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  1. Yes, the comparison I know. but ma point is. the brochure of new Polo states wheel covers are Standard in Trendline. so need not spend on that. Trendline does not have the front logo is it?? A short post with multiple errors. This will not do. MODS sgiitk2011-02-10 10:22:25
  2. *Edit* I meant both Wheel covers and the Chrome strip. and what is this issue on the VW logo going on?? Rs.1600 for that.!! I did not quite get it. Note from Mods: use proper punctuation, and NO SMS LINGO/Spelling. sgiitk2011-02-10 10:20:08
  3. Hi everyone. Just today booked a VW Polo Diesel Trendline. My god!! The dealer wont even offer for free mudflaps or the mats. forget about other stuffs.!! by the way .. chekced in other forums and they say the trendline doesnt come with Chrome strip(in d front) whereas the brochure shows that wheel covers are standard in trendline. any idea regarding this??