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  1. New age cars are from various makers, Indian as well as MNCs as well as JVs, with many world class fittings and accessories. But are they giving VFM bodies? My Alto is 7.5 year old without any sign of underbody rust (anti rust coat was applied only in wheel portion), but I have seen 3 Hyundai 5 year old Santro cars (having similar anti rust coat) to have widespread rust in underbody, requiring hefty expenditure to set it right. What are your experience? Note from ACI Support: Post in regular/normal fonts & sizes. For more on board Rules & Regulations, refer to Announcements section. Thread moved.<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> BornFree2011-03-10 07:34:21
  2. Well said, folks! Ritz is, anyway, a cut above i10 (say, B+ segment v/s B segment i10). I would like to know people's reaction to the fact that underbody rusting is more common in Hyundai cars than in Maruti. Any idea? Even after 7 years, my Alto with underwheel anti-rust paint has no rust while my friend's 5 year old Santro, with same treatment / same climatic / garage condition, made him spend 22k recently on that a/c.