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  1. Wouldn't it be nice if the instrumentation would catch up to be a bit more relevant? I'd like to see two major improvements; the first being an AUDIBLE alarm that would signal an approaching overtemp condition. Secondly, the same for the TPMS system. These are two critical monitors that are easily missed and result in major damage.
  2. Another little factoid is that at low rpms the mixture runs a bit rich which can melt the tips of the exhaust fan due to high ECG's.
  3. One pair of sunglasses, neutral gray, are in the little drawer above the mirror. That way I always have a pair ready for the sun. I'm not sure about yellow lenses or blue lenses. There is some sense to wraparounds. The sunglasses are uv rated which I hope will cut down on the fatigue. I don't favor window film.
  4. A little gift for you all. Just visit the site and sign up to have free on line access to all the Hyundai technical manuals.
  5. I certainly agree about leg space. It makes or breaks the driving experience for driving or riding. Something I'd like to add to the discussion are car seats. They need to be sturdy, form fitting, adjustable and comfortable. Sometimes they're a cheap crappy afterthought. The best I ever sat in were in a Lexus. I'm curious about how your seats are in your vehicles.
  6. Parijat the hotter it is, the lower the mileage. At temperatures above 38c in the city (and factor in the humidity), you can expect a 10-15% drop. Since your car is new you will enjoy an improvement after a few thousand klicks more.
  7. Sounds good to me. Performance and medical testing for any age will meet the criteria for fitness. How about financial liability? Should everyone have mandatory insurance? Under which circumstances should a license be revoked? Driving is a priviledge, not a right.
  8. I favor restricting all drivers in the 16-24 age group. They are not old enough to drive demonstrated by having the dubious distinction of causing more accidents than any other age group until you get to the 75-85 bracket.
  9. I heard it put this way.....I want to die calmly, at peace, in my sleep like my grandfather...and not like the screaming passengers in the back seat.
  10. There is yet another reason for a car cover. The sun bakes the dashboard and the plastic outgasses becoming old and brittle. Even more so those gasses glue to the inside of the windshield. A car cover helps retard this aging.
  11. I don't know if you watch the UK "Top Gear" program in India but they had an excellent video review of the Marauder. It's a huge armored vehicle much larger than a Hummer and they drive is all over the city. It's also featured on YouTube and Gadgets and Gismos. This is what I need to deal with traffic.
  12. Pressure washers are great. Remember to never wash a hot engine. Let it cool down till you don't burn your hand when you touch the head. If you get water on a hot head it will warp. Also keep in mind to protect cable connectors.
  13. The 12 volt accessory plug for lighting cigarettes and such is not filtered. I borrowed a new Samsung S and connected it to a 12v/5v USB converter and inserted into the accessory plug. The phone was charging well with no RF interference to the automobile electronics. So we cycled the engine power and immediately fried the Samsung....hahahhahha. I love this job. The accessory plug is not filtered (this is a major engineering oversight) and during cranking the voltage swings far enough to trash phones, MP4s and such. Never, ever crank the engine with an electronic device attached. By the way the new Samsung S replacement cost USD $135.00 with an 8G chip. On another note....Nokia is a great phone...but it's stock is dropping as Samsung is becoming the tech giant.
  14. The filter is a wire mesh. It won't restrict the flow. I had the same misgivings and the manufacturer told me to get a washing machine in-line filter. By the way, Karcher is a great brand.
  15. Standardized plates are the norm in Western countries and even in China. TRE equipment (tag recognition equiment) allows for automobile tracking and recognition at toll booths, city stop lights, speed traps and generally anywhere the authorities wish it to be, such as a mobile unit in police cars. Combined with FRE (facial recognition equipment) it provides for unparalled vehicle control. But hey! that's not all. In China they are fastened on with special screws and caps. When the police stop you, they check the fasteners and if they have been tampered with, you might be standing roadside while your ride is towed away.
  16. Make sure your cover has a strap to go under the car to tie it to the other side. If not it will go airborne in a storm. Write your name on it in large letters.
  17. If you love your washer, put a small "in-line" filter in the water supply hose. It's the same filter you use for a washing machine. Otherwise the pump will loose pressure quickly as the piston and valve seat wear out.
  18. The most popular car makes in India as of today are as listed: Tata, Hyundai, Maruti, Chevrolet, Mahindra, Toyota, Ford, Skoda, Honda and VW. Toyota at number six offers solid quality. The most important issue in India is price with heavy emphasis on image. As the saying goes..."an ounze of perception is worth a pound of performance." Most popular search.... Hyundai Verna and Hyundai i20. The most sold car was the Suzuki Alto 800cc a few years back but that has changed. The most sold now are the Ford Fiest, Fiat Punto, Honda Jazz, Nissan Micra and Hyundai i10. Tata (Fiat)the largest manufacturer is still an underperformer and although it is popular it has incredible losses financially.
  19. Brn2Crz

