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  1. Nissan Micra very comfortable, the features and size is what I need on these busy streets.
  2. I would like to suggest a Swift Dezire if they will be chauffeur driven else wise you Should try a Nissan Micra (nicely loaded) or a Ford Figo (One of the segment leader). As with Rits I feel that you can get better cars within the same price. If your are keen on a car from Maruthi stable only you can then try Swift the top segment leader.
  3. Thanks guys for a very warm reply. The cars are topped up with synthetic oil including Zen.It is really good to invest money on these oils and for me its an difference of day and night. The zen had started behaving nicely and Indica is very silent on move. Sorry the GTX was not an Synthetic oil my mistake. I will describe about oil tomorrow as I had a very tiring day.
  4. Hi All, My friend has just started to stock Synthetic oil Castrol GTX. He is recommending me to get it filled in my 2 scooters (2002 Activa and 2010 Aviator) and One car 2008 Indica. He said that it will be really good for these and will give many benefits in long terms. Regarding this I have some query please help me out! 1) Does Synthetic oil will not damage 100 cc scooters engines? 2) We also have 1996 Zen and 2010 Figo but he said Figo already has it and it is not worth filling zen with it. Is it So?
  5. Really this is not so customer friendly behavior but in these type of cases we can also not do anything. however I think we can claim on company for wasting our valuable time by making useless promises.
  6. I would really like to go in for a heavily tutored Skoda Octavia RS with following mods :- Engine Inter cooled Turbo charger 15 psi Custom free-flow headers Air filter Re weiring Remapped ECU Stage 3 clutch New deferential New Short ratio gear box. Wheels B16 suspension 17'Inch alloys 235/55 R17 Pirelli tiers. 6 Pot ventilated braking system Interior Totally stripped Interiors. Outside Xenons Spoiler.
  7. Defiantly I am sure. If you are still not confident than empty your tank and than ask the petrol attendant to fill 18 lites of fuel. Its very simple if he is able to fill than your tank has 18 liters and if not, than it is 15 liters.
  8. Keeping all your requirements in mind, our suggestion for you is that don't go for any 3,c or a. Yeah buying or having one of these in driveway is a very nice feeling but these are the cars that are benefited from their respective logo and lacks in many sector. These car are not very comfortable for Indian road's and rather say are very sensitive. you can read Sarbarjeet's review on his 3-series. Well my suggestion for you is that try out the Skoda Superb. This car is unbeatable provides comfort, performance, value for money etc. And if you like to go for an change than I surely believes that Passat is next best option available. We will say that please test drive superb once before buying any other car and also compare it with its competition and it will surly win if badge value is not a thing for you. If you want an SUV than we will like to suggest Nissan X-Trail but A.S.S is the problem. So this time also in SUV we will suggest a Skoda. The yeti because it is more modern than its competition. Fortuner is also good but it design is very old school. Our regard for you and your new ride.
  9. Go for Polo or vento I have seen many of these silently crawling on road and people are comfortably seated in it. It fulfills your first 3 requirement and interior quality is of top-notch but how ever it doesn't have equipments like I20.
  10. Previously it was an good looking SUV and now with new alloys from Aria and headlight it is looking even better. It can give Scorpio a very tough competition if Tata is pricing it fairly with feature that can compete with top end Scorpio.
  11. Hey Sandy can we have some photos of front and interior. This car looks good and may have a competition with SX4 Hatchback and Volkswagen Golf.
  12. Hey guys I remember reading an Autocar issue in which a Nano has touched worlds highest motorable road in Khardung La . so I am not suggesting you to buy a Nano but if Nano can do it many other car will be able to do it (no offence meant to any Nano owner). Btw why you only want to go for an hatchback, some hatchbacks can handle a little soft roading but if you want to do hard core off roading than you should stay away from hatch back and get yourself a Mahindra Major you could even buy an used one and make it as per your specification. And since the hatchbacks are designed keeping road condition in mind not offroad condition, they will give you a big pain in both short term and long term use.
  13. Does these cars are offering Panoramic sunroof in other market or it is just black painted roof like Indica special gold edition?
  14. If I have been in your place than I have gone for an second hand Honda accord and have given it a black and black combo (black car with black tints a, 17 or 18 inch black alloys and smoked lights). I am sure it can beat many SUV in terms of road presence and Honda cars are well known of their reliability and you could even have some performance mods if you want to have some frills from your car later on. You can get an decent accord for 7-8 lacs and 50k for alloys and tints etc.