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  1. Considering the price you have mentioned,its going to be the Figo any day.Its a great frugal car which has some really enthusiastic bits and space as well as ride quality are simply great. Rest if you can stretch a bit then my vote goes to the RITZ which I feel as the best of all(its my personal opinion)and available at a competitive price.
  2. TDed a Honda Brio yesterday and was really impressed for what was on offer for the price.Its good looking,practical,fuel efficient,great handler and performance is really breath taking. Overall,in my views its the best thing on four wheels you can get at this price.
  3. In my views Tata may take the advantage of its JLR brands too and try to upgrade their quality standards,after seeing the pricing of Tata cars I can say thet there is still some space for price hike if Tatas improve overall product quality. After I TDed an Aria 4X4 and 4X2,I felt that Tata is now moving on a right track..only chink in the armor is the overall product quality nothing else.
  4. @Abhineet: In my views you have already made the best choice and you really don't need the nod of anyone for that,just go to the dealer and get a good Ritz VDi ABS booked for your parents.Rest you can think of Swift VDi/ZDI in case your parents are chauffeur driven. Rest you can also have a look at the new Hyundai Eon,although it will have a petrol powerplant but its small dimensions will be a boon for your parents.
  5. Nothing else except a good black VW POLO 1.6,it has everything to delight the enthusiasts,razor sharp handling,decent comfort and a blasting performance with the practicality of a hatchback hence its hassle free for city and the build quality is simply a bonus. If diesel then its going to be a Ritz VDi ABS any day for me... Rest Polo 1.6 TDi is still in my waiting list... TSiVipul2011-10-03 07:20:07
  6. Well,this XUV thing is going to rock some segments and yes be sure the Scorpio itself will be first in the line of getting eaten up,rest Innova will be loosing and Safari thing may feel some true heat specially when you call it 'SUV'. My question is that will it get those limited slip differentials or completely lockable differentials for off-road enthusiasts even as an option or it will get the open ones,if open ones then its still be loosing against Safari in off-roading capabilities.
  7. M&M has hit the nail in the head this time.. Guess what,they have got a good looking(in fact very aggressive looking)product,more refinement,more premium feeling and at a down to earth price. After the Xylo I was really expecting something like this to happen some day and this UV really seems to have the intentions of giving nightmares to the competition.
  8. Well,I somewhere agree with Nikvint as there are a lot of people who really don't know the joy of an i-vtec and will be searching for some wacky CNG thing. In my views this is simply the best of all worlds and at a down to earth price...the cake has got tastier. Any idea if it gets the ABS and airbags as a standard equipment like other Hondas get?
  9. +1 to Crazy Doc,there is actually nothing at all new in this Grande except some stickers and chrome touches but still it has created a small hype.
  10. Well,after seeing all,reading all..DRIVING AND TESTING ALL again my senses says either it should be a Wagon-R or a Swift ZXi(if budget allows) rest everything seems to be loosing in some area or the other.
  11. +1 to Sb-Alto: HIDs any day and if your pocket allows you to go on for projectors too then it will work just like icing on the cake and increase your driving pleasure a lot. If you have the fog lamps then it good and if not,THEN GET THEM INSTALLED EVEN BEFORE HIDs,why?because winter is coming..
  12. @Creativebala: My heartiest congrats to you for the buy,I too will be soon posting the pics of the Honda city my friend bought and we took it to Haridwar yesterday. About the marathon I'd say that these marathons true the true driving nirvanas and these have a true joy and experience of their own..they teach you a lot and they polish your skills at their best.I have the experiences of even 3000kms too and they taught me a lot and I am ready to make some more of them any day.
  13. Well,logged on to ACI after a really long time and as usual it has planted a grin on my face.. Today seen a used Honda city for my friend who lost his car in the accident.. The car is a white 'S' variant just 7 months old,its a 16th feb 2011 buy. Done just 16k kms till date and the owner is selling it as he has bought a VW Passat. What's great is that the deal is locked for only 6.9 lacs...while the car was 10.2 lacs on road Meerut at the time of buy.
  14. @Akankshch: How about waiting for the upcoming Honda Brio?Maybe it can suit your needs better than others, and with a good 1.2 l i-vtec and peppy performance on offer this car can really win the battles. About Verna 1.6,I'd say that the car id devoid of feelings and is quite short on something,what it is..I really don't know,but it is..
  15. Well,in my views the name game does not really matter that much for any leading manufacturer like MS,just the name needs not to be awkward or foul and same will work.People will buy the Maruti MPV mainly when its a diesel with closed eyes and I can bet that this thing is going to strike the Bolero and Sumo Grande really hard and fast..
  16. @Friends: The ride quality of Swift VDi/VXi is slightly batter than their Z cousins but if you want a perfect ride+handling+safety combo then the ZXi/ZDi is a clean winner. TSiVipul2011-08-29 06:59:04
  17. @Durango Dude: All that looks tasty,are they for we people or for lord Krishna? After returning home from hospital was really a very mind bursting experience,here are some incidents: Rear door of the car opens and came our dear chef saying "bhaiya aaj sab aapki pasand ka banega"(today all your wishes will be followed).. I entered my room and suddenly came to know that there are a lot of friends and relatives who are eager to meet me..I understood that now even God can't save me and after sleeping for about 3 hours,I felt a soft hand over my forehead I said "Mummy sone do na"(mummy let me sleep),then I thought Mummy!!,how?then opened my eyes and saw my BUAA(father's sister)..now starts the bad time:- 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 at night and I am fed up telling people what happened,how it happened and my right knee is still out of work and shoulder is paining..at about 11 when I went to sleep came father saying "Beta please last one,SP sir has came,just meet him"..okay then 12,1 and I went to sleep.. Second day,at about 11 am,my father "Get ready today we will leave for Jwala ji as I wished mata for your health"..okay.. 3 days more passed in Jwala ji and then in Bala ji too,what's good is that we bought the flame(jyoti)from Jwala ji for our worship place in house,this flame is a continuous one(as we call akhand-jyot in hindi)and is never extinguished...isn't it great? Returned back yesterday and today went to college and again,same question which I am fed up answering and also about to get unconscious seeing the course which has been covered...so will be cutting my ACI time for more 3-4 days and cover all and everything..
  18. Well,no TSI for we guys!! I think the Laura L&K may still be a better deal.
  19. Well,this cargo box is really very very big,just thing even those rickshaws with cargo box can carry more than this thing...HM REALLY LOVES RISK..
  20. @Rahul: Strict +1 to Dr Nishu. This time,if you want a petrol car then both the Hondas present in the market in the segment are the leaders,get them with closed eyes and enjoy happy miles.
  21. @Drkeshav: For reversing,I find ORVMs+sensors combo quite effective and believe me,it covers a wider area too and your reversing also becomes good. About the tyre pressure monitoring system I can say that I don't need one because I can sense it while driving that which tyre needs what.
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    @Sathya: That's not that much big deal,just let it be there(again if you don't feel bad).Why? Reason I have already mentioned above,just use your insurance guy,why to throw cash on such fake products like pens etc..
  23. @Dr Nishu: Even I too have seen somewhat same looking ad but am quite doubtful if it was 1.6 or 1.2,can you post either the link/pic of the ad?
  24. +1 to Sekardhana: Already Skoda is making some wonders in the premium market,even after some horrific A.S.S. stories.In case skoda brings some really good product then it can be bought hand-to-hand by the customers even if it is not highlighted at all,because people have started trusting the Skoda.
  25. @DrKeshav: Will be waiting for you eagerly once I am okay(which I am already is).Right now I'll be happy to see the Verito even in the pics because it will take a lot of time for you to reach me...