    Gas Filter

    There is a quick way to check the main gas filter and it only takes a second to do. Place your thumb on the input and your little finger on the output. If the input is hot and the output is cold, then the filter needs to be replaced. Buy the disconnect tool. Don't be cheap. Most cars use a circular tension retainer and it is so easy to break. Other cars have the filter at the engine compartment and the fuel line bolts on to the filter. There is also a little bitty filter at the neck of each injector that is fairly easy to replace. Lastly or firstly....there is the gas tank. It should be cleaned every couple of years, not only because of contaminants like water and such, but the sock filter at the bottom of the pump assembly gets hard and crusty (beyond normal DIY talent to replace).
  20. When you are obsessed with keeping it clean both inside and out including the engine and chassis.
  21. I've run this query in other countries and it's pretty much the same. In countries near the equator, silver is #1 and black is #2. In countries like Germany and the UK it's Black #1 and Silver #2. The least favorite color everywhere? Pink. I wonder why.
  22. What is the most predominate car color in India? What color did you choose? Is there a color would you never buy?
  23. Brn2Crz

    Keeping Cool

    That exhaust pipe is so tricky! Short, non-restrictive, ceramic coated pipes (5 - 7cm dia for 250 h/p) with tuned ceramic coated headers provide maximum optimization for the exhaust system. What about little engines? The length of the system is determined by the distance to the back of the car and the diameter of the pipe is determined by "how cheap can we make it", "can we make emission limits", and "how much space to we have". When the word "bigger" is used, it means in the range of 5 to 7cm in diameter. So what makes a larger tube better? You tune it..oh have to calculate gas flow rates factoring in rpm, cat, muffler, ambient temperature, egts, normal barometric pressure and a host of other things, such as wave propagation, to design the exhaust system that will actually "suck" the gas out of the engine. This will yield on the order of 2-3 h/p more and keep under hood temps cooler. Wow this is a super simplified explanation. Is it worth the money? Well, specialty shops have already worked out the math and the fabrication so it's up to you. The ROI depends on your purpose and usage.
  24. Brn2Crz

    Keeping Cool

    I'm laughing here because sqiitk is so, so right. Fiats were notorious head benders. In the spirit of keeping cool, there are several addtional advantages to chilling the ride in the form of longer transmission and a/c life. The transmission soaks the heat directly from the block and whether you're an automatic or manual it gets pretty dicy when the temperature is up. Automatics are the worse because the automatic fluid breaks down easily at temperature. It's a historic thing that dates back around 30 years or so concerning the formulation. In manuals, I see cooked throwouts and shaft seal blowouts resulting in having to replace the entire clutch assembly and end seal. Collateral damage extends down the chain to the CV hub. The a/c simply can't keep up at high underhood temperatures. It can't keep balance (thank you 134a) and finally the compressor will catch a single drop and make that horrible "clank" sound. Then you get to drain out the "black" liquid of death (134 contaminated with oil) from the whole system. What a mess. Anyway, keeping cool saves money especially in hot climates. Remember that coolness does not mean freezing. It means keeping within the operational band. Lastly, sqiitk, you have certainly been around. The Fiat would wear the front bushing slightly out of round, let just a little drop of water out the hole which trashesthe bearing causing it to seize and stop and break the belt whipping it around the engine compartment, fracture the pulley and in some cases fly the fan through the radiator. hahahahah That happened to me ...twice.
  25. That is a professional monitor. Wow!