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  1. @arih7nt, If you look at the table below, you can still make out that even if you buy the Diesel Vehicle paying one lac extra, you can recover that cost in less than 2-3 Years. Diesel Petrol Fuel Cost/Litre 47 75 City Mileage 12 10 Running Cost/KM - City 3.9 7.5 Highway Mileage 20 16 Running Cost/KM - Highway 2.4 4.7 Monthly Run in KM 1000 1000 City Run in KM 95% 950 950 Highway Run in KM 05 % 50 50 City Fuel Consumption Cost 3,721 7,125 Highway Fuel Consumption Cost 118 234 Total Cost Per Month 3,838 7,359 Running Cost for 5 Years Excl. Maintenance 230,300 441,563 Total Savings @ end of 5 Years 211,263 I would suggest to go for Vento Trendline @ the Budget you have specified. The modern day Diesels are fun to drive. It has spacious Rear Seat. The Looks are Plain Jane. Interiors are classy. If you are Gadget freak, you can go for Hyundai Verna Diesel. The ride will be unsettled. Rear Seats are not as comfy. If you still want to go for Petrol, you can go for Nissan Sunny, which looks more like a Mini Teana. It has got adequate gadgets. The Rear Seat is spacious. Honda City is also Good, but personally I feel you need to slow down at each of the Speed Breaker, else it scraps the bottom. When ever the bottom scraps (Even though it may not be causing great damage to the car under belly) you feel as if your bottom is scraping.
  2. Harsh, Having driven 1000 KMs in Vento, I would say that Vento is the ideal car for you especially considering Hilly terrain. Stretch your budget little bit and go for Vento Highline Diesel as suggested by Vipul, since it has ABS and Air Bag. Positives: Good Low End Torque, Great Look (Personal Choice), Great Build Quality, Luxury Interiors with Beige Finish (Even though difficult to maintain), Light Steering in City, Good High Speed Stability, Ideal for Highway Cruise as well as City Ride (even though lesser mileage in City Ride), Large Boot, Good Back Seat Comfort, 15 K KM Service Interval, Alloy Wheel, Steering Mounted Audio Control and Integrated Reverse Sensor, Automatic climate Control Negatives: Larger Turning Radius (5.4 M), Indicator and Wiper Interchanged (Takes time to get used to), Steering does not weigh heavy at High Speeds, Becomes Noisy in 2ndand 3rd Gear, Radio RCD 310 does not recognize IPOD, and not possible to attach a Reverse Camera, No DVD Player, No touch Sensitive Screen and Movie Play, No Aux, No Bluetooth Go-ahead and Book Vento immediately, since it will take few weeks to deliver (Since you need the car in December). More you wait, more choices are going to be available and selection of one car out of them becomes very difficult
  3. sn6faces, I heard that Lauretta will be powered by 1.5Ltr Diesel Motor compared to 1.6 Ltr of Vento. Launch is in Oct and Delivery to commence from Dec. It will have a Fabia's Front face and Vento's side profile, which I like personally. It also may have lesser features compared to Vento. Going by the Volkswagen Strategy it will be priced less than the Vento. People are Scared of Skoda's After Sales Service, hence there may be lesser number of people in Que for Lauretta than Vento. Down south the wait period ranges from anywhere from 3 months to 6 Months for Vento There is a speculation, that there may be an Auto Transmission in Diesel Lauretta. If that is the case, I may cancel my Vento Booking (Waiting close to 10 weeks for my Shadow Blue Highline Vento) and go for the Diesel Automatic Lauretta.
  4. Sedan Vs Hatchback Key Reasons for suggesting a Sedan over Hatchback are, 1. Safety (Boot offers Rear Impact Protection) 2. Huge Luggage Space in case of Long Trips 3. Sedans are considered one class above compared to Hatchback in India 4. Comfortable Rear Seats 5. Rear AC Vents in most of the sedan now a days Polo Vs Vento 1. Better Rear Seat Comfort than Polo 2. Four Cylinder Diesel Engine in Vento is much refined than Polo Plus the features mentioned above Vento Vs Verna 1. Vento Engine is Much Refined compared to Verna 2. Verna Diesel has Better Performance 3. 6 Airbags in Verna High End Model compared to 2 in Vento 4. Reverse View Camera in Verna High End Model 5. Low Rear Seat compared to Vento 6. Vento has a Better Build Quality compared to Verna 7. German Engineering is far better compared to Korean Engineering 8. Similarly Brand Image of German is far Better compared to Korean 9. The lack of features can be added as an aftermarket modification. 10. Verna is also the Costliest in that category The overall suggestion is to go for Vento Highline if you can afford, esle Vento Trendline.
  5. Joinashish, Since you are looking for Mileage, Looks and Performance, you can go for the below cars in the Order of preference with 7 Lacs Budegt. 1 Skoda 1.2 TDI Ambiente. 2. Polo 1.2 TDI Comfortline Diesel 3. Fiat 1.3 Multijet Emotion 4. Swift 1.2 VDI ABS This will be my choice
  6. Around 10 Lakhs budget you can get following Sedans in the price range from lowest to highest, 1. Maruthi Suzuki SX4 AT Petrol Oldest Model - Maruthi's Reliable After Sales Service - Good Road Clearance and Road Presence - 9.84 Lakhs On Road Chennai 2. Volkswagen Vento AT Petrol Latest Model - Highest Build Quality - Decent Power and Driveability - Long Lasting Plastics - Highly Reliable - Decent Mileage - 10.54 Lakhs On Road Chennai 3. Huyudai Verna Transform AT Diesel Older Model due for replacement in Mid 2011, Wait for the New Verna - 10.69 Lakhs On Road Chennai 4. Honda City AT Petrol - Recent Model - Great Design - Good Performance - Futuristic Look - Good Mileage - Ground Clearance is one of the Key Issue ( Based on my personal driving experience) - 11.43 Lakhs On Road Chennai My personal choice will be Volkswagen Vento AT Petrol Going though the posts, I understand After Sales Service is a concern, with the current generation cars are having 15000 KMs as the service interval, that may be one of the least issue in my opinion. You may need to travel once in 12 months or 15 Months for Servicing this car to Chennai, which I guess should not be an major issue. Vento is also cheaper by about 90 K compared to Honda City. Else I would suggest to wait for the the New Ford Fiesta or New Huyndai Verna