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  1. well he does follow the proper driving cycle and yes the tyre pressure is also maintained right!!he also drives with an extremely light foot!!well he is so irritated because before this he owned a zen diesel which gave over 23kpl at all times!!!more over my cruze gives much better mileage!!
  2. @ friends my uncle bought a figo diesel and is extremely unsatisfied with its mileage which refuses to go over 16kmpl even when cruising at a steady 100kmph in nh7!!!
  3. @ aero do you know any such apps which are compatible with the i OS as ia m using an iphone!! "I have installed Map my india (Sygic maps) On my iPhone and it works like charm " is this app free???
  4. @dr no i havent installed a relay!!but it works perfectly as the original horn in the cruze is a low current model!!!
  5. well the same thing here dude!!i study just a day before the exams and still manage great grades!!the rest of the days,max 1 hour of studies!!
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    @sg can you kindly tell me what the water pump is????and what it pups?i do know that it is turned by the ambelt1
  7. @vipul youre a genius bro!!!!!
  8. hmm...i guess youre right buddy!!wellz you better be!!or else i am a 100 percent sure tat it will be a flop with that face!!!fellow acians sorry if i am being a bit too skeptical!!
  9. exactly DD the only thing different at the front is the extra cladding in the headlamp cluster!!hope they dont put in too muc of the bland interiors of the vento!!and VW please dont price it astronomically!!!!vignesh2011-06-07 05:45:04
  10. i think that it might be the overrun protection system of the engine!!!in this while the car is moving at fast speeds and you release the accelaator pedal fully,the ecu will cut the fuel supply to the engine!!!well so it says in the owners manual of my cruze
  11. heyy what about the apple macbook range???i have a macbook pro and am more than satisfied with it!yes it is a bit pricey,but it is worth every penny!!and as skipping ms office isnot a problem,you shouldn't have trouble shifting to mac OS which is light years ahead of windows!1believe me friend!! []
  12. ohh the front looks too much like the vento!!the alloys look smashing and the rear looks a bit overdone!!even the orvms are similar to ones on the vento!come on vw!give us some nice looking cars which have a unique personality []
  13. tsi@it is sold in india as the 5series gran turismo in india!!it dosent use the 530i name but as that 3 litre engine!!
  14. all the wwe fans in the forum!!please come and vote for your favourite wwe star and if possible,do wite the reason for the choice!!
  15. can you please upload some pics???
  16. sarab@atf is just a fancy name for extremely high octane kerosene!!!!hence the low cost!!
  17. i guess....its official now!!! the cruze is certainly the segment leader!!:Dguess why the honda sales are going down??and indeed ashikawa the sales of the new verna look very promising!@dr any idea on the sales of the premium cars like mercs and beemers??
  18. hey guys ,just went to a car accessory showroom today,and saw a merc ml 350cdi with amg pack there!!! then i learnt that the owner of the car is my dad's friend!!wipppeeee!!!he was kind enough to give me a ride in it!and guess what?it is the only ml in tvm with an amg pack!!!
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  20. i think the renault fluence is a very capable car.but there are just things which are jus stupid like the equipment level in the diesel,the steering mounted controls are behind the steering,the cruise control on/off button is underneath the hand brake,and the the diesel version only has rca aux inputs!!!that is pure crap!!otherwise it is a nice car!
  21. rohan@congrats buddy on the fantabulous buy!!!the superb is just awesome and look ........well superb!!congrats once again and some pic please!!
  22. driftpunk@tried the new album from linkin park-a thousand suns???it is superb man!
  23. whoa!!how could you identify it as the diesel version???and pics please!
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