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  1. Thanks for the reply Dr.Nishu. Is there any chance the other companies namely honda and hero honda might follow suite?
  2. Just visited the FZ-S website and was surprised to see a kickstarter-esque entity in the photographs (above the rear brake pedal)... Could someone please confirm this as true or false? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Stunner and cb twister have some really weird styling for my taste. Splendour seems too common. I like the bajaj discover but I keep hearing that bajaj bikes are crude and inherently prone to more maintenance problems(than say a hero honda). Please comment. I personally just cant get over the fact that hero-honda and honda bikes have no 'engine kill switch'. I travel through a total of 12 signals during my daily commute and cant imagine no kill switch Thanks again.
  4. Hi everyone. I need to buy a 100cc-125cc motorcycle. The main priority for me is comfort.I ride for about 50kms everyday. So please suggest a bike that is the most comfortable for back-pain as I suffer from back problems. I prefer bajaj or hero honda. 1. 5'6" height 2. daily 40kms commute 3. Mileage at least 60km/liter 4. Low maintenance 5.decent resale value 6.budget~Rs.55000 Really like the discover but don't know how comfortable it is(test drive too short) and is supposed to have more maintenance. Please comment. Thank you. Posts merged: ACI Support.BornFree2011-03-05 15:56:46