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  1. Hey everyone ? I would like your advise on buying a used 2012 model Mercedes Benz C200 CGI Petrol, 65000 KM vehicle. What are the common and rare issues with this vehicle. What checks ? should I do before buying the car. I'm from Kerala and the vehicle is in Delhi, any tips appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Hi all, I have covered almost 1000 kilometres in my trip on the last 4 days. The trip went like this - Kottayam > Calicut > Wayanad > Ooty> Coimbatore > Palakkad > Kottayam. It was a fun trip but I broke the rear tail-light while reversing. It hit a dumpster and I hope to rectify it soon. The pictures will be up soon.
  3. That is definitely good news and I can see that you are very happy with your new car. Also, could you please rate the refinement with that of any other suitable(popular) car - just for a comparison.
  4. @unknownbullet - You can opt out Beat and Ritz out of your choice. The MS Swift and the Ford Figo (diesel) might be your final shortlisted cars. Do take a testdrive of any other car, if you want to be 100% sure, which car suits you the best.
  5. Sorry , the price was meant to be 29 lakhs on - road for the V6 variant of the Skoda Superb. The VW Passat will definitely introduce a petrol and V6 models within a period of 1 year (max.) but till then their lineup is incomplete.
  6. Dear Sumit, Yes, the Superb is a nice car with more space. Also, the lineup is complete with a 1.8 TSI petrol motor available both as a 6spd manual or 7 spd DSG automatic. The Superb also has a 3.6 V6 engine variant with Haldex 4-wheel drive system and wider sportier tyres at 39 lakjs(on-road) price . So, the final decision has to be made by the buyer according to his/her preference.
  7. Hi bikerboy, In the SUV's you have listed , I would suggest the Honda CRV for it s reliability, space,comfort ,refinement and good A.S.S.
  8. In the sedans, you've listed , I would go in for the Honda City with no doubts. It has been the segment leader til last month. It has a very powerful petrol motor that can hurtle you towards the 100 kmph mark in just 10 seconds. It has the legendary Honda reliability and maintenance. It also has a good mileage figure. This is your best bet(as of now) if the sedan has to be a petrol one. I would also suggest that you consider the VW Vento diesel- The current segment leader - it has a superb torque and power figure and it has proven that it has the capability to dethrone the segment leader - Honda city.
  9. In the hatchbacks listed by you , I would definitely say you go for the Ford Figo. I 've also heard of those"scare" stories about this car, but all I can say i sthat I've had had no bad experience from some of the people i Know. My friends and one of my cousin drives a Ford Figo without any hitches. The pros for this car is the good mileage for the diesel, pretty frugal one with almost no turbo lag , has good space and the boot space is amazing for a hatch. The A/C is a chiller and the feature list is also impressive. On the safety front it does the dual airbags and ABS. And above all, it has a killer price tag.This a is a very good car for your money and I am sure that you will be happy with this car.About the maintenance and parts costs , I think Ford is really trying their best to source parts from India so as to reduce the service and maintenance costs.
  10. Dear Visanj , I think you should also look at the ergonomics of the car more closely as this is also a factor that determines how effortlessly you can drive a car. Yes, a good suspension setup is necessary but without ergonomics - all that features and suspension are nothing. This (ergonomic) factor depends on each individual's own "taste" and you should take a test drive of all the shortlisted cars before taking the final decision. When both the ride and ergonomic factors are taken into consideration , I would suggest you take a closer look at the VW Polo and the Skoda Fabia. The VW Polo will offer you a more stiff and sporty ride while the Skoda Fabia will give you more space, softer suspension setup and a well - engineered car. Both these cars are well- engineered and suits you perfectly.
  11. Congrats on your new car. It is a highly accomplished car with good space and a great mileage with the superb Maruti A.S.S. Also, what are your mileage figures and how would you rate the petrol version with the diesel one in terms of driving pleasure ,refinement, maintenance and other costs and the lesser features. It is a great car at this price tag and wish you happy and joyful motoring.
  12. Yes, it is a Maruti Suzuki Swift with the K-series engine if you are looking at a petrol hatch. If it has to be a diesel, then its the Ford Figo without any doubt. It has nice features, space, big boot space and a killer price tag which makes it a VFM car .
