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  1. You were bang right! It was indeed an expensive Gear Box Job. A reliable local mechanic gave me a bill of Rs. 14, 500 for Gear (5th Gear problem), Clutch (Clutch Slippage)& Brake jobs (Disk plate worn out) for the following jobs. Spares used were sourced from reliable auto spares dealer located in spares market nr. Kashemere Gate, Delhi. Gear Job: Shift Selector = 2700 Speed Gear Assembly = 1950 Pilot Gear Assembly = 1650 ??? Bearings * 1 + 2 = 560 Gear Oil 3 ltr = 540 Labour = 2000 Bord ??? = 160 Clutch Job: Clutch Set Complete = 1890 Clutch ??? = 650 Lathe Job = 250 Brake Job: Disc Plate (Front Left)= 950 Lathe job (Front Right) = 150 Disc Pad = 650 Labour = 200 Now, the car is running smooth and no sound from any where except some noise from Right wheel; would show to mechanic on weekend. Hope its not serious issue??? and may subside after Wheel Balancing and Alignment, the mechanic have already advised me. This mechanic informed me that Grease can only be used in older generation vehicles and he normally don't recommend this remedy for today's cars. Would be glad if the Experts on the forum can provide their inputs and advice on labour and spares charges. Also, advice regarding other Preventive Maintenance tips!
  2. Thanks sir, Yesterday afternoon my local mechanic put some grease in the Gear Oil Compartment. Later in the night I drove the car for around 150 Kms. Now, the sound have increased manifold. I am afraid to drive it on 5th Gear as it may aggravate the problem. In couple of days would get this inspected at an Hyundai Authorized S.S.. Sir, what is your take on this. Is it due to some major problem with Gear Box? As excessive sound is coming on driving on 5th Gear only. Plz advice...
  3. Once again I require guidance of Experts regarding my Used Santro Xing XL 2007 (56000 Kms). 1) Since the day I have bought this car (Jan 2011) it had been producing some noise when I drive on 5th Gear. This sound is not there while driving a lesser speed on 1 - 4 gear. Off late the sound have increased... Local car mechanic had advised that by putting some grease in Gear Oil compartment this "may" reduce. But, I'm not too sure about this remedy??? I request the seniors to kindly advice regarding probable reasons behind this strange sound while driving on 5th gear @ speed > 60 KMPH 2) Even though Brake pads were recently cleaned but Brakes still make screeching sound. Kindly advice!!!
  4. @ Durango Dude, @ SG Sir, @ The Doc, Yes you all were right! 1) Local car mechanic found carbon on Starter motor bushes, which he cleaned. 2) Also, he mentioned he had to do some soldering on armature. "Don't know why?" 3) Regarding presence of traces some oil in Coolant reservoir and Radiator tank. He said that he have now cleaned the radiator with Acid. "Hope it helps" He advised against complete overhauling of the radiator as the installed radiator is Chinese make. "Don't know why?" Hope this maintenance solve the problem of starting still I will keep my fingers crossed. BTW For all 3 the mechanic charged INR 800/-.
  5. I' m a new member to Autocar India forum and also a new driver so I