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  1. thanks for the information....actually i didn't consider i20 because:- 1) overall drive visibility is not good as compared to i10 (my mother finds it difficult to drive) 2) FE is also good for i10 3) Cost difference between these two would be significant as I will not get any kind of discounts on i20 (15K exchange bonus+15K insurance free with i10+corporate discount of 2K with i10).....don't know why they don't give any discounts with i20..... don't know why but the dealer said that i10 Asta AT is what people go for rather than i10 Asta MT..............may be a marketing strategy.... I am sorry if I am asking a stupid question but is EBD essential with ABS....
  2. Dear members, i stay in Noida and currently drive a santro xing 2004 model, done about 59k on the odo. I'm pretty happy with the car, but I feel that the time has come to change the car. I am looking for a hatchback car which will be driven by me and my parents. <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Our usage would be around 500 Km per month city drive only (just to office and back), so I think Petrol is the option to go. I consider safety first and would want front air bag and ABS in the car. I am also looking for decent FE and good ASS. As my mother would also drive sometimes I would want good overall visibility including style. Hence I have thought of i10 Asta just because my Hyundai Santro was a good VFM for me whole throughout....... The only thing which I was concerned I didn't find many ASTA MT on road may be the reason is priced bit high over all these cars. Hyundai dealer himself said people don