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  1. Not a good move and very difficult to implement. Extravaganza for Traffic police. Is it applicable for all over india or Delhi only? In hyderabad, I drove arround 150km in last three days (with permissible tints), no traffic police stpooed me.
  2. Thanks for the reply. @creativebala, I find this offer on Alpine at only one car decor dealer. I will go for details and let u know.
  3. Honda Brio may be a good choice. I like the interiors, plastic quality seems very good (compared with maruti). Engine is also very good and soundless.
  4. Hi, Please advice me to chose the audio system for my Ritz. My first preferance is Sound Quality and budget is 10-13K I visited 3-4 to car decor shop here in hyderabad and they offerd below - Alpine Set: HU with integrated 4 speaker (2-300W, 2-200W) - Single Din Price: 11,500K JVC: HU-Double Din - Price: 8,500 4 JBL Speakers (200W)- Price: 4,400 Total: 12,900 Pioneer: HU-Double Din - Price: 10,500 4 JBL Speakers (200W)- Price: 4,400 Total: 14,900 Sony: HU-Double Din - Price: 9,000 4 JBL Speakers (200W)- Price: 4,400 Total: 13,400 I personally like Double Din, coz, it covers the space and looks good but no problem with Single din if it is good one. Please help me to select from the above or you can suggest new combination. Thank you.
  5. Today I went for Learning Lisence and and got it.
  6. Hi all, I like to thank you all for the help to choose the beautifull Blue Blaze Ritz Vxi. I got the car last week exact on the date promised by dealer (GEM Hyderabad). I like to share my blue queens snap here... @Administrator, can you please allow permission me to upload image from my system?
  7. Hi guys, Thank you all for responce. I booked "Blue Blaze" Ritz Vxi today in GEM Motors, Hyd. We find this color suits with Ritz very well. me and my wife prefer to chose "Blue Blaze" color over fire brik red. I got a handsome discount of Rs 31,500/- (25000+5000+1500: consumer+dealer+corporate) and booked at onroad 4,89,165/-. Dealer gives very few accessories, these are 1. Mats 2. Mud Flaps 3. Steering cover 4. Reverse Horn 5. Perfume with Auto card and Scratch Card (can win upto Wagon R). The delivery will be on saturday and we are really excited. Thanks all again for sending good informative responce.
  8. Most of the hatch back are having same type of (santro like) rear and it seems boring sometime. Rear design of Ritz makes it different from other hatch back and gives ritz a fresh new look. I like the rear look better than swift. Its overall tall boy image gives it a special presence on road. I have seen guys dont like ritz but still looks more time at it that other cars
  9. Hi guys Thanks all for the suggession in terms of technicality and usability.We (me and my wife) have decided to go for Ritz Vxi. I will book tomorow. I have one concern, in Vxi, driver seat hight adjustment feature is not available, neither have steering adjustment. My wife will also drive this car and her height is 5'3''. Is it going to be difficult for her? Again , now its time to chose color. our personal choice is Fire brik red (my wife's) and Blue Blaze. please share out of 8, which color suits best with Ritz?
  10. Hi guys, I took test drive of Ritz vdi (i am planing for Vxi which is not available for TD at that time) today evening. I like the ride. again me and my two friends sat at rear seat, and didn't feel conjusted or suffocated like chevvy beat. the ride was smooth. because of vdi, it was lil'bt noisy, which may not be in petrol version. Thanks sanjithchandran and carispassion for the valuable suggesion, I would have been the happiest person if i could afford Zxi, my budget forsed me to limit till Vxi. Even though I made my mind for Ritz, i will go to TD for i10 magna kappa2 which is still my wife's choice. But I have many doubt about kappa2 engine. still its new and may be hyundai again lounch kappa3 after one year to remove kappa2's complains...' target="_blank">
  11. @dr_nishu thank you for reply and suggesion. I have read reviews about kappa2 that it is giving 13-14kml in city even though some problems are not totally removed from its previous version kappa. my wife's vote goes to i10 magna kappa2. I am in favoure of Ritz Vxi becouse of its K series engine. This is my first car and want to keep it next 10 years. thank you again for your reply.
  12. Hi friends, Very new to this forum and this is my first post. I want to buy a car with budget OTR 4.5 L to 5L. I have confined the choice in two - i10 magna kappa 2 and Ritz Vxi after 1 months of research. Now I am very much puzzled and not able to decide which one to buy. My requirements are - 1. fuel efficient 2. comfort and space 3. low manitenance and good A.S.S 4. My wife can also use the car 5. will operate mainly in city, 20km per day I have negociated in hyundai and maruti show rooms (in hyderabad) for both of the above cars and got price - i10 magna kappa2 - 4,87,000 with music system and all accessories (worth Rs 22K) Ritz Vxi - 4, 90, 000 with accessories of 4K. I needs to add music system in Ritz Vxi on top of this price. Please help me to chose any one of them.