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  1. well he does follow the proper driving cycle and yes the tyre pressure is also maintained right!!he also drives with an extremely light foot!!well he is so irritated because before this he owned a zen diesel which gave over 23kpl at all times!!!more over my cruze gives much better mileage!!

  2. i think that it might be the overrun protection system of the engine!!!in this while the car is moving at fast speeds and you release the accelaator pedal fully,the ecu will cut the fuel supply to the engine!!!well so it says in the owners manual of my cruze smiley2.gif

  3. heyy what about the apple macbook range???i have a macbook pro and am more than satisfied with it!yes it is a bit pricey,but it is worth every penny!!and as skipping ms office isnot a problem,you shouldn't have trouble shifting to mac OS which is light years ahead of windows!1believe me friend!! [;)]

  4. hey guys ,just went to a car accessory showroom today,and saw a merc ml 350cdi with amg pack there!!! then i learnt that the owner of the car is my dad's friend!!wipppeeee!!!he was kind enough to give me a ride in it!and guess what?it is the only ml in tvm with an amg pack!!!

  5. i think the renault fluence is a very capable car.but there are just things which are jus stupid like the equipment level in the diesel,the steering mounted controls are behind the steering,the cruise control on/off button is underneath the hand brake,and the the diesel version only has rca aux inputs!!!that is pure crap!!otherwise it is a nice car!