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    Insurcers reacted to Prashantroxx in Maruti working on Swift replacement   
    India's best seller days are getting over. Let us expect another great car like that, which will break all the records
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    Insurcers reacted to antonykf in Opel Corsa 1.4 GLS 2001 model suddenly stopped in middle of the road   
    I was travelling back from my cousins place in seawoods, navi mumbai with my family. Suddenly the car stopped at Sanpada signal on palm beach road. Got a bit scared as it is the busiest road. Tried cranking few times. No joy. Finally called up my cousin who owns a garage in Seawoods. His guy came in 30 minutes and helped to pull the car off road. Also came a Traffic policeman and fined me 100/- for blocking the traffic.
    The mechanic checked the fuel supply, battery and other basics as it was getting dark. No issue found. I asked him to tow the car to garage the next day and update me. I caught a cab and came back to mira road.
    Next day i received a call from my cousins garage. To my shock the timing belt was broken. He replaced that but the engine wouldn't start. Further checks confirmed that the engine head is also broken. I called up my regular part suppliers in Opera House and Kurla CST Road to enquire about the charge for a new and used engine head. For a new one it will cost me 10,000/- and for used one it is 4,000/- I was surprised to find that a whole engine will cost me 8,000/- at Kurla. Not sure what to do. Will changing the engine head solve the issue ? Does timing belt, if broken, damage engine head ?
    Other issues prior to this incidents were:
    1. A strong fuel smell comes intermittently while driving.
    2. At times car used to loose power and drag for few seconds and then run normally.
    3. In traffic the car temperature used to go above 100 and it used to power off automatically.
    4. Headlight bulb keeps blowing up everymonth.
    Things which I did to the car recently.
    1. Radiator removed and cleaned thoroughly
    2. Fuel tank removed and checked for any leaks
    3. Alternator serviced and battery charged
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    Insurcers reacted to F30 in Toyota confirms GT 86 'sedan' for production !   
    Toyota has given a confirmation for the GT 86 platform saloon;

    Will have 100 mm more wheelbase than the coupe.
    It could receive what Toyota calls the “keen-look” grille design that appears to replicate the shape of a Japanese Samurai sword.
    Engine will be the 2.0-liter 4-cyl engine a carryover from the coupe and produce 200 bhp to power the rear wheels.
    There could also be a Hybrid R variant that produces 250-270 bhp and will be 10-15 % more fuel efficient than the standard model.
    Also reports suggests that the new system will employ F1-style KERS tech, which can recover the car’s kinetic energy under braking and deliver it back to the rear wheels in short bursts