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  1. We don't need estates, which is why we don't buy them. Large families and tourist taxis prefer MPVs, and small families prefer something fuel-efficient and easy to park. Where's the need? If any manufacturer can create desirability, we'll automatically find that we need them, just like we 'need' sedans right now.
  2. @Rohit: Thank you. Saved me some searching.
  3. Because people are willing to pay more for a diesel car
  4. Hi. I've been around a while, and I don't know how often I'll be around any more, so thought an introduction will be in order. My name is Charles Pennefather, and I love cars and bikes. That's about it, really.
  5. I remember reading somewhere that using Nitrogen for everyday applications is bad, if anything. Can't remember where I read it, though - will look for the source and paste the link when I have the time.
  6. FRG's got a box for sale. PM him.
  7. Take your dad for a nice 200km ride on the Avenger. Between the narrow rear seat, vibes and the pogo-stick damping at the rear, he'll rather walk home than ride back with you. Just don't let him ride the T-bird as well!
  8. My 2p: Engine braking. I do not know how progressive most rear brakes are if there's a disc in the front simply because I don't use them that much. The Karizma's rear has a wooden feel to it, yes, but I don't recall ever using the rear brake while on tarmac! @rssh: No offence, but the rear brakes don't really count unless we're discussing something like a Splendor. They're a different matter.
  9. That's a vote for the '06 SEMA show. Bear in mind that 'modifiers' the world over, including the USA, trick out their car with body kits and ICE first. Performance is only secondary. This just happens to be the result of a survey conducted at SEMA. As far as I know, tuners prefer Civics upto the '98 model because of the front suspension and B/K series of motors.
  10. Er... How does "saving fuel" come under "performance"?