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  1. the dealer at the time of the delivery of my honda city adviced me to use only speed petrol!!!think i am going to reduce using the city!!
  2. i am really looking forward to this car!have adviced my uncle to wait for the liva before making a decision for a new car
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  5. wow!a sub 10 lakh skoda sounds very tasty!!!just hope they just dont give it the same family face!! I am not a big fan of their design language@skoda owners -no offence
  6. premchand@glad to hear that at last your problem is sorted. but this sounds ridiculous man!!they almost pulled apart the whole of your engine just for a malfunctioning switch!! anyways do tell us about how much all of this cost you
  7. at last the big one te kwacker is going to set its foot (read tread)on idian soil!!!!guess when they will launch the godzilla among bikes??the big one-the 1400cc ninja!!
  8. heyy guys!!!just got hold of my apple macbook pro today!!!! the config goes like this-1tb hard drive,5gb ram intel core i7 processor,17inch LED full high definition display,has apple macintosh latest os and has windows 7 installed in anther drive and lots and lots more features!!!and guess what?even with a bootful of features,it manages more than 13 hours of battery backup!!!! @DD-congrats sir that sounds like one beauty of a pc!!!!how much did it cost you??
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  10. go in with the cruze dude!!there is virtually no match for it!!i am extremely happy with my buy.and the service cost is extremely low!!go in with closed eyes
  11. and guess what!!!i myself installed the horns that were removed from my cruze to my honda aviator!!!!
  12. i use specially tuned roots horn for my santro,stock horn for my city and upgraded the horns of my with that from a captiva!!!as the service guys say that only that horn is compatible with the car!
  13. i too achieved close to 18kmpl in my city just after taking delivery from coimbatore to my house in trivandrum!! []
  14. no one else seems interested [:^(] come on guys!!
  15. where did you achieve the 21 kmpl figure??
  16. my vote would anyday go to the apple iphone!!!cos there's just no match for it!!the interface is superb,the touchscreen is unbelievable and then there is the fantastic app store []
  17. @rameshbabu-that is indeed a good figure for a massive car like the xylo!!what do you mean by using 1 ac???i got 20.7 in my cruze while doing120.would probably get even better below that speed []
  18. well,my figures are-20.7kmpl in my cruze on way to bangalore in nh7 [] 19.8kmpl in my city enway to madurai again on nh7.and 20kmpl in my santro enway to pune from hyderabad!!!!
  19. let us all discuss the highest fuel economy figure we have achieved in our cars and bikes etc etc!!!!! [] please don't forget to mention the name of the vehicle and where you have achieved it!
  20. try these. theseare my favourites-tinie tempah-written in the stars., linkin park- iridescent,backstreet boys-straight through my heart and all of your life. you have to try out all of these!!!!they are just superb []
  21. is that an apple ipad for the entertainment system?????
  22. infinity should be good for the rear speakers.for subs-check out the series from diamond audio or cervin wega.they are just amazing!!!!! rockford fosgate will also be a great option
  23. mine are-200kph with cruise control on for about 20-30 kms in my chevy cruze in nh7.120kph in the city in my santro and hills-125kph in my cruze. []