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  1. Will do it, recently on some other forum a guy had booked Nano and was getting a July model. it seems Tata is first dispatching the cars lying in their stockyard.
  2. Thankfully I get a call from the CSA in the morning saying that the vehicle has arrived. I go to their showroom and see the vehicle, it is March 2012 model, I did general inspection of the car and pay him the rest of the amount for registration of the car. will be getting delivery on Friday or Saturday. I am getting the special edition Nano with alloy wheels+ glove box + music system.
  3. I cannot be sure of what this dealer promises as he has been promising delivery of the vehicle within 1-2 days everyday since the last week. I am chose Nano because I wanted to buy a vehicle without taking loan from a bank as I am already paying EMI of another vehicle (Wagon R CNG) which I bought last year in Delhi and is being used by my parents there. found this on the net, things what make Nano a great car for the price. http://timeswithtatanano.blogspot.in/
  4. I had booked my Tata Nano LX sunshine yellow at AADYA motors-Bangalore on 11th Oct, I wanted delivery during Dussehra which he said was not possible as 23rd and 24th was a holiday and he had promised me delivery on 25th, as the vehicle was not with them in stock so they had to order it. I called them on 25th-Thursday they said that the vehicle had still not come and they will be getting it on Friday evening or Saturday. I call them Friday evening to which they said the vehicle will definately come on Monday, now I tell them you cannot keep on changing dates like this and told them to tell me if the vehicle will be delayed further than Monday so that I can plan accordingly. Then comes Monday, the CSA(customer service agent) tells me the vehicle will reach by late evening at 7-8 o clock, I call his manager he tells me the vehicle will come tomorrow morning (Tuesday) and I can come to see the vehicle before paying the full amount. Tuesday- They still do not have the vehicle and the manager is citing reasons like problem at their delivery end and also told me that they cannot order Just one vehicle. But he is promising me delivery on Wednesday evening by 6 pm, which I think he is just trying to buy time. I think something fishy is going on here as when I had gone to pay part amount, about 1 lakh on 16th they tried to sell me a 2011 manufactured "2012 model" of the same colour and were giving 10k discount on it. I clearly told the customer agent and the manager that I want the 2012 manufactuted model only, and not to try to sell me the 2011 model. Now If they do not deliver the vehicle on Wednesday that is 31st about 20 days since I booked the vehicle, should I cancel my booking and get it from some other dealer or If I have to complain this matter higher up at Tata Motors to whom can I contact please help!!.
  5. Yesterday I went to the showrooms of hyundai,Ford, maruti the average on road cost for santro or wagon R is about 3.8- 4.0 L but the Basic model of ford Figo will cost about 3.9 on road, which seems to be a better car for the price though it low on fuel economy, and over long term costs will be high still confused :-(
  6. I will not mind having some extra space. how do wagon R and Santro compare in space and performance.
  7. Hi there, This is my first post, as I am deciding which will be my first car. my budget is 3-4 lakhs. in the long term which one will be a good car (petrol) alto K10 wagon R chevrolet Spark. Hyundai Santro. please help me. Thread moved: To the right section - ACI support. BornFree2011-03-07 17:32:40