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  1. Guys Id just stopped at a dhaba in the back roads of Rajasthan for breakfast and was talking to a guy driving a Scorpio. He told me that he is a "sher ka puttar" meaning Lion/tigers son and that he doesnt need to wear a seat belt. Then I saw people riding on the bonnet of a Mahindra, because the inside was packed with humanity....talk to them about mandatory stuff and theyll puff on their beedis and laugh....how do you battle that?
  2. Yesterday I saw a biker make a secretary out of a police man. The cop stopped the biker because he was talking on the phone while riding. The cop stood in the middle of the road legs and hands apart, belly hanging halfway to his knees and grabbed the bikers handle. The biker boy cooly stops...still talking on the phone....gets off the bike and walks over to the pavement....still talking....and the cop is left standing in rush hour traffic, whistle in mouth, walkie talkie in one hand and bike in another. He looks in the direction of the biker who is...yes you guessed it...still completely intimate with his phone....and tries to abuse him. But because of the whistle, what he lets off are a few offensive blasts, that make other cars and bikes go haywire because they seem directed at them. After this I gave him a sympathetic look and carried on. I wonder what must have happened to the biker after he finally hung up.
  3. rishad

    fav car chase

    All these are good, but what aboout the one in the Bourne Supremacy. That Moscow Taxi Cab takes such a beating. Jason Bourne is really lucky that it all led to Moscow. Imagine if it lead to Mumbai and he had to hijack one of our taxi cabs???
  4. Just saw the Peugeot 206 ad, its bloody good.
  5. Can something constructive be done to curb this high decibel menace. Maybe dealers can be slapped hefty fines for installing them. Right now the rules that are in place are hardly being enforced and unless something drastic is done this nuisance will not be curbed.