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  1. @Ragav-thats a very neat lineup of cars you have got there...and thanks for posting the pics as i had asked yousmiley2.gif oh i am so in love with the camaro and the CTS ....I so badly envy you!!...sad to hear that you'll have to let it does it feel like downgrading from a camaro to a cruze eh?smiley2.gif

    and isnt the screen of the stereo in your car the same as the one in the cruze??vignesh2011-07-04 15:13:26

  2. Well..this is an awesome idea by you are my beauties-

    Chevrolet cruze-This is the latest baby in my it delivered in caviar black color last it after persuading my dad very hard.smiley4.gif And he dosent regret it in the least..we just love the way it draws eyeballs whereever it goessmiley2.gif only reason for getting this in black was that both of our other cars are in white...because dad is absolutely in love with white...but now we realise that this beast looks even more gorgeous in blacksmiley2.gifwill post the pics if anyone is interested..

    Honda city-Had bought it for my sister's marriage purpose last is in Tafeta white color..looks absolutely gorgeous in that color..

    Hyundai Santro-had bought this girl back in 2002 ..again in white color...still works like a dream....dont have a single scratch on it...hasn't given me any trouble...just fill it with petrol and drive..and the ocassional oil change....still going strongsmiley2.gifvignesh2011-07-01 09:34:48

  3. i am interested in these caska and motevo integrated systems for my cruze!does any body here have experience with these systems?the price quoted for motevo at a local accessory shop is rs35000 while for caska the price is rs55000 but it is given as a genuine accessory in the chevy showrooms and is marketed by mapmyindia!