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  1. The tail-lamps aren't really an "update," the Euro Swift always had them. It's just that we people lapped up the old Swift, crappy tail-lamps, Esteem engine and all. I'm not happy that the update is here, I'm wondering why it wasn't launched earlier. Did it take THIS much time for them to get convinced that an update is necessary? Even Mercedes-Benz treats India better.
  2. Take a test ride on the RTR and the Karizma, even. You can't see the bike when you're in the saddle
  3. Wouldn't fit, the F20/22C's got nothing in common with the R20A.
  4. Charlesp

    More cc or bhp

    The engine with the best torque spread will have the best in-gear acceleration, and given identical gearing and wheels, the engine with the highest power output figure should have the highest top speed. Everything else is a grey area. In the case of the bikes you've mentioned above, the Bullet will have the most torque but doesn't rev too much. The Karizma is relatively modern, but still is a long-stroke motor, therefore the good spread of torque but relatively low redline and the Pulsar is oversquare, hence the high rev limit but short gear ratios.
  5. Charlesp

    More cc or bhp

    Oh! Silly me. I get it now. Thank you!
  6. It is a characteristic of a CVT in, say, an Activa that it will be engaged even if the throttle is closed, if the wheel speed is greater than the engine speed. It will only freewheel when it gets to about 10/15kph, but then it'll disengage and freewheel until you either fly off the mountain, or give it some gas to engage the transmission again. You won't get as much engine braking as in a normal bike, but yes, it is present, in however small a quantitiy.
  7. Oh, but Honda DOES have the diesel tech. It's just that either setting up a manufacturing unit or importing the engines will cost so much money! Besides, if Indians had the choice of buying a Honda diesel, who do you think would buy the petrols?
  8. Charlesp

    More cc or bhp

    Er... where to, then? I can't seem to find it... :S
  9. It's in the process of going on sale. Should be in showrooms by next month.
  10. Sometime this year, and it's the petrol, according to the nice man at the Skoda stand at the Expo.
  11. I disagree with you, Doctor. The fuel injection has made for a smoother engine, and the response from a closed throttle is quite a bit faster compared to the carb version.
  12. @everyone: sorry I joined the party a little late, but this is one of my favorite topics, so kindly bear with me We've all been talking left-brain so far: so much torque and this much reliability and which one is cheaper to run and maintain. Where's the soul in diesels? If - and that's a very big IF - you chance upon a patch of smooth, twisty, flowing, empty road, would you pick (say) your diesel Swift with the torquey turbo, or the Swift petrol with the higher powerband? If you think you might want more power in the future but the same car, which one would you buy? I've no doubt that we all like diesels primarily because we are reminded every day at the pump that we're paying less. They are in no way clean compared to petrols, and anyone who says so, show me the particulate filter in YOUR diesel at the same price as the petrol's. What I would really like to know is, would you choose the diesel over the petrol if they both cost the same; to buy, run and maintain? Would you suffer the petrol through traffic on the off chance that you might find a good, open road, or would you rather pick the diesel with its everyday friendliness?
  13. Why don't you ride both, then, and choose? My vote: RTR.
  14. Yes, ABS, airbags and especially ESP DO help save lives, which is why in developed countries they're being offered as standard across many cars. If, however, you consider that driver error is by far the cause of accidents, I'd say that Indians are never safe! There are chances of explosions in accidents, yes, but car makers are quite aware that fires can be more harmful than the actual impact, so they've got auto fuel cut-off and shutdown of ignition on impact to safeguard against fire. Please do not believe what you see on television: the flying cars are thanks to pipe ramps and nitrogen cannons, and the massive explosions are carefully-placed charges. No bullet fired from a handgun that I know of would ignite a tank of gas!
  15. Yup. EPCG scheme allows you to have a Camry at about 10 lakh.
  16. If you had the opportunity to select a car for modifying as a project car, which would you pick? I want two answers: the first one should be what YOU want to see. The second one should be one that is preferably is owned by a lot of people, the reason for picking it being that the maximum number of people will relate to the mod, and maybe even try it.
  17. Here's one I have for you: I came across a site that recommended NOT rotating tires, because only then would they show uneven wear, if any, and thus, suspension problems. Your thoughts.
  18. Karizmas for the city, and let's get them Comet 250s and 650s for the highways.
  19. The idea is simple: I'd like to know two things: 1.What bike you own, and how much more would you pay for ABS on it. (Yes, I'm talking Indian Bikes) 2.What bikes you'd like to see with ABS, and how much you'd pay for that option on them.
  20. Charlesp

    Engine Remaps

    For Diesels, you have Pete's Diesel Tuning boxes. If you've a petrol, and especially any machinery that is used in Indian rallying or a popular Indian tuner's car, get a Race Dynamics ECU. Karthik has enough experience from catering to motorsport in India.
  21. Better brake pads will make you stop better - in your specific case, they'll lock you up faster. Try getting sticker rubber instead.
  22. Ok thank you diabl for the Info ' date=' anyways we are not planning to modify our civic as my dad likes it as it is, Regards, Priya[/quote']@Priya: He would, it's plenty good enough when it comes on cam. @Diablo: I'm not so sure what the Honda techs meant: the R18A is a right pain to mod; it's already very efficient, and the emission sensors play havoc with any tuning you try.