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  1. @abhijit, those inquiries should solve your purpose and once your heart and practicality have found a perfect combination, there's nothing stopping you. GO FOR IT and enjoy driving.
  2. Go for Ritz. Most of the points like space, Fuel Economy, ASS have already been covered above by our dear friends. As you intend the to keep the car for at least 10 years, any day a maruti suzuki scores over a hyundai. There is a perceptible difference in the build quality of the cars. In addition, Hyundai does not maintain the resale value/identity value of its car by going for facelifts and changes too often. With Maruti you would be rest assured that a model once launched would stay on the shelf for at least 5 years before any major changes occur. This helps keep the spare prices down and as one goes down in time line the prices spares actually go on decreasing. Secondly, Maruti prizes its customers. Once you have kept a car for a length of period of around a decade, there are many goodies on offer on service. I have a 1995 model 800 DX and they offer 50% concession on labour charges besides taking extra care of the car. So really, in the long run Ritz makes sense. Get your wife to test drive the Ritz. She would certainly like the Seating position and the high stance of the car which is very user friendly.
  3. Got the issues with the blower and the braking resolved today. Comically, a sticker reading Ok, Tested inside the blower got stuck off and was making all the noise. So much for 2 hours worth of labour. So far as the breaking is concerned, it took toll of the better part of the day. First, they were concerned that the alloys might be the cause of vibration, so I had to reassure them that they have been fitted by MGA and I haven't tinkered with them at all. Next, they thought there was a problem with the front discs. It was thought that the break pads were bouncing back after making impact with the disc. So, the rooters on the front discs were replaced but to no avail. Thereafter, they turned their attention to the rear drums. On removing them, it was found that one of the drums was a bit damaged with a small hole on its surface. The Drums were duly replaced and the vibrations/bubbling was cured. @Sanjith: What we think to be rust isn't rust after all. I inquired about it. I was told that there is some chemical compound mixed with Iron used to make the Discs and the rust effect is due to appearance of the said chemical on the Disc surface. The breaks are doing fine now and I am ready for the highway sojourn.
  4. Why not the Jazz? It has a good enough (just enough), gives fair enough mileage and still has awesome looks.
  5. Initial Ownership experience of the Ritz Genus: Kms done: 89 (9 ex-showroom). Space: The car is a lot roomier than it looks from outside. Half an hour inside the car and you really don't realize that its a compact car one is inside. First time I got out of the car after half an hour's ride or so, I was taken aback by how small the car looks from outside. Handling: The steering handles well. The radius is short. No problems except while reversing because of the small rear window, but it only takes a few trials getting used to. Engine: is great. full stop. lot has already been written. Issues: The model had been in the godown for a couple of months, so there was rust on the brake discs. There was bubbling in the brakes at around 60 kmph initially, but it is reducing gradually with the rust wearing out. The blower of the AC is making quite a lot of noise. Shall take the car tomorrow to the agency to get it rectified along with some work on the breaks and may be alignment. I plan to take the car out on the highway for a run of around 300k on Sunday. Shall write the report soon afterwards. I am using System D additive in my Ritz. Maruti didn't advise it, even on being questioned. Ford and other diesel car users recommend it highly. I have also been advised to add Engine Oil booster (in addition to the company added Oil). Any comments on these two issues?
  6. @Sanjith: I think that quite a large number of modern Indians are getting bogged down due to the confusion created by the availability of so many options in this segment. I have gone for the genus VDi which comes fitted with a stereo system. I had actually got my sister to bring in the same HU (Pioneer P6050UB) as yours from Singapore in anticipation of the car purchase. It stays on the shelf for now. I haven't gone for Under body coat as it is not as humid in Punjab. Teflon is done. @abhijit: Owning a Micra within a metro or A1/A city is an easy task but it is not an option for the interior India, at least for the next few years. If Nissan takes the same time in building dealership network as Ford did, it could be quite a long time before Micras, etc. could be considered. Same holds true for Skoda/VW but VW seems to be moving faster.
  7. Large Trunk? How Large? For a small family with children below 10 and the couple, Ritz/Swift serve the purpose. For a reasonably larger family (1 more adult's luggage) Figo and Vista would do the needful. Go for a CS Indigo if more space is required. Performance, FE of Ritz/Swift/Vista is almost identical. Figo is in a league of its own. Its nice no doubt, taking a test drive might allow you to take a better comparative decision. You haven't mentioned your running and the budget/special needs for A.S.S. Go for petrol if running is low. Punto/Polo/i20/Micra might scrap in if you stretch the budget a bit and live in or around a city having dealership network. Safest options to chose from might after all be Ritz/Figo/Swift/Vista.
  8. Surely Fiesta handles much better than Dzire/Manza. The softer suspension makes for great highway driving and no turbo lag in the diesel is great from the driver's point of view. Hope that they don't tinker with the basics (Drive, Handling, Engine, etc.). The kind of cosmetic changes suggested above like black OVRMs, etc. shouldn't be of much of a concern for the target segment. Ford should have great numbers under its hood quite soon, which should mean good news for Ford customers as wider reach and better penetration should have a spiraling effect on the A.S.S.
