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  1. Cruze battery problem

    My Cruze battery is dead after 18 months. Heard that this is general complaint and GM is doing a free replacement. even though the warranty period is 1 year. Please confirm whether this is true.
  2. Chevrolet Cruze India 2011 Changes

    163 bhp sounds great. But is it worth for additional 1 Lakh. ? May be they will include few more gadgets...
  3. June 2011- Car Sales Report

    Linea only 350 ? But you can see lot on road !!!
  4. Cruze - Strange problem

    Thanks Guys !!!. I am going to redo Wheel balancing and alignment
  5. Cruze - Strange problem

    Before I bought Cruze, an owner told me that Cruze is showing a problem after second service (After Wheel Alignment and balancing). The car is moving to right on straight roads. He first thought its alignment issue. Realigned it in another center. But same issue. He done that around 4 or 5 times . but no luck. He sold his Cruze only because oft his reason. I have done my second service and I am having the same problem . Is it a general problem in Cruze ? Do any other Cruze owners have this issue ? Thread moved. BornFree2011-06-11 18:16:21
  6. May 2011: Car Sales in India

    But Cruze sales dropped almost by 30%. Honda sales drop is due to Japan issue. Verna is true winner of May
  7. Bad News - hike in petrol prices

    Govt is saying Diesel price will increase soon . Do you think it will happen in few days ? Looks like govt is not ready to face the after effects.

    The sales figures says all. Skoda Laura Jan 2010 : 630 Feb 2011 : 538 Mar 2011 : 591 Apr 2011 : 421 Cruze Jan 2010 : 715 Feb 2011 : 766 Mar 2011 : 834 Apr 2011 : 939

    I Have done research on both cars for almost 3month and Finally purchased Cruze 1.driving pleasure, >> 100% Cruze. No second thought on that 2.effectiveness of AC with climate control >> Both looks ok for me 3.comfortable seating as me n most of my family members are 6feet tall..... >> I think Laura score on this. 6 feet may be little bit unconfortable in Cruze. But you can see few 6feet Cruze owners in team bhp 4.also i donot wanna spend wopping amount on A S S....By budget is 15L....wanna choose b/w cruze AT or laura MT.... >> Skoda A.S.S is very bad.
  10. Bad News - hike in petrol prices

    This will boost Diesel car sales. I think people who are panning to buy a diesel car should do it asap. Govt may impose additional tax on diesel cars as increasing Diesel price is not a possible solution.
  11. Chevrolet Cruze India 2011 Changes

    I doubt AQS is bringing dust inside. So I usually turning it off.
  12. Your top speed ever?

    My top speed on my Cruze is 150. Shame to say, but i didn't get a good stretch to test the beast.
  13. Chevy Beat Diesel, now launched (pg5)

    Beat must do something on road visibility. This car is almost not drivable for short peoples. Otherwise its a perfect car.
  14. Car choice

    i10 is best . Second option is swift.