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  2. i drove a crdi sx verna today , guys the handling has improved drastically, the engine is super silent, no rocking/wobbling of car at 130 kmh, braking is terrific and ride quality is butter,it was manual , and gear shifitng is super slick too, looks like a perfect overall product i suggest u td both vento and verna on the same day and get an idea vento has rear vents at the back, with more spacious rear seats,so this may be more important for u than steering control, which will be in hands of ur driver, i think its better to pamper urself than the driver, a personal opinion, u can stretch back relax get chilled in the vento better i feel the verna rear seats, well i sat, they are allright, but vento has got it bang on in this dept, but verna has a terrific ride , has more overall features, cheaper maintenance and more service centers than vento as far as german vs korean engineering is involved...i rather not comment, its more of a personal choice for the buyer, i dont feel u shud go blindly by brand value or history and the verna is certainly not a chinese mobile dear its a beautiful car, not unlike some chinese mobiles , much hotter than any s segmenter barring linea
  3. 10.75 lakhs for smt? grrrrrr...... i almost booked smt at 9.25 lakhs full inclusive 2 months back , almost how much can it differ in bangy? man i know taxes are rotten high there, but so much?? city s mt makes no sense- no alloys, no fog lamps, and the list goes on i suggest noddy go for multiple test drives each of the cars ur thinking of, mainly city, verna, sx4,vento sx4 and verna offer maximum value for money followed by fiesta vento and honda in that order of vfm enthusiasts oriented cars are city,linea,fiesta,vento and sx4 in no particular order
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  5. the brio looks typical honda, and after reading somewhere honda may price its top end version at 5.9 lac, or base starting from 5 lakh , i think honda will kill this sweet looking baby like it did with its elder sister jazz, which herself is a hottie pricing honda , pricing, this is the hatch segment, u got to get it right, if honda keeps it below 5 lakhs overall , maruti ,hynudai and volkswagen should be warned!
  6. dr nishu , dr roadrash here, well my stint on autocar started with recommendations from your side, and look today a newbie replying to the veteran!!! doc, i read about the new swift guess what NCAP 5 STAR RATING my levator palpebrae elevated, i proceeded the central console looked hot the levators got more taut wheelbase extended by 155 mm !!!! and guess what, airbags ebd standrd now,new chassis , new exterior build, i am telling u doc, THE NEW SWIFT will be a force.....heck frozen in ice since a year for my sedan so i know that feeling u get after buying a new car after a long time as u only say , for more than 500 km -1000km diesel makes sense, and i think the swift will serve all ur needs dont worry, even i used to worry about the notebook thin metal tinpots maruti is famous for, the new swift wont be like a panzer tank like grande pun to or fabia or a polo, BUT IT WILL BE A SAMURAI nevertheless...... arguably ,the swift has the best handling , fuel efficiency, power even for the old car, much like the pol which has a better ride quality, but both little babes have aweful space inside i think the new swift will cover all these aspects.....go for it sure the td will clinch it
  7. well seeing creativebala cornered , and the good old FIAT being whipped around, i surely feel for fiat and the twin engine c/mon guys, they produce the some of the hottest cars worldwide, i still feel linea turbojet and grande punto could become segment leaders, not just because of looks , but what amazing cars they are. in this scenario, fiat must get its ass , part availability and some things here n there to fill up that gap that has spoilt fiats image fiat has always made iconic cars, the padmini was an icon car of the generation gone by, even the siena , which dont work well as much still sold , i still find an odd uno or siena on roads, and regarding the palio, especially the gtx, well cracker of a car now they have the turbojet, which looks the best , screams the best, offers maximum bang for buck but then ......the ass and parts issue crops up i still feel 1.6 mjd can turn things around for fiat, given it improves all that everyone knows is screwing fiat with tata or no tata, fiat must back up its products well heck , even volkswagen has tied up with maruti and skoda too doesnt have a decent ass so wonder what the fiat saga unfolds like fuel efficiency is the need of the day i am sure twin engine will be a hit if fiat prices the car right, and no. i dont want maruti to plonk it in theirs, let fiat taste glory too
