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  1. Hi Autocar team, Just finished reading through the BMW x1 20d review in the Feb issue of AutoCar and was COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY with the awesome pic of the x1 doing a drift in the dirt on the opening page of the review (page 98/99) [MAJOR props to Mr Rajeev Gaikwad for that pic!]. I am planning on buying the car shortly(already booked) and would love if you could share the photo here so that I may use it as my desktop wallpaper[resolution of 1920x1080 or above please]. Keep up the great work guys! Love AUTOCAR! Thanks!!! P.S.--The review mentions that the the BMW x1 has cruise control; the bmw dealership in Pune has however confirmed that there is no cruise control on any of the X1 models [or the 3 series for that matter]