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  1. the car looks smart but the rear is a bit too awkward the interior too looks very good and inviting!!they just have to price it correctly for it to be any good in the indian market!!!! is it called the versa in other countries???
  2. this might be an alternative to an honda city on the price front i guess!!!!!!!!!!LOL
  3. an auto in a fiat?????i have to look out for this one!!!!!
  4. what about the cruze folks????it is highly capable
  5. dont worry friend.the cruze wont start if the key fob is not in the interior of the car!!and even if the car is started and the key is taken outside the car the car will switch offf itself in 10 mins!!and the cruze locks its doors when it crosses 20 kmph!!and if somebody happens to make a duplicate key for the car, there is a very loud anti-teft alarm waiting for him!!!go for the cruze wit both your eyes closed!
  6. i live in the pangode military camp section!!!it would surprise you to kow that it happened in parking lot of the army officers intitute!!!!!!somebody was brave enough to come in to the army compound any do this!!!!!
  7. this is one very bad habit of kerala people!!!!if they see any nice looking or costly car,they will just go along the length of the car drawing lines with whatever they have in hand!!!! i had just got my new chevy cruze teflon coated and within a week some one deliberately scratched the whole length of the car with roses drawn in some places it is indeed a very sad experience
  8. there's a guy called dr ram pradeep in mumbai who owns a karmann ghia
  9. vignesh

    Cruze problem

    might be because of the auto cut off at max revs!!!!u must have reached the rev limiter.if you stay there for a long time the engine cuts itself off!!!!its just a matter of you getting used to it !!!!then nothing can stop the massive torque of the diesel rocket!!
  10. this thing looks pathetic!!!!!!!it is launched on 23rd!!!!!hyundai should think of introducing some of its nice cars like azera,genesis,equus,veracruz etc.i absolutely love these cars
  11. does anyone of you know that the cruze has a system called gmlan???it is a form of a canbus.but gm claims it to be 50 times faster than other systems in cars like bmw,merc etc!!there is nothing like this in the laura thanks to this system,every single feature of the cruze from the exit lighting to the safety systems can be adjusted using the info screen!!!the audio system itself is quite advanced as it is imported from USA from clarion and it even scans ID3 tags!!!! that means that it will sort the songs on the cd into-artists,genre,band etc etc etc!!!and according to me,the best feature is that the whole car is full of sensors!!!there is a sensor for virtually everything!!!it will check all the systems in the car and if there is any problem like if any bulb is fused or any short circuit,the car will give us a warning using numerical codes through the even tells us if the car needs to be serviced!!with the code of the part neede to be serviced!!!does the laura or jetta have anything like this????
  12. refrain from back to back posts. Durango Dude2011-03-22 07:06:43
  13. it is not power we are talking about!!!in indian conditions what we need is torque!!and the cruze has loads and loads of it!for reference-it has more torque than a ford endeavour!!which by the way is a full size suv!and it is incredibly fuel efficient - i even managed 22.5 kmpl while cruzing at 120 kmph!!!!and has anybody noted the turning radius of the cruze ????it is better than most hatchbacks!!!in the laura we need to take two point turns while the cruze manages it in one!!!!then the ride quality in both the laura and the jetta is very stiff compared to the cruze!!!! and the vcdi engine is much much more advanced than the tdi thingy!!!the same engine in the rs diesel version of the cruze has more than 190ps of power!! Who said the vcdi in the cruze is not rev happy!!just try keeping your foot down and the vcdi will happily visit its 5k rev limit without breaking into a sweat!!!the refinement is also great!!the engines in the laura and jetta sound agricultural anywhere near their redline Durango Dude2011-03-22 07:06:04
  14. congrats a lot on the car.i own a cruze and i absolutely love the superb!!!!!especially in white and brown!just a few questions mate- 1.what all information does the rear screen give?and upload a few pics of it action!! 2.please upload some pics of the switch used to switch between a hatch and a boot!!!! and congrats once again!
  15. yes !it is under the front seats!!!it only works if you press the mode switch for the ac to give air to the footwells!!!quite effective with full fan speed!otherwise useless
  16. it won't be a good idea to add xenons to the cruze!!!as pointe out by the chevrilet cruzeforum, the whole car is full of sensors!!!and if you will try to change anything in the original wiring loom with different resistance and all,the whole system would get spoilt and it will act like mad-indicators triggering headlights!!!etc-and moreover aftermarket xenons are banned here!!!you would be stopped by a cop if he sees you using it and you will be ordered to change to the original halogens!!!!!
  17. go in for the cruze!!!I own one and there is no other car which can match it!!!!it turns heads whereever it goes and performance is awesome!!!!it even has superb fuel economy-we even got 20.7kmpl while doing 120 kmph in a express way!!!!high speed stability is just amazing!!!the music system is superb and it has 2-3 notebooks full of features not mentioned in the brochure which you will only be able to discover when you read the owner's manual!!!!!!!!if you like it,dont wait a minute!!!go and get it!!you will enjoy every bit of it!!!!!
  18. i have this same query!!i own a september model black cruze..I was told at the time of booking the car that a usb port and a bluetooth system can be added as optional accessories [] but there is nothing like it [xx(] i would love if i could have the usb port fitted