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  1. I agree with Neeraj, apart from the B shaped tail lights there isn't much difference from the older one. Should've gone with quality interiors plastics. But still, that's a good change.
  2. Get over the idea of a C segment. You're getting many goodies on the top end variant i20 and co.. And you'll only get the lower version of the SUVs or C seg. Sedans in that budget. So I don't think it's a very smart idea. And as of the i20, it's definitely worth the money. But as I said earlier, just don't expect it to excite you. It's a great car for a Family man, with lots of Space, features, good quality interiors and trustworthy service. Punto Evo? Add good ride and handling to these but Service? I've a doubt. And If you think you'd rather have a Sedan, then Tata Zest is the go way.
  3. Thought I'd share this site. Online Sister of Photoshop : http://apps.pixlr.com/editor/ This is interesting as well as useful.
  4. Autocar India @autocarindiamag 4h #Scorpio automatic not coming soon Synopsis of Scorpio, highlighting major changes
  5. Yeah, there isn't an automatic. But as Monoclonal said, odds are that they might introduce it later as most carmakers does. This also helps them to get a idea if it will sell or not on the basis of monthly sales.
  6. Seems to be a very productive day for the Indian Car market. Diesel Automatics and the long awaited Scorpio is now finally in.
  7. Finally after a long long wait, the new scorpio is finally here. Gotta say that this is a huge improvement over the older one. The ride and handling now is a lot better. Well done Mahindra
  8. Finally! Diesel automatics, a much needed inclusion in the market. Expecting more Companies to introduce a Diesel Automatic now..
  9. Mahindra has made massive changes to its popular body-on-frame SUV, the Scorpio. But just how big a step forward is it? The Mahindra Scorpio has been around for more than a decade. As a result, it’s an SUV that is familiar to most. Over the years, there have been several significant updates - new engines, updated interiors and improved dynamic ability amongst them. This new Scorpio, however, is more new than just an update. Mahindra & Mahindra’s second-generation Scorpio, the new W105, is a car that is seriously improved – a genuine leap forward over the current generation. So what exactly is new and what’s carried over? Check it HERE
  10. If you're an Enthusiastic driver and looking for a power-packed car, The Nissan Sunny and Skoda Rapid should be the ones to check out. And if you don't have any trouble with performance, go ahead for the X-Cent or Amaze. SUV won't come in that price range, but if you can increase your Budget a bit then there is a whole lot of cars from Sedans to SUVs to choose from.
  11. That Matte-Black Toyota Fortuner is nice. Would like to see this in Indian Roads.
  12. X-Cent, you can consider if you don't have any problem with Driving experience, Diesel engine lacks punch. Other than that everything is to the top.
  13. Just to inform you : Test results released by Global NCAP has revealed that Volkswagen Polo is the safest hatchback (A2 compact segment as per SIAM classification) in India. PS : Airbags are provided on all Polo Models.
  14. I agree with rssh. A4 should be the choice. This has gained a lot of honor all over the web.
  15. Hey there Neeraj, yeah indeed a great place it is. The roads on the way are very well maintained too. Here's a list of the most important places to visit - http://www.ahmedabadguide.com/CityTour.aspx Listing the ones I liked the most - Sabarmati Ashram (Gandhi Ashram). Very well maintained, all the memoirs of our very own Father of the Nation. Kankaria Lake - Great atmosphere in the evening, rides, boating..a whole lot of fun. And yes, Auto World. The very place this thread is about.
  16. With tank like Build quality, Polo is the safest with dual airbags and ABS in the top end petrol. A bit above 6L though.
  17. Diesel is they way to go with 2k monthly run, Though Petrol isn't a bad bet keeping in mind the high diesel price rise. Elite i20 fits well with our priorities. Best car for city driving but still the highway manners isn't sorted fully. Also have a look at the Punto Evo and Tata Zest. Rapid mid variant diesel is good too if you can shell out another 1 lacs.
  18. Well, I second AMG's post here. I won't make a decision without checking the Ciaz in person.
  19. I still remember that day, we used to live in NJC then. Having reached school and then my teacher was called to the other room and she came back in the room hyperventilating and started saying repeatedly "somebody attacked the twin towers". None of us knew what happened but we were given the day off from school that day. It was even a more surreal moment for my father, who used to work in New York City at that time. He would take the NJ transit to work and he saw the twin towers falling before his eyes. Everything was so jam packed that day. Nothing made sense at all. Nothing... RIP 9/11 victims !
  20. Agree with the fellow posters above. Petrol has lately got a boost in sales whereas Diesel sales have went downhill. I've even experienced this, as my very friend (With an average run of 1.5k p/m) bought himself a Fiesta Petrol without even thinking of the Diesel one. I'm guessing, it would be somewhere in the ratio 60:40 to petrol in next 2 years.
  21. Many congratulations Sir ! Wish you a very good luck for your new stretch.
  22. iPhone 6 launching tomorrow I might trade my 5s for 6 if it's good enough.
  23. Indeed PH. I forgot to mention that in the OP.
  24. Since there's no thread about movies, I thought of creating one. As a big movie buff, I see a lot of movies whenever I get time. My list of movies is endless. Not gonna mention all but - The Godfather II, Scarface, LOTR - The lord of the rings, Hobbit I and II, Shawshank Redemption, Heat (1995) are a few. From Bollywood, there are many, Better not mention them. The Actor I admire are, Al Pacino, Day Lewis, DeNiro, Tom Hanks and Jack Nicholson and Amir Khan from Bollywood are to name a few. I would like all movie buffs to share their fav movies/actor/actresses. Cheers!