  13. That is amazing news, but does it spoil the "feel" of that car. If that is the case I don't think it worth to do a mod on such a pricy car
  14. Congrats nfs123 on your newly acquired beauty. The Cruze is the game-changer for GM in India and a very good car. Even, I had also considered this car during my buying process and it does have the Stunning looks and features. It is a very good car for the money and wish you happy motoring always. P.S- Do post some pics of the car. It is just stunning to say the least
  15. HI Sumit, No, the Indian version of the Skoda Superb does not have the auto-park assist feature and neither does it have as many features as in the BlueMotion Passat. Between the two cars, I would have to admit that the new Passat seems to be a better car in terms of overall quality , fit&finish, features and the brilliant 170 bhp TDI engine with the 6 spd DSG autobox. It will give you better mileage and moreover its more competitively priced than the older Passat which makes it a better car in this comparison. Although, the New Passat seems to be the better car here, I recommend you to take a test-drive of both the cars before making any final decisions. Hope this info have been useful and I will be happy to clear any other doubts.
  16. But, Sarabjeet - the first scheduled service is only at 15,000 kilometres or after 1 year - whichever is earlier. So, if this is a genuine concern , why would they do that. Yes, they might do it:) . After all, it's a Skoda with it's legendary service and I bought it from - an arguably India's one of the worst dealerships- Marikar Engineers, Cochin. So, I think we(customers)have to know when to do all the checks and top-ups.
  17. @ag77841 - The i20 petrol not a charmer in the performance department, but you may look at the i20 CrDi diesel version also. I neighbour and a friend has the car (diesel) and are very satisfied with it. If you want another diesel at the price point , you may take a closer look at the Nissan Micra 1.5 dCi also. If the choice of motor is petrol , look no further - you have chosen India's best hatchback till date - The Swift Zxi.
  18. No, I took the leap from Tata Safari to Superb. @vignesh The Skoda Laura does show Service due date and Part replacement and all other customisable options in the Maxi DOT display. The music system is one thing I am damn sure of - The Cruze's is a big disappointment for a person like me, who is not even someone close to a audiophile.
  19. The Honda City is the best choice for your budget and also considering the fact that it has to be a petrol. It is the best selling petrol sedan at that price and has good resale value also. And add to that the legendary Honda brand name and the reliability - you have a great buy for the price. The only thing that disappoints is the features. Or, if you can wait , the best choice would be the New Ford Fiesta with the 1.6 petrol motor (7-9 lakhs) churning out 120 bhp and since its a mazda platform you can expect good build quality also.
  20. Burnsky, the Skoda Yeti is a very capable vehicle. You might have to wait atleast a year for the petrol or A/T versions though. I suggest you go for the Yeti since the diesel will have more torque than a petrol- very important when you want to do some slight offroading with that Haldex 4-wheel drive system. Both the Skoda Yeti and Skoda Superb are only Bluetooth - Ready. The only thing you have to get the full -Bluetooth connectivity is to import the BT kit from Germany which will seemlessly integrate with the vehicle's infotainment system.
  21. If you want an ultimate VFM hatchaback for the price, why don't you also consider the ICOTY Ford Figo. The diesel is quite punchy and you can churn more with a simple remap. The top end Titanium with all the bells and whistles should be well within your budget. Besides, it's more about what you get for the money you spent.
  22. The same 2.0 L TDI motor is selling at 170 bhp tune in the European market. Now, about the overtakings.... the Cruze is hard to overtake in cities due to low torque down the rev range. The Laura has an advantage here. On the highways, the Cruze still has good torque coming in early but the Laura's TDI has also got mid-range grunt. The Cruze has to AT 3000 RPM to go like the DIESEL ROCKET as they say in the brochures. Anywhere below that, then small hatchbacks are better. Now, the Cruze being about the Driver's car. How can it be DRIVER'S CAR WITHOUT - 1. A DEAD PEDAL! 2.Super-slick gearshift( Its good but I found the Laura's to be better)and superb clutch actuation. 3.Steering Feedback and Feel - The steering unit in Laura is far better. 4. Better cornering abilities.Also, Laura has got ASR and TCS as standard on all models - which translates to better grip and confidence levels. As it is , the Laura has better driveability ,traction, gearshift quality, clutch actuation, and steering feedback. Now, how can you possibly say that the Cruze is a better DRIVER'S CAR without all these. On, the modification front, at least in Inida - the Skoda Laura has got an advantage. Please look at the mods done by Pete's itself - http://www.petes.in/skodaproject.html
  23. Yes, proper gearshift - more time spending on the gearshift. It wouldn't be a problem if that gearshift is as good as the Laura's. Personally after TD'ing both the cars, I found the Laura's gearshift better. I do not mean to say that the Cruze's gearshift is bad, it's not as good when you compare it to Laura's. Again, just my personal opinion.