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  1. Go for City eyes closed ... you would love driving it ....
  2. These days I am also seeing lot of Mahindra Bolero as Call Centre Cabs. Etios is a fair contender to be a Taxi, enough space, big boot, this will be evident when Toyota launches 1.4 D mill or a CNG option, didn't hear till now if there are any plans.
  3. i10 is far more better in comparision with Alto. However, why don't you consider other cars such as Wagon R, Beat, Figo, Ritz etc? There are many options these days in this range!
  4. Hopefully this will give some boost to Beat sales. GM should also launch Diesel Beat soon, I know many people waiting for it!
  5. Karizma ZMR is my choice ...
  6. Post deleted: Create a post only if there is something substantial to add to the quality/content of the thread. BornFree2011-01-26 09:58:34
  7. Innova is more of like a family car and Safari/Scorpio are Dadagiri vehicles as I call them. Heart says- Safari/Scorpio Mind says- Innova. Decide what you desire.
  8. I would suggest New Wagon R, its too good for city driving. I recently purchased it as second car for my city use. Maruti has come miles ahead in terms of interiors with new Wagon R. Pros: 1) Maruti ASS 2) Fuel Efficiency. 3) Ease of driving and decent performance. 4) Good AC. 5) VXI loaded with all goodies. Cons: 1) Boxy Styling.
  9. You should also consider Hyundai Verna in Diesel , its a good overall package. The cars you have mentioned are of different class and type. You should choose considering your requirement. Monthly usage: Petrol < 1200 KM < Diesel 4-5 Seat Diesel: Verna or Vento SUV- Scorpio 4-5 Seater Petrol - Honda City
  10. 74,000 Kms is bit on a higher side, if you want to keep it for 1 or 2 years then its ok. However, if you want to keep it longer then give a second thought. Do check the condition and history carefully before buying. Infact, you can also get it checked from a authorised Maruti Dealer.
  11. Sorry guys for not resizing the pics. Now, I cannot edit them, seems I dont have rights for that. itssanguine: Honda Brio has speculated launch of Sep 2011, therefore I did not consider it. However you have a valid point. Liva will also sport a 1.2 Gasoline Engine churning out 80 bhp. neerajd: Swift definitely has the X-Factor, also the "Kitna Deti hai" factor will play a major role. Toyota is boasting of segment best Fuel Efficiency and Brand value is evident from the Etios Sedan response which is widely accepted in Indian market, though termed as Logan Cousin. Reports circulated on web suggests that Swift will be launched with same interiors as in European Matket, though some goodies such as start/stop button will not be there. Maruti should seriously consider ZDI.
  12. I voted for New Wagon R, its the best package available today in market at this price. Infact I recently purchased WagonR VXI. Truely, Maruti has come miles ahead....