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  1. This car sure does look good..bring it Hyundai!..price it well and this could be another runaway success!
  2. Wow! thing's for sure do love typing!..nice story!...and my heartiest congrats to you for getting a beast of a car!...can't wait for the pics! ...wishing you many more happy miles ahead!..vignesh2011-11-13 16:00:06
  3. Wow!..That's one helluva Lambo! ..but if it was launched was listed in the autocar magazine from a few months back onwards!..[:/]
  4. Well, that's a really lame attempt by a company like Renault!.. the front grille looks more the one one on the i10!
  5. A happy and prosperous diwali to everyone on the ACI forum!
  6. @CB-well...I never said that Fits are not reliable...but aren't hyundai spares cheaper?.[:/]...and that excerpt does show that fiat's are solidly built!.
  7. @ScorpionRagha-I know I'm late but still...congrats on the buy!.. you've just bought a gem of a wish you mny more happy miles ahead!
  8. @cb-I'll agree with you bro!...but not on the problems thing! my opinion hyundai's are more reliable than Fiats and the spares are cheaper as well!
  9. @asdf-well,I have a City!..and let me tell you these VTEC thngy's are absolute gems!..awesome performance..superb mileage..and the refinement!..ahh! the refinement!.You won't be able to hear the engine even when outside the car!. I think the Brio won't be any different!..and's 90 BHP in a small car baby! would be a rocket![]
  10. The Fabia for me!..a high quality package!..well,the spares would be costly..'s a great option!
  11. In my opinion,the Brio should be god for you!..its well priced,reasonably equipped,and spacious to say the least!,and then.. there's that gem of a VTEC waiting for you1.....the I10 would also be good1
  12. Congrats Vipul..I know that you are not that happy about the car,but don't worry I am sure that the fuel efficiency will impress you.My uncle too bought this car and is extremely happy with the comfort.And there always is the option of your TSI right?.
  13. That's a good move by Toyota.this does look very promising.but the price is very high and the car seriously needs a facelift.!
  14. @Ashikawa-what do you think about the i10?