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  1. @raghav!please post some pics of the camaro!!!i absolutely love that car!!!and if possible of the other cars too!!how do you find the cruze after a camaro eh?
  2. 6fog lamps???2 bass tubes???thats amazing dude!!arent hid's banned?and what do you mean by beacon and hooter??
  3. @asethi-well the battery of my santro was only recently changed and that is after about 8 years of service!!!guess i was lucky on that!!
  4. I second vipul!please go to some other bigger dealer and ask him to have a thorough check of the car!i am sure it will help!
  5. @aero- the cruze has some kind of protective sheeting under the engine which also covers the ac compressor!so that wont be a problem i guess!! @nfs congrats on the buy dude!wish you many more happy miles cruzingby the way what is the highest mileage you have ever got?i have crossed 21kmpl on many ocassions!vignesh2011-06-15 08:04:16
  6. i too have done 13k and even after alignment and balancing i dont have any such problem!!
  7. Post deleted: Useless one-liner. BornFree2011-06-13 10:27:43
  8. i second sarabjeet!!as it is going to have the 3 cylinder version of themultijet!so we can expect fantabulous mileage and i too kind of like the beat!
  9. heyy these are same symptoms i have!!only prob i dont have a fiancee!!i am a kid;)hence my dad some times gets annoyed when he is advising me as i would be on the lookout for some merc or beemer!!!
  10. finally got nitrogen filled in my cruze!!
  11. my hearty congratulations to you asethi!!you have bought yourself the best hot hatch in india!
  12. wow this looks so awesome!!!! oh my god! the seats hav the same quilted finish of the spyker aileron!!!!!!
  13. @dr nishu-what i actually meant to say is that i am studying in 10th standard!!
  14. @goenka disaster struck!!!while syncing it shows thhat an unknown error has occured!!i have forwarded the details as a pm to you!pls guide me!!
  15. @vipul-i am using a laptop dude!!it is the apple macbook pro!!!
  16. @dr ishu-LOL I am just a 10th grader!!
  17. thanx a lot bro!!got it installed in my iphone ad works like a charm!!!by the way which iphone are you using?? do you have any more of such links for games??
  18. hey thanx it is working!!!can you tell me how to get this file included in the apps section of itunes???vignesh2011-06-08 09:30:59
  19. heyy thanks for sending it dude!!but can you please tell me how to extract the four files as one!!as i am new to winrar!! mods@sorry for double posting~`
  20. I always get over 10 hours of backup in my lap always!!!
  21. hello balu!welcome to the forum!!do go through the"announcements"section before posting!!and yes have a pleasant stay here!!!!!
  22. well yes it is jail broken!!i have sent a pm to you with my mail id!!
  23. AMG@ can you please tell me what the car next to the yellow 911 in the 4th photo is???we can see its headlights!!vignesh2011-06-07 16:09:44
  24. sorry for the mistake buddy!!i am currently using a 3g with the 4.1 OS!!you really can provide it for free!!!!that would be so nice of you!!