHAT IS THE SPECIAL FEATURE OF THE QUATTRO(please do answer this question),that makes it special?
  4. One more to mention: Fiesta is more comfortable too,but except handling and luxury(luxury includes interior quality too),Etios is everywhere else.
  5. @Tejasmehta990 Its good to see someone who has really observed the Etios as deeply as I have done. The TD of Etios made me love the car,its very nimble around the city,you don't require those continuous gearshifts there is enough performance to shame even some bigger cars and steering may be slow on response but it isn't as bad as do the people highlight it. Space is fantastic,and having a Fiesta with one of my friend,sorry to hurt the feelings of my forummates,but there is nothing in a Fiesta except handling for which it can outrun the Etios. Even when it comes to performance,an Etios does outrun a Fiesta-S and after sales service and reliability are a top given. And yes,numbers do speak..... I too own an Innova,my car(as I feel its like a car not a UV)has clocked over 70K kms,but just one service and it always feel nearly as good as new(note:I haven't said it is same as new). One more question,How to delete our useless posts,if possible,like I made one by mistake just above?
  6. @Amit The deal seems to be good,only the condition as mentioned by rahul1810,If it's an i-vtec or a vtec variant then the deal may be a steal,else there are many other cars available in the market.
  7. @arkboypunk You are absolutely right,but again there is a difference,and its of woofers. Reason:JBL is more inclined towards the thump(I hope you understand what I mean),while sony is more inclined towards sound quality,and yes,sony is expensive too as compared to JBL. In case of JBL whenever you switch on your ICE what you get is rocking atmosphere,while sony has a soothing experience.
  8. Here are three deals that I have cracked(but remember,these deals are generally coincidences and quick): 1)My Tata Safari EX 2.2 vtt Dicor(2008): Black in color,mileage only 12000kms on odo,7 months old and as understandable,in a mint condition. Clean papers and good service record. Price:Only 4.7 lacs. How the deal was cracked: The SUV belonged to a manager from Wipro,during the slowdown,the guy lost his job(or maybe his salary was reduced,I am not sure)but what he offered was his Safari and wanted to fetch 5lac bucks within one day,cam in my contact and after some bargaining I got the safari for 4.7lacs,though I felt bad about the guy,but it was the guy's mistake that he bought a car that was out of his budget.The car was later sold for 6.9 lacs to a contractor. After making this deal I learnt the lesson:"Don't follow others,just expand your feet according to the cot". 2)My Wagon-R Vxi(2008): Color:Cherry red,1 year and 3 months old,just 10,300kms on odo,mint condition with small scratches and dents all around. This deal rather feels like a joke,this car was owned by a Doctor from Meerut.The man was rather simple than shrewd.I came to know about the car,I went to the doctor and after observing the car and highlighting all the dents and scratches,I simply declared the car harassed and quoted 1.75lac,doctor disagreed at the price,okay. I got three men,one aged 28,second aged 35+wife and third one aged 50.Sent all of them to the Doctor and none of them quoted a price higher than 1.50 lacs. Result:Doctor himself called me next day and asked me to take the car off for 1.75lacs.. The car was later sold for 2.75lacs. Lesson I learnt:Wait and watch,result is fruitful. 3)My current i-10 Asta(kappa)(2009): Under warranty when bought(4 months old),only 4700kms on odo,alloy rims and wider tyres were already installed by the owner,fully scratchless. This was the best deal I have ever cracked,the car belonged to a farmer's son from Bilaspur(Gurgaon),Since their land was sold for millions so their mind got exhausted and the guy bought a BMW 320d highline for himself,as a result he sold off his i-10 for only 2.3lacs and i bought it,only mistake I made of not bargaining,but I am happy with what I got and i-10 is with me for last one and a half year with no complains.
  9. @arkboypunk1 I don't agree,as I have a set of Xplods in my Innova and every thump can be experienced,really.Yes,it is possible that you may not like it,but again Xplod is not a single model,it is a complete range. @Kumaraneks I VOTE FOR XPLOD,you may go for it with your eyes closed. Yean,its true that ROCKFORD FOSGATE is really superior to others mentioned above(excluding Bose).
