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  1. I am having TATA Indigo CS LX 2009 model, reading 14750 on January 20th i found that in temperate panel temperature was showing halfmark, and at the time AC is also not working, hot air coming from blowers, and i found that radiator fan is not working and went to local mechanic he advised me to go to Tata motors showroom and when I am going on the way the creeping sound came from the bonnet then I stopped the vehicle and opened the bonnet, then I found that coolant was leaking from the coolant cap, I stopped that car for half-an-hour and again i started the vehicle and slowly went to tata showroom, he checked with the laptop and said that 4th nozzle problem is their, ECU problem is their and said that i have to check electrical wiring system, then he checked electrical wires and found that crankcase relay is shorted, he replaced the crankcase relay Rs. 750/- and radiator fan came in working and replaced ECU under warranty, AC started working, then I came to home, after 2 weeks back again the temperature level came to halfmark, ac also not working so much and coolant coming from coolant cap, I showed to mechanic he said coolant gasket gone, show to tata motors. Please help me in this matter, what I have to do