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  1. Your usage is less than 1.5K on average. I'd definitely suggest you go for the Petrol version and don't worry about the engine, it won't be a problem.
  2. This could be TATA's resurge to this segment. This definitely looks fantastico! The strategy is good this time. Let's see how it unfolds
  3. Jaguar XE looks striking. I liked the Hyundai Tucson as well. The Renegade Cruiser looks sporty and rugged at the same time.
  4. So I broke this thing few days back called the plastic belly pan (Not sure though) but it's on the bottom of the front end, on the bottom - between the engine and radiator. I have just fixed it in it's place with a stick temporarily. Called in a mechanic and he said it will cost around 12K. Attached some pics to give some idea of what it really is. Just wanted to know the name of the part and the cost to fix this thing. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Good point by Librankur there. It seema more of a business strategy than thia "premium offering" thing.
  6. This looks good and the specs as listed by cars4life are great as well. Tough competition for Ecosport ahead (?)
  7. I'd rather prefer the Rio than this ugly, quirky and what not. I just don't seem to get the idea behind the sub 4m SUV/MUV or whatever you call it.
  8. Need to get a new phone on a tight budget of 18K. Should have good camera, performance, good battery life. Please put in your suggestions.
  9. I'm all for preventive measures but they should be realistic and conventional. Not sure if the Odd-Even formula can be implemented in Delhi. This was tried before in many places and it failed miserably.
  10. 3rd Year service done. First Non-Free service. Service included change/checking of Oil Filter, Engine Oil, Coolant, Brakes and plugs cleaning, Washing/cleaning. Everything costed Rs. 2000 + Labour Charges Rs. 1000 and the total was Rs. 3000 approx. Changed the service centre this time and it was a much better experience, probably also because it was a new service centre.
  11. 3 Years Done! I should have went for the 3 Year service in August but just couldn't take it for the yearly service due to some very busy days. Going in for the service within a week, surely!
  12. This is a huge scandal, the company might go bankrupt and I'll be more than happy if it does.
  13. LeoRahi

    Diwali Wishes

    HAPPY DIWALI ACI members! Have a safe and prosperous Diwali!
  14. 3rd Gen Moto G is gold! Such a smooth performer and looks are much much better.
  15. Weird peoples LOL .. why would someone have that many lights