  9. Congrats. Nice Buy. Do share details on the Bass Tube and any other Music accessory that you install. Bought a Ritz Genus Vdi today. Looking to enhance the music quality on that too.
  10. Thanks Everyone. Just brought in the car this evening. Haven't taken any pics yet. Will do so in the coming days. I haven't upgraded to Michelin tyres as I was short on budget plus wasn't convinced to stretch it after seeing the get up of the factory fitted ones on the alloys. They'll surely be in on the first change. @ Tejas: I went in for the factory fitted alloys. Plati is the make. probably 1k costlier than the market price but warranty (on suspension) stays intact which otherwise won't have been the case. The delivery period was short (1 day). This was the last Diesel model of Genus in Mohali. There are a couple in Chandigarh. As to discounts, I was offered 25k cash discount on this one, it being a 2010 model. The discounts were slashed to 20k yesterday (2nd March) in the latest monthly price list. Drama followed. The sales executive wouldn't cancel the booking but if insisted on the extra 5k as assured on the booking date, it would have had to be shared from the pockets of the sales exec and his immediate bosses, which we weren't inclined to impose. Finally, due to intervention of the MD of Berkeley, we got the assured 25k discount but not at the cost of the sales team. I had been on the look out for a premium compact for the last 4-5 months, having test driven all of them. What clinched it in favour of the Ritz was: 1) Looks. Depends on taste but I just love its back. It is trendy, contemporary, may be even ahead of its times, but surely it is a great view, only if one can chose a good metallic colour. 2) Among all the hatches, I had my heart split between the Ritz and the i20. However, head had its way in two manners. I am tall turbaned; Ritz offers better ingress and egress and is more roomy. Head also had its way in terms of after sales (I'm supposed to serve the government in the interior parts of Punjab, where Maruti has much better penetration than Hyundai) and price. 3) The rest of the pack didn't stand a chance. Swift is way too common and Figo is too low and its not the Fiesta quality. 4) Back to Ritz: It is more roomier, has better feeling. The light dual tone upholstery is much more appealing than the all black of Swift/Figo/Punto/Polo. Figo's Red dash isn't just the thing. 5) In the end, it is the best VFM & Styling combination in the offing.
  11. Went for the Ritz. Booked the Genus VDi (November 2010) model- Emerald Blue. The feature list over the VDi is impressive. Everyone mentions that it has Rear wiper, dual tone upholstery, embedded stereo, etc. But no one pointed out that it also has a rear boot lid release with the remote locking for 5 doors. Makes it more interesting. One thing though. I was confused between the VDi and Genus because of the stereo. I had wished to install a Pioneer 2-Din unit with Infinity/JBL speakers, which obviously would have had better performance than the ICE. But what clinched it in favour of the Genus was the fact that there is little scope for installing the speakers on the rear parcel tray (except at the cost of luggage space and versatility). And, the door fitted speakers could have hardly done justice to a pioneer head unit. Test Drove the car. Seems fine. The rattle through steering and gear is much less than the Punto/Indica and it seems more refined than the Swift (not the engine) but the overall driving experience. The stance of the seats is great, which makes it more practical to use than the Punto. Hope it lives upto the expectations. Side Note: I have asked the dealer to install alloys. I was told by a few friends that alloys enhance the handling of the car (many forum posts also suggest the same). Is it worth going for the Company fitted alloys or are the open-market alloys a better option? (I am also worried about losing warranty on shockers in case alloys are installed from open market). Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Mods: Really didn't know the rules. Shall do the needful in future.
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  13. Tejas, thanks for the frank views. Sedans (mini-sedans) are ruled out because I already have the Fiesta. I have test driven the Punto. The interior just doesn't gell in well. It is too well commented for me to raise the point again. They havn't been able to keep the noise levels low either and the vibrations creeps in from both the steering wheel as well as the gear knob. Doesn't make for a good driver's car. Havn't checked out the Polo/Fabia section (test driven that is), but the cost of their maintenance keeps me away. ----------------- Was thinking of these music accessories: Head unit: Pioneer FH-P6050UB Speakers: INFINITY KAPPA42.9I Posts merged.BornFree2011-03-01 19:27:59
  14. Well Looks could be deceptive but even the whole tenor of the said article pointed out by you went in the direction of pointing that not many far-reaching changes are in the offer. Yes the booking was offered to me too. But don't expect the delivery before Diwali at least. As I said, the relay belt intended to be the assembly point for the new Swift has not even been ordered as yet. So, there is a long way to go before one could lay hand on the 2011 Swift.
  15. I was also convinced that I should wait for the all new Swift 2011. But there are two problems: 1) The changes are farcical, if any. The dynamics remain the same. Its a good car for the enthusiast but loses out when pressed into family service and usual city service. I've heard a couple of friends talk about the better handling and road performance of the Ritz vis-a-vis the Swift. 2) I was just talking to the sales guy. According to him, 2011 Swift ain't expected as soon. The delivery belt has not even been ordered as yet and even the part procurement agreements are still being finalised. So, all the talk of the new Swift seems far-fetched. Back to Ritz: Despite the odd back, it still has a livelier interior, yet the over-all mood towards it isn't great, even though it is churning the numbers.