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  3. hey guys today i went to VW showroom to ask about the Polo's waiting period and the recent changes in polo . He told me as follows : 1. Addition of electrically adjustable ORVMs. 2. Deduction of remote opening/closing windows. 3. Controls for the rear windows removed from driver seat. 4. No Auto UP/Down for any windows. 5. No Anti-Pinch protection in any windows. 6. Rise in prices (7.10 lakhs ex-showroom (karnal)) 7. Waiting period is different for different colours. So all-in-all its a highly dissappointment for the polo's recent upgrade or downgrade. Whatever..!!
  4. Thank you Dr. Nishu. i just want to confirm this thing 'remote opening nd closing '. But 'Nanoodhaliwal' was saying that feature is also omitted from the polo. Is that confirmed ?
  5. Thanks a lot 'Nanoodhaliwal'. And u sure about the opening and closing of windows through key as in POLO's official Indian site its written that " Power locks with remote transmitters, includes 2 keys with remote opening and closing of windows " . So please confirm this thing asap. Thanks Again.
  6. Polo owners I heard about some changes in new polo( Feb,2011 onwards), is there anyone who could tell me the actual changes in the new Polo Highline. I heard about discontinuation of rear power windows on driver seat and is there anything else which changed. please tell me asap as I have to book a polo soon. and so I needed some info about it. ----------- No salutations, sign offs. Use proper spelling & punctuation. Mods sgiitk2011-02-16 15:45:37