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  1. The looks are not changed much. Only the wheel arches are removed. The top version will come with alloy wheels & Bluetooth enabled music system.
  2. I beg to differ here. The boot of Ford Ikon was never smoothly integrated with the car. The waist-line of the car or the lower edge of the windows should continue till the rear end for a car to look good. Any car designer will confirm this. Ikon had a discontinuity or a step at the end of rear window & the boot line. So the windows looked at low height & the boot was higher. See the side profile & you will understand. Anyways, it is discontinued now, so no point in talking about it. But technically, a good car though.
  3. I would suggest that those who have lost the logos of their cars should not go for purchasing again, atleast for some time. If there is no demand for these logos then this theft will automatically reduce. It does make the car look ugly but now there are hundreds of such cars on the road.
  4. Recently, I saw lot of new & old cars without the manufacturer's logo. The logos are getting stolen & being sold in accessory market. Saw Merc, VW, Skoda & even Suzuki logos missing. Can anything be done to prevent this theft? And if in case, the logo gets stolen, is there any workaround like duplicate logos or stickers that can be used?
  5. I hate the rear design of the Ritz. And so do 80% people. Remember the concave design of the old Santro? It was a major turn-off. Hyundai rectified it in Santro-Xing. Now same is the case with Ritz. It might be selling in good numbers, but having a convex rear design would add many more buyers to the list.
  6. The only face-lift that was really required for Maza was it's boot. The rear design seriously needed some changes. But Tata seem to have missed it in the Elan.
  7. Please do not tag any car as taxi. Any car is used as taxi for basically any or all of the 3 factors: 1. Mileage, 2. Comfort/space, 3. Price. Indica & Logan fit in all these 3 factors & hence used as taxis. Few 3/5-star hotels use Audi-Q7 as taxi for their customers.
  8. And here comes the teaser website for Manza Elan:
  9. All the offers & schemes launched by TATA to boost the sales of Nano seem to be working. I got some info that a dealer in Pune has to deliver 1500 Nanos in a month. Even seeing more no. of Nanos on road in Pune.
  10. Read somewhere that Manza Elan is the CS version. But looking at the pics Manza Elan & Manza-CS seem to be different cars. Is Tata really working on a CS version of Manza? If yes, when can it be expected?