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  1. +1 to you doc.The Beat is an awesome car.but I seriously think that you need to get something like the LS model.Do consider the Hyundai i10.tThat too is a very good car.!
  2. My heartiest congratulations to you have chosen a fantabulous product.As said by Vipul,do post the review and pics as I can't wait for 'em
  3. +1 to you Asethi.I am using the santro for the past 9 years without any problem whatsoever.and it is also very comfortable and extremely easy to drive.And it is also very fuel efficient.!
  4. @suycity-about mileage-I am constantly getting close to 20kmpl from my cruze.have crossed 22kpl.I suppose the friend you are talking about is TSI vipul.If thats the case,then isn't his car petrol?petrol cars cost much less on maintenance.!
  5. You are right exams were going on.but I still came and posted.well now the exams are you can expect some posts by me.
  6. Go for the cruze AT.Ahe best option for now. @suycity-wanted to ask-how much mileage are you getting in the laura eh?and what do you mean by that the service costs are not high.for eg-the 3rd service of a cruze costs RS6000/- but the same for the Laura is RS18000/-.thats a threefold higher cost man.!vignesh2011-07-29 10:46:28
  7. Oh my god,that looks like one bloody accident.I wish Vipul a speedy and complete recovery. +1 to you BF.I think this should be a lesson to all of us on the board.never drink and drive. may god be with you Vipul.
  8. Post deleted: Avoid the use of "...." within sentences. BornFree2011-07-23 07:37:24
  9. I personally feel that the moderation on our forum is far better than many others...and yes as pointed out by the others ..I would love to see the mods particpate more in the discussions so that we could benefit from their knowledge..!!
  10. I'll second you TSI....even I drive my dad's santro nowadays.....(not on public rods that is)..its just a matter of you gaining confidence..
  11. I suggest that you go in for the Snta is a well proven product(in other countries)..and is one of the highest selling SUVs in the USA....if youre looking for badge snobbery..go in for the X1...I feel that the fortuner is terribly underequipped for its price...and the pajero feels a decade old..!!
  12. Got the Cruze cost of repairs-rs21000...and that includes rs9500 for the orvm!!!...thats one costly orvm...and yeah..the consumables for the 3rd service costed rs6000....@skoda owners-what is the cost you guys normally pay....??..
  13. @Vipul-my dad's a colonel too...but he's in artillery...the denting work is completely done..we didn't take delivery as we told them to do the 3rd service and one of the free polish....they told us that we have to pay the cost of engine oil..!! @winner-didn't quite get you dude..!!
  14. @Vipul-violent is exactly the word that describes my dad when he's can imagine about the biker dude... my dad was in army uniform ..there was a green gypsy with two men in uniform escorting our car...and that was the time he decided to show some stunts....just after the dad arranged a auto rickshaw and asked the bugg*r to be taken to a nearby hospital..and promised to follow him there...but guess the time we stopped and counted the of his relatives removed the bike from the scene....then dad took the gypsy with his men and went to that hospital to find that he wasn't guy in the reception told him to check out another hospital a little further and guess what...he was there....he actually went to his house in that auto and then went to another hospital so that we wouldn't be able to trace him..!!...then dad started dealing with him in that typical armyvaala is then that he started begging us not to file a case.....and then both he and his on their own wrote a letter saying they dont have any case and gave it to him.....but you dont suppose ki papa would have left him....he went to a police station and filed a case...a SI came to the spot immediately.....well..i was supposed to get the car back yesterday...but as the car has crossed 14k we told them to do the 3rd service too.....
  15. @Drifty-well its so true...gave the cruze to the service centre yesterday...they have promised to give it back to us by tomorrow...the right ORVM is completely destroyed...a very long dent on the rear door...and a lot of chipping of paint as well....and we just found out that the guy on the bike was drunk!! good thing we had a gypsy escorting dad could park the cruze in a safe spot and leave to the hospital...the guy only had minor bruises with some broken knuckles....he literally cried in the hospital begging us not to file a case as he was very poor....!....I was actually in the gypsy...we were ahead of the cruze...then..I was not able to spot it in the orvm...then I recieved a call from a very heartbroken dad asking me to come to the spot we turned around light on the top on and reached the was such a sad moment man....I literally cried siiting next to her....
  16. thats excellent mileage for such a power packed diesel doc.......I have also crossed 20.7 kmpl in my Cruze..!!
  17. My heartiest congratulations to you buddy....wish you many more happy miles..!!
  18. @Vipul-haha true man...nahh..just entered 10th so no party.....moreover..there are no boards in 10 nowadays.....yesterday was such a bad day....a guy on a bike badly wanted to overtake our cruze.....result-he touched the car.....broke the whole ORVM and destroyed the shape of the rear door..[:'(]...just came back now after giving the car to the chevy dealer....he promised to deliver it on monday..!!vignesh2011-07-16 08:14:07
  19. @Aero-that looks neat buddy..... @archit-do try modding a cruze...will love it..!!
  20. I would second you on the matter ishanb...this shows how much honda overcharges for their products....this discount is sure to give sleepless nights to midsize sedans..!!
  21. @winner-haha LOL......and most probably the principal would have taken me into custody eh!!.....oh it was so booring....the speech....all one and a half hours of it...!!..but have to say..he is a personality!!
  22. well....Mr Shashi tharoor came to our school today...gave a very good(boring)speech....!!
  23. vignesh


    Welcome to the forum have a stop at the announcements section before posting.....and yeah...have a plaeasant stay here!!
  24. ..FInished the form....good initiative taken by you guys..but some things as mentioned by TSI ARE DISGUSTING...
  25. The front grille of the car looks much better than before...but the interior-mainly the digital dash and the steering-looks like a joke!! looks so out of place..!!