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  1. i am bro .. :-D 179 cm .. so ok TB den .. now just help me get points to put b4 my dad :-| .. dunno y he's saying no to a 350 cc engine !! :-( 

    Take your dad for a nice 200km ride on the Avenger. Between the narrow rear seat, vibes and the pogo-stick damping at the rear, he'll rather walk home than ride back with you.

    Just don't let him ride the T-bird as well! ;)

  2. My 2p: Engine braking. I do not know how progressive most rear brakes

    are if there's a disc in the front simply because I don't use them that much. The Karizma's rear has a wooden

    feel to it, yes, but I don't recall ever using the rear brake while on


    @rssh: No offence, but the rear brakes don't really count unless we're discussing something like a Splendor. They're a different matter. 

  3. Hi All' date='

    Am a new entrant here. I have a 1.5 yr old Chevy Aveo 1.4. I was wondering what changes can i do to improve its performance. Some basic pointers would help. Also would these changes be reversible, since another 2 yrs or so later, i'll be passing on the car to my parents, and it should not be a problem for them to drive comfortably.




    Please believe me, I'm not trying to mock you: the best way to increase your performance will be to rev it harder. Are you already driving at your car's limit? Think about it. Get grippier tyres, don't change anything else.

  4. A little late on this topic....but isn't the Civic supposed to be one of the "most mod friendly cars"?

    It was voted as the most friendly car for 2 consecutive years by "People's choice"

    Agreed that its not the Indian version....but is the engine so different?

    That's a vote for the '06 SEMA show. Bear in mind that 'modifiers' the world over, including the USA, trick out their car with body kits and ICE first. Performance is only secondary. This just happens to be the result of a survey conducted at SEMA. :)

    As far as I know, tuners prefer Civics upto the '98 model because of the front suspension and B/K series of motors.

  5. I've only found them useful for two things:

    1.To read the instruments when it's too dark to see them clearly, but light enough to not warrant switching the headlamp on, and 2. To help others see me in the same low-light conditions.

    Personally, I don't see their point. We can do without them unless parked in a dark area.

  6. The alloys will probably be heavier than your spoked wheels, so that isn't really a performance mod, now, is it? You can fit a 100/90 tyre, but the new Unicorn's tyre won't fit on the old rim - strange but true.

    Get your wheels balanced for the wobbling, should sort it out.

  7. It appears like a Indicaish front grille touch-up. the M series engine may tumble the price economics of this car. But if MSIL is able to fit the M series engine and price it competitively' date=' many may not opt  for the diesel powerplant. [/quote']

    All thats latest isn't always good. The SX4 engine is no great shakes according to ACI. The old Baleno engine was much better comparatively. The All Aluminium Engine of the Esteem is a gem and smooth and high revving. It has probably reached the end of it's life in the form of the Swift <India and China>. The M series replacement will be complying with the emission norms better than perform better than the esteem engine. Remember as the emission norms tighten it's that much difficult to make it performance oriented.

    The Baleno's G16 is much better suited to revs, but the M16 has a better torque spread - it's a little coarse near the redline. As for your last sentence, I disagree. There are many engines made today that are performance-oriented and yet comply with ULEV norms in California.