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  1. Creative bella thanx. Did u mean ground clearance by gc?
  2. Dear All I am planning to buy a entry level sedan. Presently I am driving hyundai I 10 kappa2 1.2Liter. I am planning to buy ford fiesta classic. Am I making a right decision? People who have shifted from small car to a sedan car please share your experience.
  3. Hi All Can anybody share his experience with the suspension of i10? Is there any problem with the suspension? Am finding it too sensitive. Some times due to its sensitivity it feels that tyre pressure is very less so the road bumps are easily felt.
  4. Hi All, It's raining heavily in Mumbai and if your car wipers do not sweep smoothly rather bounce over car windscreen it is very risky at times. The wipers were gliding smoothly over windscreen until I cleaned the screen with Colin. May be I removed a company provided gliding coat from wind screen while cleaning it with Colin. The bigger wiper now bounces over the wind screen a little bit and leaves hazy water marks over screen. If I sprinkle soap water thru nozzles and then clean it does not bounce. Can the coat be provided again? My car is Hyundai i10 Magna,Kappa2. Regards
  5. Hi All, I got my New i10 Magna(1.2 kappa2) in last march. I think it's not providing good mileage. It''s providing approx 15km/lit. Is it normal??? The car has undergone only 1st servicing. I am really worried. I will contact the dealer based on your feed back. Thread moved.BornFree2011-07-21 17:57:47
  6. Hi all rainy has just hit Mumbai. I am facing a problem. Can somebody help me out with cool suggestions? Prob: When fog is on inside the windscreen turning AC removes it. But the problem begins after turning AC in defogging mode for sometime- The outerside of the windsceen gets smoky by fog. Turnig wiper is a weak solution because after wiping fog gets accumutaed in seconds.
  7. @TSiVipul: Thanx a lot. How frequently do u visit garage for this reason? Specifically after 3rd free servicing.
  8. TSVipul I think petrol will damage paint. Have u seen how a professional clean sticky dirts?
  9. Hi All Can anyone suggest how to clean stubborn faint spots from wind screen surface? Are the techniques different for exterior and interior of wind screen?
  10. Hi Color of my i10 is carbon grey. So light color sticky dirts make it very dirty. I apply F1 car shampoo to clean my car. I dont apply any other chemical to clean car exterior. Can anyone suggest how to remove sticky dirts(either light or dark color) easily with out rubbing hard with cloth(which produces chance of scratch) after application of car shampoo? Any chemical or any technique which does wonder!!
  11. How is the motomax wax polish by Pidilite company? I have bought it after not finding F1 wax polish. How is the F1 dash board cleaner?
  12. Post deleted: No back to back posts. BornFree2011-03-19 15:21:23
  13. Doctor, I got my car a little late on 17th instead of 4th. I am really happy with my car. My initial experience was superb. I am really sorry that I can't post pictures as I don't have permission to do so. I have some doubts regarding cleaning: When should I get under surface and "things under the bonnet" of my car cleaned after 3rd servicing. Hyundai suggests to get the car checked after each 5000km and get it serviced after 10000km. So during servicing and checking those two things get automatically taken care of. But what should I do before 5000km? I know how to clean exterior and interior but what about the two things. The under surface is impossible but can I clean "things under the bonnet" myself?
  14. Post deleted: Either create your post in correct/proper English or abstain. The use of SMS lingo/slang is strictly prohibited on the board. Post with such content shall be deleted promptly & suitable action initiated against the erring member. BornFree2011-03-05 09:49:22