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  1. Hi Everybody, My experiences with SX4 ZXi have been nightmarish. Initially I wanted to suppress my feelings lest I lose my macho image as an SX4 owner. (Do many people do that?) And then I decided enough is enough: Let everybody know the real story. 1. The engine thrust expected of a 1600cc engine is not there. I sadly discovered that even a Santro Xing could overtake my SX4 easily! I challenge this - Let Maruti show that the SX4 can overtake the Zen or the Xing. 2. If you hope to drive on an SX4 smoothly and silently, you will be terribly frustrated. The body build quality is quite inferior. Irritating tok-tok sounds would come from different parts of its body even on slightly rough roads. I have found this out not only from my own SX4 ZXi but at least 3 others. I have reasons to believe that IRRITATING BODY SOUNDS ARE AN INTEGRAL PART OF ANY SX4, because the problem could not be rectified by experts of two reputed workshops of Bhubaneswar even with intervention of Maruti's own engineer. 3. Another example of inferior body build quality: the number plate lights would never remain snugly fitted no matter how many times you tighten it. 4. Maruti cares a fig for its REPUTATION. You go on writing to the Corporate Office, to the Regional office, to the Dealer exhorting them to take care of the image of their super brand SX4; they wont bother. Remain assured, you will never get any reply from their corp office. Because, they are sure they are going to get their salary alright even if all the SX4s are defective. After all, they know there will always be some people who would buy cars just to experiment. I REQUEST ALL IN THE FORUM TO THINK NOT TWICE BUT MANY TIMES BEFORE BUYING AN SX4.
  2. I don't know about Vento, but it is advisable NOT TO GO FOR SX4. I have very bad experiences both with the vehicle and Maruti's response to customer complaints. FIRST: The build quality is poor, though the engine is of average quality, noises come from different areas of its body even after only 2500 kms of running. SECOND: With only 7000 kms, one of the dual horns has stopped working. THIRD: Today I noticed that the door locking has become dysfunctional. Most pathetic, two of the 'authorised workshops' in Bhubaneswar were unable to rectify the body noise problem. FOURTH: Maruti's corporate office has not responded to my complaints so far. PLEASE CONSIDER THESE ISSUES BEFORE DECIDING ON SX4.