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  1. Two years running and many more to come. Fiat delivered a couple of very popular cars with the Fiat Uno and Fiat 500. It will last forever. I would suggest that you have it detailed and also have a body shop strip the wax and reseal the paint with a ceramic based product. Mechanically you're essentially still in break-in...hahaha but do to the time it's a smart move to change all the filters including the gas filter. Two years is also the limit for brake fluid so have them purge the DOT 3 and replace with DOT 4. Good luck and you are sooooooooo lucky to have good dependable transportation at a low, low cost.
  2. Stanley and B&D are one and the same...they merged a while back. There isn't a lot you can do by yourself except tighten some things if they are loose. Your choice of tools will cover that nicely and keep your purchase cost down. To ensure a better quality tool, make sure they are guaranteed for life.
  3. Clean the filter. It is usually behind the glove box but can also be in the engine compartment at the firewall.
  4. again. Tell me what the wear looks like. I've seen poor quality tires, under or over inflated tires and out-of-line axle or chassis issues cause this. Do you run your vehicle with a lot of weight in the back. How to the front tires look?
  5. Sstar the veloctiy of crash tests takes in many variables which among many takes into account the legal speed limit. One of the most important factors is found under "Occupant Kinematics and Impact Biomechanics" which states that a force above 250 newtons will rip a body to shreds. So.....when you exceed the legal limits and crash into something solid...even though the car absorbs a lot of energy.....a high velocity and low decelertion time yeilds forces greatly exceeding 250 newtons. You end up human meat loaf.
  6. All tires tires leak. Thas is called "outgassing". The easiest way is to use nitrogen and change the valves. The hard way is to dismount the tires, dress the rims and use a quality bead lubricant (sealer) before re-mounting and filling with nitrogen. Don't forget to replace the valves and stems. Then again you might just have a very small pin hole. Ok, more. Rotate the tires to change their positions and see if the problem follows. Don't forget to examine tread wear and suspension. If you weigh like 190 kilos you are going to lose more air on one side.
  7. That would be two Focus hatchbacks traveling at 60mph somewhere close to their top speed.
  8. Let Ford do it. If the leak was are lucky...if the leak was a blowout then lots of parts are going to be replaced. In any case the system needs to be purged, cleaned, re-oiled and re-gassed, and a new filter!!!. Be sure to test the outlet temperature on the dash with the fan in "low" and check the condenser differential temperature.
  9. Go to a reputable body shop that has and uses the paint booth. Use the original color. Be sure that all the trim is removed to ensure a complete job or the paint will peel at the edges. Don't wash the car with shampoo. Some vehicles were still using acrylics back in 98 and new cars use a much improved coating so be sure to use a compatible paint. Try your best not to paint the car until the hot season. If you insist on using wax, don't wax for six months. On the other hand...just have it detailed, buffed, rubbed out and sealed. A lot cheaper, and economically speaking, a 98 is already passed its investment value.
  10. Installing power hungry accessories can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some things to consider. Number one: never install a higher wattage bulb in the OEM will fry the harness wiring and melt the switch which is why the warranty will be voided. When a car is reviewed for service ie: alternator, starter, wiring, etc., they always check the bulb and if it is not OEM they void the warranty. Number Two: When installing those miniature suns, make sure they are serviced by an independent wiring harness, switch and breaker. Number Three: Upgrade the battery and the can even install an extra battery with the appropriate control electronics like boats have. aaah time is so short and I must lecture this morning so I'll keep it short. With a stock battery, extended night driving will drive the charge way, way down increasing the demand on the alternator to increase its output. This will damage the alternator regulator. Now, since the battery is being drained to a lower charge state, starting amperage will increase from 40a to 60 or more, a lot more which will toast the starter armature. When one goes, it kills the others so you'll end up having to replace all three. Many garages will just change a batter but the damage to the starter is already done so a month later you have to change the starter...but the damage is already done to the alternator...get the picture? This is called the triangle of death...battery, alternator and starter. A competent garage will check all three. By the way, I run enough lights to mimic a stellar supernova. They are set so I can choose different power levels for varying situations.
  11. Imagine a car with a speedometer that only goes to 110 kph. You think...this is a crappy underpowered car..without ever giving thought about the maximum legal limit being some 100 kph. That's the marketing and fancy fantasy. On the other side, with such a speedometer the needle would peg on the right side making it a bit uncomfortable to see.
  12. The Fiat 500 and Fiat Uno were then and still are great little cars. Easy and inexpensive to fix. I know many that purchased the car and also purchased a full engine rebuild kit for later down the road. Almost disposable, they continue to be good basic transportation at a very fair price.
  13. When you changed the pads did you cut the disc? If not, then the noise is caused by a fine layer of crystallization in the disc surface. I should have mentioned it first but did you use a good quality disc? Lubricate the caliper retainers?
  14. It doesn't matter where you start. Just follow the pattern and remember to TORQUE them correctly. If you ever have to take the tire off the rim, put the rim an a flat surface to ensure it's flat and then flip it over to check the other side.
  15. Almost anything exported to India concerning automobiles, bikes, trucks, parts or accessories incurs a 100% or more import tax.
  16. 245 kpa which is about 35 psi. Average speed is never above 120km (unless you like to pay fines) It handles better, cooler and there is an improvement in mileage as well as even wear. Keep in mind that the max temp on the tire is not the bursting pressure which is 4-5 times that.
  17. With diesel engines I'd like to see EGT and boost instruments either digital or analog. EGT's are diesel engine killers.
  18. Don't use any micro-waxes on the windscreen. Wash the windscreen with Bug&Tar window cleaner or powdered Boric acid and water. Finish with any good cleaner that contains a bit of ammonia Nh3 and buy new wipers.
  19. Every other one ie: 1,3,2,4. More important is that they must be torqued to specification and not wrenched in such that a gorilla couldn't remove them. To do so warps the wheel...very common.
  20. The industry average yearly operational cost is listed as 8% of total purchase value.This is for 20,000 km/year.
  21. What are "old people"?
  22. GOOGLE camp stoves and you'll find a large selection