  10. @Ragav Sorry to say,but in my views wrong cars are being compared,just see: Etios is nowhere as pricey as the Honda City or a Vento or a Fiesta. I agree that whatever we get at 6.3 lac(I mean V variant),the car feels very downmarket.but for G variant at the price it is possible to adjust with what we get. Comparison with a Fiesta may look like an injustice with the Etios as there is a lot of price difference between the both(even the EXI variant of Fiesta costs 7k more than the Etios V),and handling is the field where the Fiesta even puts the Honda City to the shame. And in terms of quality also Etios is nowhere near the mentioned three cars(ie:Fiesta,City,Vento),but price says something else.
  11. Growing used car market in India is hidden from no one of us,but the question that frequently arises in my mind is "How to get the best used-car deals,or how to make them best for us"?? Now,here I present some tips and tricks for the same: 1)-Never contact the dealer,try to find the party yourself.Its better if the selling party is known to you,it will help in cost cutting as you may be knowing the history of the car. 2)-check out the complete papers and service record,if even a single fault is found anywhere,it may help you pull the price down. 3)-Exteriors and interiors of the car plays a fantastic role in cost cutting(even a single dent may help you,and if you are the selling party,then its better to get the car in a mint condition before offering as 1000 bucks spent on the job may rocket up the price of car upto 10000) 4)-In case of low mileage rides,make sure about the clean past record of the car,thoroughly check the paint(I mean paint as you may find some accident marks which can be found by thorough observation as there is always very light variation on the borders of the repainted portion which is noticeable etc) Also check the tyres(the manufacturing month which is engraved on the tyre in 4 digits must be at least 1 month before the rolling out date of the car),suspension and always check out the grains on gear lever,steering wheel and wear of the paddles,as it may help you in case the dealer or party is trying to cheat you.If anything wrong is found,ITS BETTER TO KEEP AWAY FROM DUMPING YOUR CASH IN SUCH RIDES. 5)-If there is no dealer or agent in middle,then its best to have cash-in-hand at the time of deal,from my personal experiences I can bet,this will surely help in cost cutting(up to a whooping amount of 50k bucks on big cars) as everyone is eager to have the cash at the meantime. 6)-The policy of WAIT AND WATCH can get you some serious steal deals from the people,like there are many people who due to many reasons dump their rides or properties(this point is valid for both rides and property) for nearly no price or at an astonishingly low cost. Secondly you may find people like politicians,farmers(whose land is acquired by government and paid a big amount for that),contractors etc selling their rides,as their black money or excessive money that suddenly comes to them closes their minds and result in some great deals,only record of the car is meant to be checked because service and maintainance of such cars is simply at the best. ANY MORE SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME..
  12. @Autoyaar In my opinion,the price is a bit on the higher side,for the same amount you can get some good deals like an Esteem or an Accent 2005-06 model. Else why don't you try to get a car from Gurgaon as i have many times found some great deals there. Example:My i10 asta was owned by a farmer's son from Bilaspur(Gurgaon),He disliked the car and I got an i10 kappa,asta variant,fully scratchless,just 4700kms on odo,clean record and 4 months old(I mean under warranty) for just Rs 2.3lac...HOWZZ THE DEAL??Why don't you try to find something like this,just you will have to roam the market,wait for sometime and must have the cash in hand as it will not give the time to the selling party to think even once.
  13. I am just thinking,how much the owners of those petrol pumps away from the heat?? If they are,then let's contribute and open a fuel station near my house.
  14. Yeah,that may not be a good news for many,but for me-"subsidy on diesel for commercial vehicles and farmers is a good news". Reason:I own a fleet of trucks and tractors,so CAN I GET THE SUBSIDY(FARMERS ONE) IF I GET THE FUEL TANK OF MY TRACTOR FILLED??
  15. @sb-alto Thanks,the capabilities of the car are simply amazing. Pics will be posted as soon as I get her back,as it is visiting Bikaner with my father after first service.
  16. Oh,shame on Mr.Ratan Tata and Mr.Ashok Hinduja for not making petrol running trucks..LOL
  17. Oh,pics... They will be posted as soon as the car returns back from service centre.Give me 1-2 days....
  18. Well,this price hike is something that was going to happen one day,you may see how the petroleum prices are rocketing up in the international market. @Sarabjeet: How about a nationwide truckers strike?Fuel prices will come down within 72 hours,govt. will be forced to do it.
  19. I forgot to mention the on-road price: Its 15.35 lacs on road Gurgaon,including all the formalities+leather seat covers.
