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  1. Librankur do check this (just found it on a forum)-
  2. Thanks sachins. Don't want to go for a Lenovo. Will check the others though Thanks Librankur. This is really bad. But do the preloaded Kitkat version have the same problem or it is only after the update?
  3. TBH even I'm surprised. They should do something soon as other are catching up
  4. Galaxy Grand 2 ? Safe bet ? Tight budget of 20k, grand 2 has got some good reviews over the internet. Any other suggestions?
  5. It's not perfect time actually, you cant change your dented reputation in a few day. Though I don't feel they will do anything as of now with the Aria but I want them to improve their AFSS and quality etc ASAP. Aria was never the very preferred SUV/MUV among the car buyers. TATA have to make some huge changes to actually compete with Innova or others.
  6. The Autocar Performance Show 2014. In its tenth edition, APS promises to be bigger and better than ever before. Dec 11 - 14, 2014 Venue Details Web : http://aps.autocarindia.com/ BOOK YOUR TICKET! HERE Previous Year's APS
  7. Well there are some there are, the new City has some niggles. You can ask any new city owner, most of them have some kind of problem. Don't know how Honda are going to sort this out but this aint going their way as of now.
  8. Aren't the costs high for a MS ? In the 3rd free service of my i20 I got a total charge of 1.5k.
  9. Well, it's been going on since some days or months maybe. I don't really have much to say about the Spark but the Santro has been one of the best cars produced in India in the last decade. But well lets see if it's true or not ...
  10. Genuine parts are anyday better than aftermarket ones plus you needn't worry about warranty and other stuffs. Go genuine, shouldn't cost more than 6k
  11. Elaborate your requirements lil bit then we might help you better
  12. +1 to Sachins. This is another ploy of dealers to make profit. You won't be able to bargain too. Rather selling it outside is a good option if you want to get the most money out of it.
  13. Sold! My iPhone 5s for 38k Just got my dongle recharged with faster connection..need to buy a phone and some stuff tomorrow... Amazon!!!
  14. +1 to Vikky..also it'd be great if we have a delete option.
  15. Yeah, having ABS is always better than not having one. 3 loan installments shouldn't be much problem, I guess.
  16. Welcome aboard. Enjoy your stay here.
  17. Welcome to the forum. It's a pleasure to have you here, enjoy your stay. Hope to see some exclusive stuffs from you in future. Do write about the NS and your driving experiences. And don't forget to put lots of pics.. Cheers!
  18. This should be due to pollution, bad water or something similar. Try using Petrol/Kerosene to polish the surface and don't use bad water for washing. Still posting a pic will be good. As it's only the Mudguard and not the whole body.
  19. Have a look at the New Scorpio. It's S4 might come under your budget. It's not the very feature equipped version but the Dynamics and Quality are a notch above it's competitors. +1
  20. I might have said something like this in a similar thread. Toyota is taking advantage of the situation, very smart ploy as there is not a very challenging competitor for Innova. Mobilio is a fuel efficient buy though it's light body, average interiors are not going Honda's way. Mobilio is a below average effort from a brand like Honda, I'm very disappointed. And Ertiga is a complete package but didn't have much impact on Innova. Under these circumstances, Toyota maximising profit is nothing new. Every company would do that.
  21. Nothing can beat Innova in this range. Go for the Innova GX 8 seater BS IV. This seems to the best fitting to your budget. The on road price in New Delhi is 14.5 L approx. I would've suggested the VX 8 seater but the on road price goes up to 16L
  22. The Datsun has very good potential. The Brand is still to make an impact in the market but I'd back the Datsun Go+. I personally never liked the Wagon R MPV, but overall it's a Maruti ! Great service, resale... I go with GO+
  23. Hello there Ameyam, Go for the Swift VXi. Hassle free ownership. Great maintenance, resale value. This should be your choice. Brio OTOH, has everything you want but maintenance is not that good. A Swift on average will cost around 20k in 5 years on maintenance whereas A brio will need 35k on the same. Swift facelift is around the corner, you might as well wait for it. Launch expected in Nov-Oct
  24. Don't miss Haider ! I needn't say more. Go and watch it!