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  1. hi sham i get to read these forum thoug its a LHD version he also has the similar complaint from my end will get it checked since mine is not gone for first service i will wait for another 500 kms.
  2. Hi ALL, This is going to be my first post though am a regular visitor i never registered in here. and i would like to tell you all i bought a Fiat Grande Punto 90HP on 10th Dec 2010. Here is my first Post / complaint LOL. iam also getting the same noise mine is punto MJT 90HP. last two days i heard the noise twice when i turn the wheel to the left or decenting from high area and pressing the brake iam getting some weird mechanical scraping noise coming from the front right side even i can feel through the pedals.but controls are perfect absolutely there is no problem with brakes or steering since mine has just clocked 1950kms.iam planning to get it checked by mechanics. i checked the under body also there is absolutely no signs of scrapings. i was wondering what might be the problem. i suspect last saturday i drive through a big pothole i was thinking that might be the reason. but then i didnt hear any noise. can any body has similar problem let us know how to rectify this. Thanks in advance.