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  1. As I have already mentioned before,a helmet on two wheelers and seat belts on four wheelers are a must whatever your speed may be. In fact,once you can allow four wheeler users to remove seat belts while going below 15 kph but for bikers,helmet must be mandatory for even 1 kph.I have once seen a person getting a head injury(okay,I saw him injured not the incident)while riding his bike with his wife in dense traffic at about 3-4 kph and suddenly he lost the balance or maybe his foot slipped and he banged his head hard on the divider.If he would have used the helmet then at least he would not have got a serious injury. REST IF THERE IS ANY DOCTOR THEN HE/SHE CAN TELL US HOW DANGEROUS EVEN MINOR HEAD INJURIES CAN BE.
  2. @Creativebala: Those people who hang their helmets on their handlebars or RVMs or put it on the tank are the ones who know that the tank or handlebar or the pillion rider's hand is more costly/priceless than their brain which is ment to be protected by the helmet. In my views now police must also make such people stop for at least 15 minutes if they are caught and then cut their challans this will help in two ways:- 1)Make them late for their work so they will be more careful from next time. 2)A hole in the pocket always looks bad.
  3. Hey same way have a look at the comparo between the new Verna and the Vento or even better,I am yet to understand why Linea T-Jets are not selling being the best enthusiast's car available in the market?
  4. Thats quite low cost treatment for the dent as well as the work done on it,I mean such a good job deserves at least 25k for a Civic(atleast your bootlid is not changed). My Laura took a new bumper and a new boot-lid and our insurance guys had to shell out about 53k.
  5. Nothing else except a good old and mad 2003 Honda City V-Tec,this car still sends many hearts running and the way this car responds can eclipse some bigger cars too..in other words a true blue enthusiast's low cost sports car.. Dunno why but I want to see back the Armada grand again back,I still remember the one we had some 7-8 years back. +1 to Nikvint,Fusion deserves a returning.
  6. +1 to Carispassion,the Fabia really misses that sportiness and confidence inspiring handling of a Swif,but I can say that handling of Fabia is still quite upto the mark but high-speed stability is really an issue,in fact I have fount Fabia really scary when I test drove a 1.6 and did 155 kph in itStill as an overall package especially if you consider ride and comfort,Fabia is still head and shoulders above the Swift.
  7. @Cactus00: Just go and get that basstube fixed in your car without any worry,i have two in my Innova,one in my i10,one in Laura and one in Corolla,everytime it was an under-warranty fitment and dealers said the same in case of i10 and Laura and what I did was that i took an amplifier and a bass tube and wen to the dealer itself and said "Tu yeh bata ki fit karne ka kya lega(you just tell me what you will take for fitting it in my car)" and what dealer did is just they fitted it inn my car while my warranty is as it is. So you need to go to the dealer itself and if he does not agree then ask him what new components(wires etc)you will have to buy for the job to be done.
  8. Well,now this spares parts price list is speaking everything itself. @Carish: For even more clarification you can visit any Skoda dealership and ask people about their experience and then see the response yourself.Their service is also good now,maybe because they have very less cars to service as compared to MS and Hyundai etc so they are able to give you a good attention and yes,guy the Skoda has that premium feel which everyone wants to experience while driving as well as at the service station and this is the thing which a Maruti can never give you. A final word:"Its true that Skodas can burn a hole in your pocket and make you cry,but that is the case when you make her cry and love banging her on every obstacle,else their build is tough enough to last decades". TSiVipul2011-10-21 01:43:28
  9. "Renting parking space",this deal sounds good,now I think government must imply this policy just today(I think at least 70 cars can be parked in a space where 17 trucks are parked..). But still out of all those rules breakers here in India how many will follow this rule,what I feel is that now RTOs will become even richer as their people will demand some cash from buyers on the name of passing their car's registration number.
  10. Hey SB,why aren't you considering an i-10? Actually right now I am in a mood of selling my i-10 because i have convinced my father for a Jazz in January/Feb so maybe I'll be selling it and it make a good deal too(for you,not me). Mine is a 2009 Kappa Asta with 68k on the odo and a complete service as well as repairing record from the Hyundai authorised service center.
  11. Well,I have seen many people thinking of buying a Skoda but stopped only because of no-product-problem but now it seems that Skoda has got something or the another for everyone.
  12. At the time I bought my Laura what I got was Skoda shield for me as that time it felt best for me,also considering our heavy running this 3 years/45k kms scheme is useless for us too as my Laura has already done 35k kms in 8 months and will be completing 45k within next two months so I need shield and its really protective too.
  13. For maintenance concerned people that 3 years/45k kms maintenance scheme is the best,see Skoda is now providing you the choice to select according to your needs,so now the Fabia is getting more points but still swift has the edge considering the performance and the fun factor,but practicality is saying only Fabia.
  14. Brio any day and any time,only one TD of the car was enough for me to lose my heart on it and the high-revving i-vtec is always a treat to push.
  15. What the hell? I mean if a person will now have to buy a house for himself/herself to buy a car and what about those who live on rent and share the house with the owner and park their cars on roads? Will people have to mention their porch sizes too according to the size of the car they are buying?
