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  1. In chennai there are many cars without car logos especially skodas,mercs...etc.and the logo costs are too high when you want to replace it.and the logos which are stoled are going to some local markets here in chennai.(moore market,parrys etc.).if you dont want to spend 5000-10000 for a logo you can go there and get it.it may be around 500-1000.Thats the best way for replacing a stolen logo.
  2. You have waited till now,just wait few more months,it can be launched within 2-6 months...
  3. @neerajd To your information,ikon is phased out in chennai
  4. hi guys, please suggest a good diesel powered sedan which should have a good strong engine and a reasonable torque and the maintenance of the vehicle should be cheap.I can strech my budget for very good vehicles.And you guys can also suggest a second hand car but it should be a diesel sedan and my budget for second hand vehicle would be upto 5 lakh,you can tell me upto 4 years older car.Iam confused in making decisions,so please suggest me according to the above specifications. REGARDS, Rishwanth Prasaad
  5. @gego and bones swift vdi with abs can be a good vehicle for your friend.it is a good vehicle with good torque which can tear the road
  6. @golf you are absolutely correct,both the vehicles are going to be phased out
  7. @rameshbabu.n now first of all we will see the hatchbacks cheapest hatch with a automatic option-petrol maruthi A-star vxi a/t 4/a power 66 hp torque 9 price-4.99 lakh onroad-chennai intermediate hatch hyundai i.10 power 79hp torque 11 4/a 6.84 lakh onroad chennai 1.2 asta 0 a/t punchy hatch hyundai i20 power 100 hp torque 13 1.4 asta 0 at 4/a 8.87 onroad chennai sedans honda city v at sx4 zxi at
  8. @sgiitk i Wil surely take up your suggestions.
  9. And in chennai toyota is clearing waiting periods and deliverin etios as soon as possible as iam now a days seeing more etios in chennai!
  10. ok and i know that going for a premier which has not even got his company popularised and going for mahindra would be good but the premier rio is a good car under 6 lakhs... And mahindra has cars for every budget,that everybody knows
  11. @dr.nishu i have confirmed already through many dealers,the accen executive price at CHENNAI is 6.03 lakhs and i think that the price difference should be because of two different states and looking at that price and its FEATURES,my relative wont go to that car and i Dont have that much need to buy accent from Ludhiana and drive a MH registred vehicle in TN instead of we could just buy a dzire zxi,which would cost between 6.5 to 7 lakh,which has abs,airbags,climate control and in dash streo system and also gives us good mileage too, instead of buying a vehicle which has nothing.
  12. i agree with durango,affordable off-roader u can go for the premier rio.
  13. @dr.nishu leave that stupid website,most of the car companies dont update their website frequently,everybody knows that and to your information,my relative went to purchase that vehicle,so we went to showroom and we had a look and we asked for the price and the employee said that there had been a increase of 30,000 compared to the old vehicle. And dont believe by looking at the websites,i had a live view of the car's price list and the car's quality.
  14. @swiftvxi06 you are absolutely correct and they not even changed the engine,it still runs in old petrol engine,which has a poor fuel effiency,which gives a mileage of 8 to 9 in the city... Source:Autocar india
  15. @dr.nishu in chennai,they have increased by 40,000 and in delhi by 30,000 and the new accent runs only in its older engine and no new changes to the engine have been made. Source:The hyundai employes-Dsc hyundai,chennai
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  17. @traveller sx4 safari is the best option for you.go for it,its offroad capability is awesome.and there is going to be a MAJOR facelifited safari soon,you can also refer the autobild book(i think it should be january 2011 or feb 2011.and iam sure that the new safari is also going to rock,but tata will launch it in the end of 2011.wait for it and go for it. And in highway everybody will pave you the way by seeing your safari in their mirror,a muscular blended vehicle. Till that enjoy your ride with sx4.(rocking vehicle) and you can also go for aria if you have more people on board with you SWIFT DZIRE ZDI
  18. @dhaval ya,what iam saying is true.they launched the vehicle in chennai and the old car price was 5.73 lakhs in chennai and now it is 6.10 and compared to the old accent-Delhi,they have increased 30,000
  19. @swiftvxi06 what you said is exactly correct,the new accent looks are horrible,the old car was better than this and making some chrome inserts in the new car,they have increased 30,000 than the old car,which is unnecessary,i think hyundai is spoiling the accent name!
  20. will post Dzire's ownership soon,after my exams!!
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  22. hi guys, The verna which was launched in 2006 has been a great hit.but the hyundai just had that hit for 3 years.They launched a new facelifted verna in 2009 called the verna transform.It was not an great run like the old verna.It is hardly seen in chennai.And finally the hyundai people recognised their mistakes and they are going to launch a new verna Rb which is amazing in looks.And this month the accent also got a minor facelift.A new chrome grille and some chrome detailing at the rear.And its price also got increased by 30,000 compared to the old accent and hyundai is keen on bringing the Rb design to every vehicles and a new accent based on the Rb is to be launched within a year and we can tell that the Rb design is a sure success.
  23. thanks @anjan and nishu... No sms lingo, no sequential posts @nishu how can we post pictures? will give a ownership experience of swift dzire soon! sgiitk2011-03-21 08:32:57
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