  20. Wednesday 12th day of January was the happiest day in my life yet.Reason:I got my much awaited Laura TSi ,here are some initial ownership experiences:- Looks Somewhat subjective,somewhat matured.Though it doesn't look as sophisticated as a Civic but there is a muscle character somewhere.Body lines and curves are quite impressive and everything seems to be at the right place. Engine,performance and handling Engine,though have a little bit of initial lag,but as soon as the turbo comes to the life,it has an ability to plant a metre-wide grin on your face. Performance is great,but engine stalling is somewhat we would never like,but it happens... Handling is simply great,though it is not as much confidence inspiring as of a Civic but even then you may feel everything going on in a correct order,whatever your speed may be.Neither there is oversteer nor there is understeer,but I would have liked it more if the steering was less lighter than it is at present. Interiors and feature list Every time you step inside the car,you can easily feel the superb build quality,the interiors feel like they could last forever.Interiors are neither as much enthusiastic nor as much futuristic as of the civic,but quality is better and if you ever feel them understated as compared to civic,then just turn the ignition on and you will forget everything else. Feature list is quite short:You even don't get electrically retractable side mirrors and an automatic climate control at the price,rest everything is acceptable. Some people may find it difficult to reverse the car as the rear glass placement is not that good,but if you are able to use those parking sensors and have enough practice of reversing using the side view mirrors like I do,then no problem. Ride and comfort After the performance,it is the second trump car for the car,no Civic or Cruze comes close,this is simply a dominating factor for the Laura.But if you are not chauffeur driven then you may find the Civic's driving position better. FE and VFM My car has done 1900kms in just three days,and FE is measured by me using three different parameters(in all three cases I used the full tank auto cut method): 1)Spirited driving Took the car from Jaipur to Meerut on Wednesday midnight,with car hardly coming below 100kph,and hardly using the 6th gear,Top speed attained was 170kph,and 384kms covered in just 4 hours 10 minutes. Car consumed 48.2 litres of petrol so overall fuel economy was 7.96kpl. 2)Usual driving Again a trip from Meerut to jaipur,this time the car was doing between 80-130 kph in 5th or 6th gear,in day driving with complete mix of city and highway driving including on full traffic load.This time 392kms covered in just 38.8 litres of petrol,so overall fuel economy was 10.1,quite impressive even when first service is not done. 3)Economical driving Returning from Jaipur to Meerut yesterday night,this time upper speed limit was just 90kph with 6th gear engaged for almost the complete journey,at any speed higher than 70kph.Again 409 kms covered in just 34.6 litres of petrol,surprising me,the economy was 11.8 kpl overall,including evening rush in Jaipur and a truck crowded highway with slight traffic in New Delhi. VFM is something I am feeling terrific for the package,only feature list may have been longer,rest will come in front after the first service is done. ANY SUGGESTIONS OR ADVICES ARE WELCOME
  21. Well,what I found is: 1)Maruti has made a serious attempt to go upmarket. 2)2.4 L motor has enough power to give the competition a run for performance(truth will be revealed only after the car is launched). 3)Looks are not killer but are not anything lesser too. 4)Design of the interiors and general build quality are a big step up for Maruti Suzuki. 5)It is tipped forward,broad shouldered and is muscular too..KIZASHI IS MORE SPORTY THAN LUXURY. I love the way the car looks.Even the car is great but COST WILL DECIDE ITS FATE! Doesn't it get the AWD(all wheel drive)here in India,as an option.like it gets it in United States?
  22. Read newspaper and cursed the petroleum ministry for price hike. Played new NFS hot pursuit for about 2 hours. Washed my new Laura and took a drive(for just making myself happy). Now online on the Autocar India forum.
  23. @Dineshzma116 WOW is the only thought coming to my mind,and annoy is the second action,because...ITS JUST 2 DAYS AGO I GOT MY LAURA TSi!!!
  24. Isn't it going to strike the Toyota's brand image hard?? I too have read the same article in the TOI's business column,and was just shocked.Toyotas must know that,if any person is buying the Etios that means he/she doesn't want a hatch else Swift,i20,Polo are available at the same price.
  25. @Creativebala Doesn't that hook feels like it is an aftermarket one,or the TATAs have done such horrifying experiment.It looks like the hinge of a tractor's hood,even that is also better finished.