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  1. Only 800 for the steel rim? I am sure its more than that in Bangalore. We are paying the highest road tax in the entire country. 6.6L for Titatinium Diesel is the highest price than anywhere else.
  2. I enquired at the dealer, he told Ikon in Karnataka was stopped about 6 months ago.
  3. thanks.. will check that out too.. am also thinking of putting on the alloy wheels from Ford. they look really nice, dealer has quoted 18K but with some discounts, he also can help me sell the stock wheels for 4K to a shop known to him.
  4. yeah thats right, Polo has the sporty look factor that Zen had back then. I have booked Black and the interior is also Black (ebony as Ford calls it), going to put on darkest shade in Black sunfilm to the windows.. trying to make it look like a secret agent's car :-)
  5. thanks for renaming the thread. The updated title reminds me of the thought that I had after I booked Figo to replace my Zen. " Maruti Zen used to be a favorite car for everyone, even for people who dont own it. It became the most favorite for its sporty looks and engine, back then it was a fun to drive car too. Still it is liked by a lot of people including me. " The question is: Does Figo have the attributes and charm to take the position of Zen, become the most favorite car for everyone, not only the owners? If not, what car has it?
  6. I booked Ford Figo Diesel yesterday. Titanium version costs 6.6L on-road. dealer is giving 5k of cash discount and few accessories free. the delivery time will be 1 - 2 weeks.
  7. ah... i thought so.. no wonder the dealer was trying to push the current model, he infact said that there is not much difference on performance between kappa and kappa2. are there any discounts on offer for these cars? both dealers have told that there are only minor cash discounts and some regular goodies..
  8. wow... per these numbers, i can cut down 100% on fuel !!! To give i20 a fair chance, I have decided to test drive both cars to get a "touch and feel" of them. Hyundai sales person told me that kappa2 is not in i20 yet and they dont have plans for it in the near future. thats a slight let down from Hyundai. just FYI, I am comparing the Hyundai i20 Magna ( 6L on road - Bangalore) to Figo Diesel Zxi (6.2L on road Bangalore) of course, i will save a great deal on fuel. I being driven a petrol car for last 5 years or so, am still thinking diesel sounds a little strange. I know gone are the days when diesel was considered for Taxis, the noisy factor and all that.. I just dont want to end up feeling that I did a mistake by thinking only about the economic factor. Anyways I will let you guys know what I decide this weekend when I am planning to book either of the two. I still am open for suggestions if there are any.. Thank You...
  9. @sarabjeet & neerajd - Thanks for the suggestions. Would anyone know the real mileage/litre for these cars. What I heard is Figo Diesel gives 12kms /litre and i20 petrol gives 10kms/litre. If the above said figures are true, then I think I will save something significant on the fuel cost.
  10. As the topic suggests, I have finally decided to trade-in my Zen (1999) to buy a new car but I feel spoilt with choice that I had. Upon reviewing so many cars in my budget I have narrowed down to two best cars in their respective segments. Ford Figo (Diesel) Hyundai i20 (Petrol) I like both cars for what they offer. I understand one decides between petrol and diesel based on the average usage, and mine will be around 1000 - 1500 kms/month. So considering this think I wont save too much even if I buy diesel for the sake of economy or will I??? I need my car to perform well, which I believe both cars do well and I like the overall package they offer in terms of features, pricing, specs etc.. If I look beyond performance and price, I think Ford's handling is better than i20 and quality of materials, build are almost the same I think. I would like to get some suggestions to help me decide. TIA Mods (pls dont delete this thread, I read through a lot of threads to get some ideas but I couldnt since my comparison is quite obvious for others i think... )