  8. as u mentioned, u have a chauffeur, rear seat comfort and car stability and ride quality most to u ,. especially on highways so , a sedan will anyday give u all that , better than any hatch , be it i20 or fabia we have a fabia , i am 5'10 and yet i can literally lie down/sit like a king in the rear seat when alone, without having to pull the front seats ahead too much. skoda ass, well , depends on the service in ur area, parts are costly......but fabia is a fabulous car nevertheless i20 , well , rear space not as good as fabia, overpriced for a diesel , has steering issues, but again a good car in sedans, diesels vento- best handler, best road grip, smoooth ride, stonking diesel engine ass is alrite, will improve with time , parts are costly, low on features, but again, REAR seat is most comfortable and spacious verna- feature king of the segment, stonker diesel engine, rear seat is if u are tall or have old occupants , u will have to exert to get up from those ditch like seats, apart from that, people have said it isnt as stable as other cars above 130- 140kmh, i cant comment on that, but its a new car so i exepct its handling and road manners must have improved ass is v good at hyundai, spares are cheap...looks the best in its egment and that NEW car appeals, very value for money sx4 d- many wud not recommend this, but yes, it gives u the best reliability of maruti , superb handling and a awesome stiff suspension that is built for the highways, a little bumpy on slower speeds in the city, but that is not an issue with u as u will be on the highway as u mentioned if ur the driver sometimes, loads of rooms, comes cheaper than others,parts are cheap, ass and maintenance is the best due to maruti , and has loads of feautres too//most value for money if u plan to save fiesta diesel ......well great car, awesome handler, enthusiasts car as some say...but rear space kills u plan to sit behind..i wonder u wud be taken aback to see what little room iy offers at the back , while the front seats are roomy....also fiesta spares are costlier than maruti , and mainteninance is somewhat costlier than hyundai , yet ass is good enough i suggest u wait for the new feista too, although i dont think the rear seat space will impress u in my opinion in diesels from value for money perspective- verna,sx4 d, vento from comfort and brand perspective- vento,verna sx4d the vento has the best rear seat, and absolutely amazing handling and road grip LINEA ...well wait for 1.6 engine to come out, it will change the game dont know when it coming but FIAT ASS.......will not recommend cars becuase of that also linea's rear space is not as good as vento so u may not like it its a gem of a car otherwise. Note from ACI-Support: Use of SMS Lingo is strictly prohibited on the Board. Please visit the Board Rules & Regulations section before proceeding further. Also avoid excessive dots (.....) between sentences. BornFree2011-05-21 09:33:08
  9. 5) Interiors - Cruze has dirty plastic interiors which are the not the most attractive in the segment. 6 ) Exteriors - Laura looks way better' date=' I often see people taking 2-3 looks at the car. 8 ) Skoda batch vs Chevy batch - you tell me ?[/quote'] didnt understand dirty plastic interiors? the cruze has the best looking centre console, a fact many admit, and its plastics are all right , not downright dirty exteriors, well the previous generation laura was a looker, the cruze is much hotter to look at, white and grey skoda batch vs chevy batch didnt understand this one
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  11. as to people completely dismissing the verna petrol, guys at least see what is doing, agreed the old petrol verna was never a scorcher, but still value for money for many the new petrol seems to have all that it takes, especially the features, ride and interiors if u compare it to the city the , no doubt a great car,too isnt as good in handling as many other cars for city driving , its yet to be seen how the verna stacks up against the city, the experts have already given their green flag to it regarding its handling w.r.t city drives the city scores more in road grip as it has a low planted drive, but then again its tires, squeal if ur of the cornering type also honda mainteinance and body parts are costlier than hyundai, and i wonder people who claim honda has a better ass than hyundai , have ever compared both accurately. the features offered in verna do help in daily driving, contrary to what many people