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  1. Dear Manish, I want to know exact meaning of "hard finish" below e-mail. whether "hard finish" is weld line of surface in PVC knob, or etc... waiting for your reply. Hey, No problems. Glad I could help you out. When I said gears have longer throws, it was in comparison to the santro. The gearknob has a hard finish and if you rest your hand on it for a long time (which you shouldn't), your hand may hurt. Go for it, its a good car. Drive safe. Regards, FRG -- Previous Private Message -- Sent by : Funlove Sent : 13 Nov 2007 at 2:01pm Dear Manish Thank you for your kind reply. I was not able to thank you earlier because i was not in town for the past two weeks , sorry for that. After reading your mail i was inclined to buy i10 , anyhow before finally deciding i want some clarifications regarding the demertis which you have mentioned in the Engine & Gearbox sections 1. The gears have longer throws 2. The gear knob finish could have been better Related to gear longer throws can you give a comparitive statement & your choice with respect to gear throws Specifically related to the gear knob finish demerit , whether this point is affecting the functionality of the car or whether the rough finish is physically hurting on operation or the finish is inferior compared to other cars in the segment. Please clarify on the following points in order to decide on my purchase