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  1. Breadtalk here in India (Mumbai anyway) destroys perfectly good food at the end of every day rather than giving it away to charity. I know because I asked. Staff don't know why, but whatever the reason is, it's not good enough. Across the street from Hyperciti Mall in Malad there are children with barely enough to eat.
  2. @designersf - the new Skoda diesel does not come in a V6 config, and puts out less power. the older V6 TDi can also be tuned & chipped without fear of losing warranty - which is of course what I really want to do...
  3. Mr. Vishwanathan from Swadi Automobiles read this post after I emailed him a link, since he had requested customer feedback. he offered to refund the car washing charges since I did not feel the service was up to their standards. I declined, but it was good to know he is taking feedback seriously.
  4. wow. this is interesting. what was the reason? have you contacted What Car? about this? they normally champion consumers in these sort of cases...
  5. which is why of course they reduced prices when the dollar fell against the rupee over the last couple of years? don't buy the salespeak
  6. no, they'd just keep mass producing it and selling it to the public for over 25 years
  7. thanks sandy I find it laughable that Indians pay more than double for this car. What do we get here for 11 lacs? an innova.
  8. you're possibly right, sgiitk, and perhaps I would have spent more money at a TATA centre. however, though not cheap, I think Swadi Automobiles' service and attention to detail is well worth the price.
  9. diesel option? maybe with the 90bhp 1.3 multijet?
  10. an update: Swadi Automobiles located and cleaned my K&N air filter. their mechanic arrived at my residence at 8.15am and installed it without fuss.
  11. my goodness. what a bunch of outright thugs. I guess this is TATA for you. poor JRD must be rolling about his grave.
  12. don't buy it. I know exactly how awful TATA after sales and service is (that phrase is a joke). it's your money, don't waste it. walk away and either wait for the hyundai i10 diesel (expected in Nov) or buy the 1.4 diesel i20 (that's if you want diesels which I prefer). else there are a lot of petrol options. the best revenge against these companies is to deny them a sale. don't buy the damn thing.