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  1. @Durango: Can you pls tell me more details abt ACI?
  2. They are suggesting for a engine replacement but why we will change the engine of a new car bought on 30.07.2010 that too of BMW having secured by BMW secure insurance policy. Thats why we are demanding for money. We are fed up with them. Its like a pain in ass.
  3. @sarabjeet: since last two months they are having my car and they are exprimenting what they want. As this is a new car bought on 30.07.2010 so the dealer kept the car and told will repair and get back to you. But no response.
  4. @rssh: I have e mailed several times to all BMW india as well as Germany but no response. Can you please tell me about lemon law?
  5. I have mailed many times in contact.india@bmw.in but no response. As i am pissed off with BMW thats why i have sent them a legal notice also. And trust me BMW has a worst after sales service. I am located far away from Delhi thats why BMW people taking this matter very lightly.
  6. As this is my first time using public forum for my 1st ever problem. Next time i will definetly keep this in mind. I have written enormous complaint letters to all BMW people and even mailed to BMW Germany also. But no reponse. They are experimenting on my car. I have bought it from Deutsche Motoren, Mathura road, New Delhi, India. Problem were like the coolent is getting dry after running few kms and emitting white smoke from silencer. As i told on my complaint also that they are not showing any interest in this issue and i am located 14oo kms away from Delhi, its not possible to go and visit daily. Please help me on that and i have sent them a legal notice also.
  7. Hey if you are looking for a good company after sales. Then trust me BMW is a worst choice.
  8. A full hearted feeling of prestige and honour tempted me to buy a BMW 320D car. My wish was materialized in the month of July, 2010 and my dream car was brought to Korba, Chhattisgarh, India. I was happy for the reason that this car was the first one of this brand, in this area. I got the car insured, also under BMW secure policy. <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> This car started facing some problems of emitting white smoke as well as sudden drying of the coolant. On intimation, this car was called to the show room at Deutsche Motoren Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi (INDIA), on 5.12.2010. Interestingly, it may be noted that the vehicle had a running KM of only 7889 when it was taken back to the show room, for the first time, with the said problems and since I don