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  1. Breadtalk here in India (Mumbai anyway) destroys perfectly good food at the end of every day rather than giving it away to charity. I know because I asked. Staff don't know why, but whatever the reason is, it's not good enough. Across the street from Hyperciti Mall in Malad there are children with barely enough to eat.
  2. @designersf - the new Skoda diesel does not come in a V6 config, and puts out less power. the older V6 TDi can also be tuned & chipped without fear of losing warranty - which is of course what I really want to do...
  3. Mr. Vishwanathan from Swadi Automobiles read this post after I emailed him a link, since he had requested customer feedback. he offered to refund the car washing charges since I did not feel the service was up to their standards. I declined, but it was good to know he is taking feedback seriously.
  4. wow. this is interesting. what was the reason? have you contacted What Car? about this? they normally champion consumers in these sort of cases...
  5. which is why of course they reduced prices when the dollar fell against the rupee over the last couple of years? don't buy the salespeak
  6. no, they'd just keep mass producing it and selling it to the public for over 25 years
  7. thanks sandy I find it laughable that Indians pay more than double for this car. What do we get here for 11 lacs? an innova.
  8. you're possibly right, sgiitk, and perhaps I would have spent more money at a TATA centre. however, though not cheap, I think Swadi Automobiles' service and attention to detail is well worth the price.
  9. diesel option? maybe with the 90bhp 1.3 multijet?
  10. an update: Swadi Automobiles located and cleaned my K&N air filter. their mechanic arrived at my residence at 8.15am and installed it without fuss.
  11. my goodness. what a bunch of outright thugs. I guess this is TATA for you. poor JRD must be rolling about his grave.
  12. don't buy it. I know exactly how awful TATA after sales and service is (that phrase is a joke). it's your money, don't waste it. walk away and either wait for the hyundai i10 diesel (expected in Nov) or buy the 1.4 diesel i20 (that's if you want diesels which I prefer). else there are a lot of petrol options. the best revenge against these companies is to deny them a sale. don't buy the damn thing.
  13. here's an update on multibrand independent service stations. I booked an appointment with an authorised Bosch service centre, Swadi Automobiles at Nanachowk (near Opera House) in Mumbai (022-23889244 or 9352) for a 40,000 km service on my Indica Turbo DLX. the workshop is large, and very clean. It has a range of cars, from vintage plymouths to modern skoda's and mercedes. all the cars looked very well maintained indeed. Anand Swadi, the proprietor, made sure that he met with me and spent over 40 minutes running through all the aspects of the service I requested. he has a few decades of experience behind him, and, perhaps more importantly, has a great sense of wit ("repair rear reverse lamps? what about the front reverse lamps?") he took a personal interest in my car, and called in the service supervisor for a detailed analysis of my service before taking a trial. he made some helpful suggestions, challenged some of my assumptions, and told me which of my requests were unnecessary (a chipped tail-light cover, he said, did not need to be replaced and could be patched up for a fraction of the cost). Anand Swadi also explained to me that most company after sales service centres make money on pushing parts (they ofter have targets to meet) and that his workshop had no such interest - they make their money on labour. I left my car with them for 5 days, and collected it on Saturday evening. in the 15 odd years I have been driving and servicing cars in India, I have never seen a better job done on any of my cars than what Swadi accomplished. every single item on my checklist was attended to, including an examination of all 4 tyres (where they detected two incorrectly repaired tubeless punctures and a cracked alloy wheel, all of which were promptly repaired). Swadi charged me INR 13,500 apprx for this service, of which INR 10,000 was the cost of labour, but I am delighted at their service and careful attention to detail. They are truly very good at what they do, and pointedly honest. Criticisms? yes, they take double the time other service stations do, getting an appointment is a little bit difficult (you need to book a few days in advance), they have no pick up and drop facility, they do not accept cheques or cards (and I loathe carrying cash around). Also, though they disconnected and charged my battery (without me asking them to) they did not reset the internal clock (yes, I am a difficult customer) and the internal clean up though good ignored bits of dirt and dust in the driver pockets. In addition, one of their mechanics accidentally replaced my one year old K&N filter with a regular filter. However, a Mr. Vishwanathan promptly committed in writing that this filter would be returned to me at their cost, and I just got a call from Swadi saying that the K&N was found, has been cleaned, and will be fitted at my residence by tomorrow at the latest, at their cost. it's rare, unfortunately, to find companies that have integrity and treat customers with genuine respect. Swadi Automobiles are the only company I have met in India that provide you with the sort of service where the customer feels truly valued. I plan to send all my vehicles to them. Would I recommend them? Without question.
  14. any idea when's the party? and where?
  15. @sgiitk - typically, well written and well qualified, and there is no disputing your point of view. my grouse is not with Honda tech, but with Honda marketing in India. when the 2nd gen city was launched, the Honda sales people met with me and quoted INR 10 lacs for the vehicle, on road, Mumbai. without airbags. were they optional? no. I was willing to pay extra. er, no again, they were just not on offer. but, I said, you sell a better specced car in Thailand for less? er, maybe sir, but though we don't have airbags, said the youngest, you are getting the Honda badge. at which point, the other sales people quickly shut him up. what does the Honda badge do, I mused, in case of a head on collision? inflate magically? my feedback to this sales team and to Honda was to go back and offer Indians what you are offering everyone else and at the same prices. that argument remains today. and that's the reason Honda India lost me as a customer. my point is that there are more criteria to selecting or critiquing a car than just a bank balance. diablo379892009-07-28 12:25:19
  16. I look forward to reading most of sgiitk's posts. Clearly well informed and far more knowledgeable than me, he has provided helpful advice on several occasions, for which I remain grateful. I find it even more disturbing, therefore, that he should be so willing to infer the socio-economic position of members of this forum without adequate information. Most strange...
  17. why not? it is the duty of a country's citizens to question precisely that which affects it adversely
  18. yes, that would probably be a good idea in TATA's case
  19. http://burnyourfuel.com/2009/05/31/cars/tata-indica-vista-at-to-be-launched-in-india/ FuelRunGod2009-07-26 09:15:46
  20. in case you're still looking at a diesel auto, I remember Skoda had an Octavia variant. not sure of costs and availability now tho, you can check with them there's also a rumour that the new tata indigo may have a diesel auto. personally, I prefer diesel cars to petrol for India - at least for mumbai. it's no longer about the mileage alone - it's now also about the hours you spend idling your engine in traffic....