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  1. Ceramic brakes work horribly in day-to-day driving; they don't work well until up to operating temperature, and squeak horribly until they do. Be interesting to see the effect on ride quality, though.
  2. You will need a different modulator' date=' also different master cylinder.[/quote'] Sorry... Wrong question asked. Do you know of anyone who has taken the trouble to do a brake upgrade and then play with the bias for best results? As far as I've been told, a new master cylinder and modulator should cost a pretty packet.
  3. Does anyone know how they manage their brake balance after they replace their drums with discs?
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    This is the same as the "surbo" - I can't remember which magazine had done a test of it on a UK Mondeo, but they found a drop in performance.
  5. @gurkha: Are you sure that a van will handle better than a sporty saloon? And when the tail of old 911s gave way, it wasn
  6. Is this the utility section of the forums or the performance section? I don't see how VVT-i can be better from a performance perspective if VTEC gives better numbers, and works on both intake and exhaust valves, as opposed to only intake for the Toyotas.