  16. @Carish: Now experience a Skoda with a Skoda owner,in fact a happy Skoda owner who is me. Firstly,let me tell you that all these facts that Skoda A.S.S. is extremely expensive is nothing more than a lame rumor of some people who have never experienced the Skoda,yes this is true for a year back or two but now,there is simply nothing like that.Now a days Skoda spares are really available at even half the price they used to be and the fact that a Fabia costs even more then a SX4 to maintain is simply unbelievable to me. Let me tell you as well as my other forum mates that I am recently driving a Skoda Laura TSI and have recently crossed the 35k mark and what maintainanace my car had till now is as follows:- One accident which resulted in some body parts replacement and servicing charges,till today the car hasn't demanded even a single visit to the service station except routine services and I am yet to see any other crying Skoda owner...SO HOW CAN I BELIEVE ALL THOSE RUMORS??I OWN A SKODA AND WE ARE SO HAPPY WITH THE CAR THAT WE HAVE ALREADY PLANNED A SUPERB TO BE OUR NEXT CAR,NOTHING ELSE. Now coming back to the main topic: Well,Swift is overall a better product as it offers BETTER BALANCE OF POWER+PERFORMANCE+COMFORT+PEACE OF MIND AND SPORTINESS. Rest if you want true comfort and are keen about overall product quality then Fabia is far better. With Fabia you will have to shell out some extra cash at the time of buying as well as in services too(but not at all as much as people say)but considering everything I'd go for Swift.And yes,ABS and airbags are an investment and they are a must. Liva is another good choice and is really worth considering,if you can be happy with it then go for it with closed eyes. @Goenkakushal: About Swift I don't know but what i know is that liva does not cost more than 2.5-3k in servicing while the Fabia's service costs just 4.5-5.5k max and as its done every 10k kms so its really a low cost affair considering a Skoda car and if there is any spares replacement then it may cost higher,but same is for other cars too. TSiVipul2011-10-20 15:31:38
  17. Okay guys,if we see more price hikes in diesel even then I'd provide you trucks for carrying your freight at low cost..... Now returning to the point,this diesel price dis-regulation story came to me too but it isn't a big issue until any action is taken by the government.I know that my words will make most of my diesel burner friends unhappy but those are damn true:- "Practically diesel needs a good at least Rs 10-15 price hike for those car owners as these people are really spoilt by their cars and they don't even shut them off in long traffic jams and keep on burning the fuel brainlessly with their ACs chilling them up and if you give them a petrol car then they are also evaporated.I think now a days cars are using more diesel than trucks and buses and tractors,what I mean is that diesel is subsidised for running economy but people are taking disadvantage of this".
  18. +1 to Vignesh,we really need some more and really lively emoticons,the current emoticons really look out of emotions.
  19. Hey SB,really sorry and surprised to hear about the incident,I mean..A truck caused such a loss even without hitting the car.. This is really a serious damage and needs some really skilled workers to carry out the process. Any ways,how much your car has covered yet?
  20. Hey that looks like a good sedan badly beaten at the back,I mean there are no signs of a hatchback till now(take it light guy!)But yes,if I would have been at your place then this would have been an unforgettable occasion for the tail-gater(the Santro driver).Its really good to see your self control and I really do mean it. On a lighter note,I thought I'll be seeing something like this:- But you disappointed me. I still remember,once my Laura got tailgated by a Matiz and I got a good 60k bill for nearly same amount of repairs.TSiVipul2011-10-17 07:22:15
  21. Well,my Altis D-4D has already completed its 10k kms in just lesser than 2 months of purchase but I am yet to find any hassle or complain,rest let's wait and watch with fingers crossed.
  22. @Drkeshav: I will keep mum on speed limits and all that stuff,same for some reason,but still I frequently make long drives(sometimes as long as 2-3k kms)but my speed limits are now upto 180-190 on open stretches but still I manage to get 10+ out of my Laura and 15+ on my Corolla. Recently I too tried to get a good FE figure on my Corolla on a trip to Jaipur and surprisingly I managed to get 24.2 overall but my top speed limit was 130(that 6th gear seems to be useless most of the time). But your FE figure is really astonishing and I think you need to carry on with that 'Car care manual' thing,I'd like to be among the first readers of the book. TSiVipul2011-10-13 14:11:45
  23. @Rameshbabu: the Dr. is going to be happy with his all time serving and faithful Alto for at least four more months and this thread will also keep running why? Because Auto Expo will get some more choices as well as facelifts so lets wait for six months and then wish our Dr. a successful operation.
  24. Well,this seems to be true that Skoda is stripping all of its cars and getting their lower price versions,after Laura Classic not there is going to be the Citigo,what newspaper said today was that this car will be coming to India in mid or end 2012. What about the superb?
  25. Well there are some small issues like pop ups and no accessibility to the forum using the mobile version of the site,rest everything is good and as Bornfree has already mentioned is just like a Diwali gift but what's really bad(in my views)is that our favorite part of the website(of-course our FORUM)is still looking old and somewhat dull in front of the website:- 1)Some more colors and background design is needed. 2)That Polo now needs to be replaced by something like a Panda or a combo of many cars which changes with time.