dismiss as extras on a average car , which many term the verna as abs,ebd, dual bags fog lamps, auto door lock/unlock,cooled glove box, 16 inch wheels, electronic orvrm, elctrochromic rvm are features on the middle version of verna, not counting the other ones, which i believe are certainly of flash value, excluding the 6 six bags, the rear seats handling of verna , is the major crux where they have have panned it , and still said city is petrol king , i agree in rear seats, city is tops, also the rear visibility, which many skip , is the best in the city, and i think the rear parking sensors and cams are not needed when such fabulous visibility is offeredd hyundai knew its rear visibility was compromised due to the coup design so it offered the cam an sensor, i belive its more a neccessity for all drivers than an extra feature, although many might be able to drive it without both. but its too early to comment, i suggest abhineet to go for minimum 2 td's if the td's that r offered are short,understand the handling, gear ratios and drive ability of the new verna before u take the plunge , there are many verna customers who are in total love with their cars, handling included...... at 9 .5 lakhs with all those feautres and a powerful engine, i dont see why verna makes more sense than a honda for daily city driving at the end, you know what u need, city will give you the best engine of its class, capable of lasting long ,really long, a very sprint friendly car, that zooms well in the city as well as highway, scoring low on ground clearance , interior plastics and overall features offered the verna , covers all that the city doesnt give, offers a more powerful engine, a much improved handler than the past one and a super smooth ride quality. take ur verna td's and take ur pick, both are great cars
  12. i have test driven the city twice, the sx4 once , and since i have been researching about both w r.t to my 2nd car, as many had said, sx4 lacks in quality and refinedness , yes, after crossing 100 there was some sound coming in , apart from slightly less beautiful interiors w.r.t city but its a great car, with 180 mm clearance in zxi , u can sail over any road , and can ride unihibited on any highway , i took it on the worse bumps and potholes and it gulped them down with glee ride quality is a bit bumpy at low speeds, especially for the rear seat, apart from that the car exudes power, has the best road presence, issues like a pillar , rattles , and all that jazz are not as they are made out to be, especially the a pillar, as a first timer i didnt have an iota of difficulty while maneuvring in peak delhi traffic interiors look roomy, slightly bigger than the city, not much of a difference here, but going by its bulk , it certainly felt more safe inside a sx4 than in the city as far the city, well its the ring leader in c segment, what i liked, - absolute power when it comes to driving, accelerates like a c segment ferrari, and literally cruises....... best steering, something which the linea challenges it to, the most silky steering, fuel efficiency- my spirited test drive over 20 kms had a fe of 12 kmpl, not bad going by sx4 standards, users report 14-16 kmpl SNOB value- i dont think this matters, but most people baulk when u say sx4 is better than the city , i personally feel both are equally good build quality, well cant the city is flimsy, or brittle, but it certainly doesnt exude the tank like feel of a linea or a sokda, even the sx4 feels a bit more sturdy, its just a personal opinion, the city is 1100 kgs, sx4 at 1200, linea t jet is perhaps 1200 as well THE MAIN RIDER is that LOW GROUND CLEARANCE of the city , the only thing that can go against it if u plan to take the stunner for a ride thru bad roads and bumps, all the people, owners,sales rep , have vouched by the suspension of the city, it wud never break down , but yes if u drive really hard over the bumps it wud surely weaken it, no matter how strong a car,OTHERWISE at normal speeds the city takes the potholes well but u have to slow on the bumps nevertheless if ur driving in the city, i wud suggest the honda city, if u use bumpy highways and village roads, sx4 wud be better thanks to its superior clearance at the end of the day , both cars pack their max torque at higher rpms, so u cant appreciate the real beauty of each at low speeds, THIS IS WHERE the TJET kicks in , it offers its max torque at low rpm , so u can enjoy the force of its engine at city and highway both , even more at the latter, the only thing i excluded the tjet is the history of fiat, although i belive the tjet is the best in the segment , fiesta 120 bhp or not